South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Unplanned Parenthood
- After talking to the council of girls and receiving an extensive makeover, you're sent automatically to Unplanned Parenthood. (And you'll earn a friend request for Jessie Rodriguez.) If you're short of restorative items, now's the time to get 'em.
- Enter the clinic and talk to the receptionist. She'll let you enter the room to your right.
- You're now in a hallway. Check the first set of drawers on your way right to find a Health Potion (Small) and some vendor trash. The Records Room is next, but access is restricted to doctors, so you can't get in. Keep going to another set of drawers; inside is an IV Needle, a Mana Potion (Small), a Speed PotionPoison Grenades, and some vendor trash. Operating Room A is just ahead.
- Cut scene. Complete the mini game, then have a look around the room. There are Surgical Gloves, Cap, and Scrubs on the yellow desk to your right. Put 'em on.
- Return to the hallway and enter the Records Room. There's a Biohazard Tattoo and a bunch of vendor trash in the filing cabinets, and the box labelled 2013 will get you what you need.
- Also, Randy. What? Cut scene! That was confusing.
- You're stuck in the Records Room... and Randy is somehow gone... but no biggie. Use your Gnome Powder to shrink and enter the mouse hole in the wall behind you.
- Rats ahead! Zombie rats! Either fight 'em or electrify the pool of water in front of you and lure them into it with Sneaky Squeaker. You can also kill them by hitting the pipe over their heads with a ranged attack and letting the soldier above do the work. you can pull the shooting trick with some Zombie Gnomes ahead, but you'll have to shoot quickly before they reach you.
- There's a satchet beside the Gnomes containing a Master Razor and some vendor trash.
- Enter the wire box beyond. Smash the crumbled casing on the first wire and Dragon Shout. Then climb up the ladder nearby.
- ... uh. So that's where Randy went. Talk to him to spark a cut scene... and a horrifying mini game. You're on your own for this one. Check the room after the cut scene for $0.75 and a Wire Hangar, then head out into the hall.
- Stuff will happen. Butters will save the day and join your party. Check the drawer behind you for $0.35, a Wad of Liposuction and some vendor trash. You can beat the enemies here or ignore them; pretty easy if you fight.
- You'll find some unfortunate stuff ahead. Shrink with your Gnome Powder and climb the open medical cabinet. Hit the grating above with a ranged attack to knock it down and make a ladder.
- There are two rats above. No avoiding this fight, unfortunately. Get past them, enter the next vent, and head through.
- You'll wind up back on the ground. First head right, and climb the slate grey ramp up to the duffel bag. Inside is a Revive Potion, a Strength Potion, and some other junk. Avoid the target to your left - it's generated by a gun that will kill you in a single hit.
- Use the alien eye by the soldiers to zip up to the water wheel and interact with it to stop the flow of water. Get back on the ground and hit the soldier's shining grenade to create a path through the wall. Enter it to reach the Fetuswami Chinpokomon.
- Return to the alien eye and teleport up into the broken pipe that was gushing water before. Inside is a satchet containing a Used Syringe and a Jesus Loves Me Patch. Run up the pipe until you can aim at a red wire above the automated gun; shoot the wire to take out the gun.
- Return to the ground. Use Cup-a-Spell to detonate the fire atop the fallen gun barring your path.
- Enemies ahead. Not too bad; use area attacks. Pass through the next door... aaaaand... yep.
No. I'm not saying what it is. You're playing, you know. There are two parts to this boss; we'll call them the Boss and the Tail.
The pattern here is simple enough, though frustrating. Both enemies initially has two attacks. The Boss will launch projectiles that gross out your characters, one at a time, while the Tail sneaks in from behind and steals HP. It will steal a lot of HP if you don't successfully block. This HP goes to the Boss, so as long as the Tail lives the Boss will endure.
Solution? Take out the Tail. Inflict both enemies with bleeding status, then focus all of your attacks on the Tail until it runs out of HP. Do as much damage to the Boss as you can. During this phase it will occasionally use all-hitting attacks, but it's otherwise not much stronger. Take it out if you can; if not, the Tail will revive, and you'll have to start over (though with less HP to suck away from the Boss). Because this is such a long-winded fight compared to others I suggest bringing out Cartman to hit both enemies with Flaming Cloud, as they're both weak to fire, and then swapping to Butters if your HP becomes perilous.
Overall? Not that bad. But bad enough.
- ... so anyway. Leave Unplanned Parenthood and return to Annie by City Hall. Your mission isn't done yet, they say, so it's back to Recruit the Girls with you. Yay?