South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Kupa Keep
- You now have your quest - but wait! What's this? A flag! Approach the red flag on the main path from the Keep to activate a Sir Timmy's Fast Travel location. This will allow you to quickly skip from one area to another... once you've activated more flags. So, uh, useless for now. Very good later, though.
- You now also have Butters joining you. Yay, a mighty Paladin! Surely he'll be of great assistance in the battles ahead.
- ... surely.
- One last thing our here. Now that you have a Bow of Sucking, collected during the earlier melee, you'll be able to shoot things on the map. Wander around and shoot at everything you see. Most objects won't react a whole lot, but if you shoot down the wooden sign near the 'Stables' you'll find a Broken Sword Hilt. You can find another one inside Cartman's House if you shoot the broom.
Cartman's House
- Go back inside. And back out. Make sure you check the small nightstand by the couch to get the key to Cartman's Garage, if you missed it before.
- You can now head upstairs. Shoot up the pots and the lamp in the hallway for three Ceramic Shards and a Fractured Bulb.
- The first room in the hallway is Cartman's. His closet has tons of memorobilia, but nothing of use to you. Check the nightstand for a DVD, a Crank Prank Time Phone, a Strength Potion, a Double Chin, and a Poster. Check the other shelf in here for a Faith +1 CDCash, Health Potion (Small)Super Phun Thyme Tickets, and a Brad Pitt Survival Gear Kit.
- His mom's room is next. Smash the lamp for a Fractured Bulb, shoot the clock for a Cog-on-a-Spring, and check the bedside tables for Underpants, $1.65, a Blunt WigPurple Dye, and a wide variety of questionable objects.
- The last room in the hallway is the bathroom. There's a toilet for engaging in... mini... game... fun, as well as a cabinet with a Packet of Sea People, $0.27, and something else. There are more something elses in the cabinet to the left.
- All done. Off you go.
South Park
- The wide world is now yours to explore. There's a lot of stuff to see in South Park; we won't look at it all just yet. (You'll wind up visiting a lot of the places that are available now in a while anyway.)
- Start by checking Cartman's Garage, if you grabbed the key. Inside is the Pengin Chinpokomon and a bag with Gray Dye and a Wizard Beard. Bash up the trash can beside the Garage for a Bottle Cap.
- Head back down the street towards your house. You can get a friend request for Dougie along the way, and in a tree between houses you'll see a Chu-Chu Nezumi Chinpokomon to shoot down.
- On the left side of your house is a small snow bank. Bash through it to find a Health Potion (Small) and a Power Potion in a bag.
- Go in your house. You can friend request Mom, and collect anything you missed earlier when your dad booted you out. (Likely a Pigtails Wig in the living room and $2.20 on the table in the kitchen.) You can also bust up the lamps in the living room for Fractured Bulbs.
- Back outdoors. There's a No Humans sign blocking the way. Bash it aside and keep going.
Bus Stop
- Sir Timmy flag! Activate it!
- Keep going. Battle ahead! Though this is another tutorial fight, it's quite difficult if you're still new to the game's mechanics. Your first target should be the Archer, as his shots will cause your characters to bleed damage each turn. Be warned - he fires twice per round, and the second shot hits just a little bit after the first. The Druid goes next, then the two frontline fighters. Use powerful attacks to wipe them out quickly, as they buff themselves within a turn or two and become too strong to easily handle. Watch out for riposte! Butters is good for healing if need be, and his hammer is great at chewing through armor.
- Loot the losers. Woo! Spoils!
- Keep going left to find a street leading into the main section of South Park. Ignore the northern road for now and continue left. From this point on you'll see elves you can fight or ignore; I recommend fighting. Always remember to loot their bodies after each fight.
- Before you head onto the next screen, target the bird's nest in the tree next to the girl. You'll blast out a Pile of Splinters.
South Park
- You're next to Jimmy's House. Ignore it and head down the street to its orange neighbour. Bash the trash can by the garage for a Bottle Cap, and check the garage for a Cure Potion, a Water Balloon, a Monk's Tonsure, and a Wild Wacky Action Bike. Pop the basketball in here for Shredded Plastic.
- Talk to the girl outside for the Kelly Gardner friend invite. Bash the can next to her for Crumpled Paper.
- The house has an easter egg. Of sorts. Yep.
- Check the brown garage to the left. Shoot the small handle beside the ladder to lower said ladder. Climb up to befriend Pete and find a chest containing $1.65 and a Druid Crown.
- Carry on left to the next screen. Pop the basketball in the next garage you find for Shredded Plastic, and continue down the street to a trash can beside a blue garage to find Crumpled Paper. Bash up the wood in this garage for a Broken Sword Hilt.
- The house is, to an extent, the subject of a quest - and though it's a side quest, it's also necessary for proceeding with the main game. We'll enter it in this article. Feel free to wander around inside and pick up whatever you find. (The contents of the house are also in the quest article, because why not?) Don't forget to activate the Timmy flag outside Kevin's house!
- There's a teal house next to Kevin Stoley's. Check the garage for a ball to pop for Shredded Plastic, a bag containing a Water Balloon, a Cure Potion, and a Wild Wacky Action Bike, and a lever to shoot. It will lower a ladder leading to... a thing. Huh. Suspicious.
- There's a lit BBQ outside the house, and charcoal bags blocking a treasure chest. We'll get to that once you have a new power.
- The house... suffice it to say that the house itself isn't much help.
