South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
Images used for educational purposes only.
The two locations in this quest, City Wok and the Tower of Peace, are both located in northern South Park. You'll find them just west of Dark Meadows. Speak to Mr. Kim to receive the quest, as well as the Tower of Peace Key, then enter the Tower to trigger the beef of the quest.
(I don't recommend entering the Tower of Peace until you're a minimum of level three. It's a bit tough below that level.)
Tower of Peace
- As soon as you enter the Tower of Peace you'll be accosted by a Mongolian Torguud (a fighter, basically) and two Mongolian Korchins (archers). The Torguud is little different from the melee elves found outside the tower, which the Korchins like to hit you with status ailments that are really annoying. Nevertheless, I recommend going after the Torguud first - his attacks seem more difficult to block, and once he buffs himself he'll become amazingly tough. Butters' Hammer of Storms attack can wipe out the Korchins really easily, as they are vulnerable to lightning.
- Gather up the loot, then pull out your bow and aim for the gleaming pulley above the kids. Shoot it to lower the stairs. Go up.
- Two more Torguuds will challenge you up on the second floor. Wipe them out and have a look around. To your right, in a dangling pagoda, is a Lambtron Chimpokomon. Shoot it down.
- The two kids here burst from the walls, leaving holes behind. Check the right hole to find a hidden path to a Mongolian Treasure Key. Go through the right hole to find the aforementioned treasure chest and pop it open. Inside is a Flaming Sword Patch and a Mongorian Beard.
- Next floor. There are fireworks to set off to your left, if you're feeling festive. There's a door nearby which won't open; as Butters notes, it's door puzzle time. Keep going right to engage in combat with a Torguud and two Korchins, then go through the hole in the wall they make and shoot down the dangling piece of Dragon Tail.
- Use the Dragon Tail on the gap in the left dragon statue blocking the door, then shoot both dragons in the eye. This will open the door and allow you to proceed up another level. Boss time!
Mongolian Horde
Oh wow. Just be glad they're not acting as separate enemies. The Mongolian Horde isn't amazingly difficult, as their HP is not that high, but they're still formidable enough. They can attack one or both of your characters at a time, and can gross out and burn either character. Their attacks also hurt - but because most of them are arrows, you have plenty of time to react and throw up your defenses. Let Butters (assuming you brought him along because you're completing this quest early) handle the healing and other restorative tasks while your character goes on the offense, chipping away at the Horde with PP attacks. You want to make them bleed, as their higher HP will allow the bleeding effect to do significant amounts of damage each turn. Keep walloping until they leap off of the Tower, in predictably enthusiastic fashion. Looks tougher than it is, in other words.
- After defeating the Mongolian Horde (and earning a sweet Genghis Khan beard, no less), rush back down the tower. Be wary of enemies within!
- Return to Mr. Kim once the excitement dies down. He'll give you a friend request - as well as a Miniature Gong. You can use this Gong to summon Mr. Kim in battle, and he'll wipe out near every enemy on the screen. (Though he won't show up for bosses. No sir.) Return to Mr. Kim each day, after using up the old Gong, to receive a new one. You can only have one Miniature Gong per day. Still pretty awesome.