South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Alien Ship
- After going to bed you'll watch a cut scene, and your kid will wind up being spirited into a spacecraft. Once you have control again you'll be in a room with Randy Marsh, both of you in an awkward position - though you manage to wriggle free. Success!
- First you have to escape the force bubble keeping you trapped. Toggle through your move options (Shoot and Buddy Command) and you'll see you have a new one: Alien Probe. Use it on the device with the blue antennae to teleport yourself out of the bubble.
- You can't save Randy yet, so don't worry about him. The exit's in the south. Before you leave, burst the blue orbs on the ground to receive Glowing Goo, and check the box near Randy's former prison to find an Alien Helmet, a Health Potion (Large), a Power Potion, and a Pinewood Derby Car. Use the control panel on the right side of the room to open a nearby shutter, then use Alien Probe again to move past the window and get at a second box. It contains a Speed Potion, a Health Potion (Large), a Health Potion (Small), a Used Jaggon, and a Power Potion (Large).
- Make sure you reequip your armour and helmet, as well. Your PJs kinda stink.
- In the next room you'll see some aliens on the other side of a force field to your right. Alien Probe your way over to them and do your best to get the drop on the things, as you're about to get into a painful fight. The aliens have you outnumbered three-to-one, and they're all quite brutal opponents. You want the first attack, preferably so you can stun one of them before they can throw up armour. If you have a summon, this is the time to use it. Otherwise, play it defensive and pick on the aliens one-at-a-time until they each go down in turn. Be ready to block constantly or the damage will build up in a huge hurry. You'll earn an Alien Ray Gun for winning this fight. If you're having trouble, shoot the sparking tube above the aliens for a bit of an environmental advantage.
- You're headed to the right, now, but first jump back to the previous room and check the right door on the northern wall. Inside is an empty probing table, a tape recording, and a box containing a Health Potion (Large), a Speed Potion, and an Ice Cream. Destroy the blue orb for a Squished Eyeball while you're here.
- Head to the door on the right. Use the Alien Probe to activate the blue panel and step into the elevator.
- Randy will give you some instructions on the next level. Pop open the box to your left to find an Alien Suit, a Mana Potion (Small), a Health Potion (Large), a Power Potion and a Destroyed Laser Pistol, then use your Alien Probe to get onto the platform to your right.
- There are two consoles here. Activate the one on the left first. This will create a path you can use to get to a box above. Inside the box is a Speed Potion, a Strength Potion and a Used Jaggon. Teleport back to the consoles.
- Ignore the right console and teleport down to find another audio log. Zip back up, activate the right console, and teleport down to its new location, above a glass tube. Zap down to the next eye, inside the tube, and take out the aliens within. Zapping down to the control panel and activating the fan within to start will make this easier, as you can blow the aliens into the pit to the right by opening it via the nearby blue control panel. Sweet.
- One way or another, head to your right. Climb the red ladder to find another audio log, a box containing a Mana Potion, a Destroyed Laser Pistol, and a Photography Kit, and a blue orb to smash. Back down the ladder with you.
- There's a console to your right which will activate a small minigame. It's basically Simon Says, forcing you to hit the proper lit buttons in sequence. Perform it successfully to open a path back at the entrance to this area.
- Beside the console is a shielded door blocking a treasure box. Use the Alien Probe to hit the security node behind the door to get at the box. It contains an Alien Energy Crystal, a Speed Potion, a Strength Potion, a Used Jaggon, and a Water Balloon. Randy notes that aliens hate electricity, and he's not wrong in this, so consider equipping the Alien Energy Crystal on one of your weapons.
- Make your way back to the elevator., then to the two control panels to the right of the elevator. Activate the left console so the platform above you moves left. Zip up to it, then activate the eye in the corridor above to jump up there.
- Head right. You can either fight the alien at the next console or wait for the force field to descend over the thing he's working on and use Dragon Shout or Cup-A-Spell to take him out.
- Run down the corridor to the right. Hit the switch here to create a teleporter down to a room with a box. It contains a Shattered Probe, a Mana Potion, a Cure Potion, and some vendor trash. There's also an audio log by this switch, and it provides a useful code: 776.
- Return to the red-lit console and activate it to lower a shield to your left. Inside the room beyond is a box containing a Power Potion (Large), a Power Potion, and some vendor trash. Also here is another console with another Simon Says game that's honestly hilarious. Just keep trying until it takes pity on you.
- Back to the elevator. You have a room of aliens to wipe out. En garde!
Alien Chief of Security, Alien Guard, Alien
This can be a tough battle if you don't watch your health. The Alien Chief of Guard is a strictly offensive fighter, and will dash at you with either normal attacks or a special move that can make you bleed. Defend as best you can - his moves aren't that difficult to anticipate. The Alien Guard spends an annoying amount of time dodging, so ignore him and wipe out the other two first. The Alien is the weakest and will buff the Alien Guard, so kill him with ranged electrical attacks before he can buff himself as well. The Chief of Security goes next, and hopefully you can stun him and stop his attacks. He's strong, but he doesn't have a ton of HP. Pick off the Alien Guard at your leisure.
- Snag the Alien Gloves from the Chief of Security's body, then use the console to lower the force fields elsewhere on the ship. Use the elevator to return to the first area.
- In the central section, run to the left to find a box previously penned in by a force field. It contains an Alien Probe, a Cult Pamphlet, and some vendor trash. Snag it all, then free Randy. One last mini game will do the trick - also earning you Randy's friend request. Yay.
- Upon freeing Randy you'll find a White Crystal has fallen on the ground. Snag it and return to the central room.
- Go down the ladder in the center of the room. At the bottom you'll find another audio log, and if you attack the pile of garbage to the right you'll find a very, very disturbed hobo. The Alien Conspiracy Hobo battle thereafter is not very difficult, and it'll win you a Tin Foil Hat. Score!
- Use the White Crystal on the red panel to your left. This will unlock the elevator. Hop on.
- You'll come out in a map room of sorts. Open the box to your right to find a Health Potion (Small), Mana Potion (Small), a Power Potion, a Health Potion (Large), and some vendor trash. Look next to the monitors on the right wall: there's a Beetlebot Chinpokomon toy to shoot down and collect. Grab the lot and go through the north door. Make sure you're done looking around the ship before entering, as this is a point of no return.
- Aliens! Fight time!
Alien Pilot, Alien Co-Pilot, Alien Defense Matrix
This fight isn't as bad as the previous battle, but it's bad enough. The two Alien Pilots spend the battle shooting at you while the Defense Matrix buffs them. First action: wipe out that Defense Matrix. It's pretty weak, so two solid attacks should take it down. That done, begin whittling down the health of both aliens in roughly equal proportions. They only attack one at a time, and they use the occasional buff to up their attack, but they're otherwise not that bad. That said, you have a problem if you wipe out one, because the other will then add crazy amounts to his attack power and hit you every turn with very, very powerful attacks. Circumvent this by lowering them as much as you can without killing one, take one out, and then take out the second alien on the next turn.
- In the wake of the battle the alien ship will crash, and you'll wake up in your bed, safe and sound. Nevertheless, strange and terrible things are afoot in South Park...