South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Your House
- Drop any excess items you don't need into your Storage Bin, then head out of your room. You may notice that your parents' room is now open; have a look in their drawers, and trash their stuff, for a variety of saleable items and some petty cash.
- Head downstairs. Your parents are in the kitchen, and Mom notes that school is cancelled for a few days. She suggests checking out the TV.
- Check out the living room and turn on the TV to watch a cut scene. Yep, terrible coverup.
- All done here. Head outside. Cartman will dash in with horrible news: the elves have taken the Stick of Truth! Again! Curses. He'll give you a new quest, Recruit the Goth Kids, and you'll be set upon a new main quest line as well: Gain New Allies. Sounds like fun. The details of Recruit the Goth Kids are provided in this article... as well as another, connected article. Danged branching paths are getting out of hand.
South Park - Alien Probe Locations
- Now that a new quest is in full swing and you have new powers, you can better explore areas you've previously visited and use the Alien Probe to reach items you couldn't reach before. This section will focus on doing just that.
- Down the street from your house, to the west, is an aqua-coloured house (number 9770). In the garage and up the ladder to its attic is an eye. Use it to zip into the house's upper window. Inside you'll find an Amazon Patch, a Power Potion (Large)$3.00, and a Revive Potion.
- There's a pink building between the Photo-Dojo and Planned Parenthood in Downtown South Park. Zap up into it via a busted window and you can not only find a bag containing a Mana Potion, a Snowflake Patch, a Power Potion and $0.90 on the Photo-Dojo's roof, but you can friend request Douglas, the kid who's in the pink building.
- There's an eye atop the Bank in Downtown South Park. Use it to zap up to the top of Tom's Rhinoplasty. A chest up here contains a Beatnik MustacheSquire Gloves, and $3.00.
- Revisit Token's House and climb into the attic of his garage. This will allow you to zap up onto his roof. Bash away at his chimney to find a chest containing Squire Armor, a Longflip Wig, and a Wooden Grip.
- Have a look at the Community Center. There's an eye attached to its right side. Use it to get into the basketball court below. The Vamporko Chinpokomon is down here.
- Speaking of Chinpokomon, head to Stark's Pond. There's an alien eye sticking out of the water. Zip out to it to find a spacecraft submerged in the pond. Inside it is the Cosmonewt doll.
- Check out Butters' house for the Chaos Lair Key, then head to the U-Stor-It. His is Unit 223. Climb up onto the roof from the Lair and you'll find an alien eye attached to a post outside. Zip onto another, nearby unit to find a chest containing a Squire Helmet and a Power Potion (Large). While you're up there, check the left side of the roof for a Red Cross Badge$3.60, and Indigo Dye.
- Climb up onto the second floor of the Police Station, by the fire escape. An eye will zip you up onto the roof. Santa!
Kupa Keep / Elven Kingdom
Now comes the moment of truth. To whom will you ally? Are the elves your new best friends? Or will you remain true to the austere goals of Kupa Keep? Choose one side or the other, return to their base, speak to their leader, and climb up into the tower / tree house to proclaim your allegiance.
(It really doesn't matter which side you choose. Ultimately, anyway. Though it does for the next quest!)
Cut scene follows. Regardless of the side you choose, you'll trigger the quest Attack the School. If you sided with Kupa Keep you'll gain Cartman's friend request, but you'll temporarily lose the help of Jimmy and Stan. If you sided with the elves, you'll gain Kyle's friend request instead - but Butters and Kenny will temporarily leave. Don't worry, you'll get eeeeeveryone back once you complete the next truly epic section of the game, no less than a no-holds-barred assault on the school.