South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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PTA Problems is triggered while pursuing the quest Nonconformist, which in turn branches off of Recruit the Goth Kids. Yeesh. After collecting the necessary acoutrements to earn the Goth Kids' trust, you'll be sent to the Community Center to set up a non-conformist sign. Approach the PTA table after the meeting and Randy will steal the sign, triggering this quest.
Community Center
- Randy runs into the bathroom. Follow him.
- Another mini game follows. It's pretty much the same as what you did with Cartman, though infinitely sillier. Once Randy is done teaching you the wiseness of his arts, you'll learn the Sneaky Squeaker. Reenter the bathroom after the lesson and check the last stall in the line for the Gophermon Chinpokomon.
- Right. Enough terrible, terrible marial arts lessons. Off to the Mall!
- