South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Tweek Bros. Coffee is located in northeast South Park. You'll find it down the road from the Bojou Theatre, not far from the Farm. (Or Al Gore.)
Tweek Bros. Coffee
- Enter the coffee shop to trigger a cut scene. Afterward, you can speak to Mr. Tweek for a variety of health items (and a description worthy of any coffee ad), as well as bust up the cupboard against the right wall. Inside is a bag containing two Striped Straws and a Health Potion (Small).
- Tweek is in the back room. Before talking to him, smash stuff in here for Glass Shards and Crumpled Papers. There's a red box to the right containing a Spoon, a Speed Potion and Bags, and up the ladder is a chest you can't yet open. Soon.
- Speak to Tweek. He'll give you the quest, Hot Coffee, begging you to make a delivery to Kenny's House. He'll give you Tweek's Pick-Up Order.
Kenny's House
- Getting to Kenny's House is a little tricky, as it's not as straightforward as it looks on the map. Go south from the U-Stor-Its' crosswalk, head west through the next small neighbourhood, go south from the park, and follow the sidewalks east across some train tracks. You can't miss Kenny's House, trust me.
- Activate the Timmy flag out front. Weeee!
- Check the heaps of garbage outside his house for two Bottle Caps and a Cardboard Roll, and bash the red bottles for Glass Shards. Be careful out here - there's a Crazy Hobo lurking nearby, and though you can beat him at the beginning of the game he's quite tough. Keep your PP in reserve until he starts to beef up his defenses and attack power. If you take him out, you'll locate a Homeless Camp. Woo.
- Check to the left of the car on the cinderblock beside the house to find a box containing $0.16, a Used Syringe, a Bindle, a Stained Badge, and a Disheveled Wig.
- Open the front door. Kenny's mom will give you the McCormick Garage Key, telling you the delivery is for the... folks out back. Hm.
- Go through the Garage door. Inside... sketchy folk. Talk to them and you'll have to fight three Meth Heads. They hit hard, but they're not too bad. Take out the woman first, as she has the least amount of health and is arguably the most difficult to block. Take out the other two one at a time.
- After they're gonzo, check around. There's $2.20 and a Health Potion (Small) in the fridge, and if you use the path along the wall beside the fridge you'll find Tweek's Special Delivery on the far left shelf. Also here you can get to a chest, normally blocked by fire, containing a Wife Beater. Also also, you can shoot at the ceiling while you're on the shelves to bring down the roof; this will open the way to the attic, where you'll find Kenny's Bloody Club in a chest. The attic is the subject of the ManBearPig side quest, so you might be back here soon.
- Now that you're done here, check inside the house. Kenny's mom won't block entry again. Start by smashing the lamp by the couch for a Fractured Bulb. Speak to the girl on the couch for Karen's friend request, and bash the four red bottles for Glass Shards. There are three more to collect in the kitchen, as well as $0.05, Tape, a Magazine, a Cure Potion and something else from the drawers and the fridge.
- Last, check out Kenny's room and its drawers and chest for $0.05, a Water Balloon, a NASCAR Members Club ID, a BFF NecklaceRosy Cheeks, a Toy Horse, a Purity RingCoffin Glasses, and an Alabama Man.
Tweek Bros. Coffee
- Return to Tweek. You'll earn him as a friend request, as well as Tweek's Bremaster Stash Key. Use the key on the chest in this room, the one you couldn't open before, to find Friar Gloves, Friar Robes, $2.20, Round Rim Shades, a Power Potion (Large), and a Speed Potion. Quest complete!