South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Inn of the Giggling Donkey
- Leave the Kupa Keep. You'll hit a large sequence of cut scenes. Once you're done you'll be in the Inn's basement with Butters.
- Check the dryer beneath the stairs to find $0.28, a Small Needle, and a Torn Cloak Fragment.
- Bash around for vendor trash to your right, then make your way to the west, popping off pop bottles as you go. There's a red box nearby containing $0.69 and a bunch of vendor trash.
- Keep following the path. Eventually you'll hit the cut scene... the Bard... and a trap!
- A battle ensues. The Bard will make the battle a bit more difficult on you, but it's otherwise not that bad. Beat the elves down one-by-one, per normal. Take out the archers first - they're much more dangerous than the fighter. It's very important to take out one elf per round, because even if they don't start out dangerous, the Bard's stupid singing will make them dangerous. In a hurry.
- Time to escape! Fight your way out of the basement. You can do this the normal way, or use the traps to wipe out your opponents. The first elf can be knocked out by a Cup-a-Spell used on the nearby propane tank; you can bypass the next three by blasting past the candle by the gargoyle; shoot the window to let in Craig, and he'll get rid of the electric charge by the door; send Butters to heal Craig so he'll unlock the door; aaaaaand, if you feel like it, Dragonshout the lamp beside the Priest to fry the elves. You'll get an Elvish Shortbow from their bodies regardless of how you handle the situation.
- Head upstairs. Cartman is in trouble! Into the kitchen! Beat up the elves surrounding Cartman. If you want an edge, hit the ceiling light with an arrow to even the score. Check around the area in the aftermath for breakable stuff containing the usual vendor trash. Also check the fridge and drawers for a Power Potion, a Mana Potion (Small), an Arrow Patch, a Health Potion (Small)$1.15 and a Speed Potion.
- Order Butters to heal Cartman to spark the next cut scene. Kenny's in danger rescue him / and or her!
- Back to the living room. Start by shooting the light near the barricade to wipe out one of the elves. Dragonshout the candle near the couch to get past the nail traps.
- Use Cup-a-Spell to blow open the front door, also taking out the barricade. Then help Tweek bust down the next blockade. Hopefully you knocked down that light before, because you're about to face a rather powerful enemy...
- ... the Anti-Magician Elf! Though he appears to be a normal enemy, this dude is very tough. Like, boss-level tough. His attacks inflict fire status, he cures status ailments on himself in conjunction with attacks, and if he's able to charge up without magical retaliation on your part he's going to unleash a massive flurry of strikes. Pummel his follower(s), then stun the Anti-Magician and beat on him whil he's down. Status ailments will help quickly whittle down his ample HP, even if he does get rid of them occasionally.
- After trouncing the lot you'll win Wood Elf Armor. Ooo. Check the nearby drawer for $0.86, a Large Health Potion, and some vendor trash. Head upstairs! Kenny is in trouble!
- Check around for stuff to bust, and look in the drawer for $1.15, Jimmy's Garage Key, and a Wooden Cross Guard. Then enter the left door.
- Oh no! Fiendish! Check the drawers in the bedroom for a Sparkly Heart Sticker and a Health Potion (Large), as well as assorted money stuffs, then set to work saving Kenny. Bash the left leg of the table, shoot the sparkling edge of the shelf to make the bowling ball roll, shoot the wall ornament to create a ladder, and climb up to the top of the shelving unit on the right. Target the lamp to create a path over to the bed and bust the rubble to reach the cord you've made. Save the day! Untie Princess Kenny!
- Go back outside. A cut scene will put Kenny on your team. Use his Buddy Command on the elf in the attic to bring the ladder down. Climb on up.
- Attic!
- Start by Dragon Shouting the lamp by the barricade while the elf is nearby. This will take him out.
- Bash the crate under the snowboard to your right to create a ramp. Climb it and use Cup-a-Spell to destroy the lamp-covered obstacle barring your path. Beat up the Unusually Large Rats in your way. Once you're near the next lamp, wait for the elf to stand beside it and fire away to take him out as well.
- Canvas the central area, whether or not you fought the elves. The Ratroid chinpokomon is sitting in plain sight, a bag up here contains a Bow and Arrow Patch$2.01, a Mana Potion (Small), a Health Potion (Large) and some vendor trash, and a few destroyable objects offer the usual.
- There's a large box on the right side of the screen. Target the flimsy support holding it up to send it down through the floor. Hop down the hole.
- Cut scene. Looooong cut scene. Oh, Jimmy. Boss battle!
Jimmy the Bard
Despite Jimmy's rat backup and his copious amounts of health, this is not a difficult fight. Just a little annoying. Start by using Kenny's Furry Friends attack to take out the rats in a single blow, eliminating their presence and Jimmy's usefulness as a buffer. That done, lay into Jimmy with status ailment attacks, preferably something that will stun him and put him down for a turn or two. If he's up he'll either shoot you with what appears to be a potato or rock gun, doing some decent damage, or he'll put you to sleep. Again, annoying, but on his own Jimmy can't do enough harm to really put you out of commission.
- Check out Jimmy in the aftermath for a bounty of Goodness, including a Crutch of Weakness. Then check around his room for a Strength Potion$1.43, a Wood Elf Cap$5.75, a Health Potion (Small), a Mana Potion, and a Health Potion (Large). Speak to Cartman once you're done plundering to return to Kupa Keep.
- Woo! Success! After everyone departs, go inside Cartman's House. Your parents will show up, dad will yell, and that's that. The day draws to a close. Hop into bed... close your eyes... and... oh dear.