- Enough with that street. Your next destination is Tweek Bros. Coffee. Return to the Bus Stop and head north.
- Plenty to see and do here; we'll explore to the west another time. Start by speaking to Officer Barbrady to receive his friend request.
- Check out Tom's Rhinoplasty. Check out the drawer next to the couch for a Business Office Key and a Bob Wig, the grating by the reception desk for $0.55 and a Wad of Web, and the drawer on the far right for Retro Glam Makeup. You can also speak to Mrs. Marsh to get a nose job or to buy accessories. Purely aesthetic, as you might expect!
- Go next door, into the small office beside Tom's Rhinoplasty. Use the Business Office Key to get in. Check the drawer in here for $3.30, a Power Potion (Large), a Buzz Cut, and a Revive Potion. Then bust up the office for a Bottle CapCrumpled Paper, a Glass Shard, and a Broken Sword Hilt.
- The Bank is next on your right. Bust the place up for a Broken Sword Hilt, a Striped Straw and a Cardboard Roll, check the drawer to the right for $1.00, a Speed Potion and a Margarita Deluxe Margarita Blender, and speak to the teller if you want to invest money. (Don't.)
- Whack the snowman beside the Bank to access the path behind the building. It leads to a bag containing Sporty Glasses, a Health Potion (Large), and $0.82.
- Next screen on the right. Unplanned Parent is next; inside is a drawer containing a Power Potion, Cure Potion and some other stuff, as well as a red toolbox containing $0.66, a Screwdriver and a Fractured Bulb.
- Back to the street. There will likely be elves ahead; beat them up as you feel fit. Smash the snowman beside the pink building to get behind it, allowing you to speak to Millie and friend request her. You can also smash the upper window on the pink building... and see a thing. Hrm.
- Last on this screen is the Photo Dojo. Bust the broom for a Broken Sword Hilt. Excitement. Well, at least you can trash the meter and the newspaper box outside for change...?
- Walk across the street. You'll see Tweek Bros. Coffee nearby, but first, activate the Timmy flag in the small park in front of the coffee shop. There's a bag beside the flag containing a Health Potion, a Cure Potion, and a Bun Wig.
- Head up the street to the Bijou Theatre. There's a Fatdactyl Chinpokomon atop the vendor's window that you'll have to shoot down. Enter the Theatre and make your way to the bottom of the seats; you can bust up the lowest ragged seat to get at a bag containing 3D Glasses, a Poster, two Action Figures, and something else.
- Go up the left aisle and use the fourth row from the bottom to get to another busted seat. Knock through it and you'll find a path of busted seats leading to a bag containing an 80's Action Hero Wig80's Action Shades, a Revive Potion, an Action Hero Badge, a Power Potion, and a Phil Collins' Oscar.
- Before leaving, speak to the kid in black near the entrance / exit for Damien's friend request.
- Back outside. A dude will whisper to you from the bushes. It's Al Gore! Talking to him will earn his friend request, as well as trigger the ManBearPig quest.
- Tweek Bros. Coffee is up next, at long last. Bash up the news boxes out front for change, then head inside. If you speak to Tweek in the back of the store you'll receive another 'side' quest, Hot CoffeeCheck out this article for more details. Complete it and you'll be two thirds of the way done this main quest.
- Right! Off to Token's house. Head west down the street from the coffee shop and the Bijou, then head north towards the ritzy house in the distance.
Token's House
- Yep, this is the place. Activate fast travel out front and try to approach the security guard. He will not be amenable to your approach. Another side quest looms! The details are here.
Kupa Keep
- Return here after collecting the three 'mighty warriors'. A cut scene will cut in, and Cartman will teach you how to... 'Dragonshout'. Yep, that's South Park for you. Learning how to do this is a bit tricky based on his explanation, so here's a step-by-step explanation:
- Charge up until the frequency gauge appears
- Use the buttons indicated above the gauge to move the small pointer until it's centered above the gauge
- Wait until you're given a prompt to hit the second button
- Aaaaand let 'er rip
It's a little tricky, but don't worry - you don't have to do it like this every single time. Subsequent uses require only a tap of a button.
- Quest complete! Unfortunately, there's still one person to recruit: Craig. He's at the school. Well, you knew you'd be heading there eventually... on the plus side, you can now recruit Kenny if you get tired of Butters! Sweeeeet. Leave Cartman's House and you can swap between characters whenever you wish. Kenny's a bit different in combat from Butters, so hunt down some elves and test him out.
- South Park Elementary is on the western edge of town. Follow the road west from Cartman's House until you reach it. Along the way you'll see a teal house; knock down the BBQ in front of it and use your Dragonshout to get rid of the charcoal bags blocking off the obvious treasure chest. Inside is a Duelist's Patch, a Dubstep Wig, a Chin Beard, two Mana Potions, and a Mana Potion (Small).
- On the next screen west you'll come to the Community Center. Bash meters for change, check between the cars for a Health Potion (Small) and a S'mores Schnapps, bash away the logs on the left side of the screen to find Teal Dye and $0.35, and keep going. (The Community Center is currently closed. Boo.)
- Ahhh, the School. What fun. The details of this little quest, Detention Sentenceare found in this article. Enjoy raiding the school!
- After trouncing Mr. Mackey and his enforcers, return to Cartman's House. He has another magic tutorial for you, basically the same as the last, and you'll gain a new objective: retake the Stick of Truth from The Bard. Oooooooo.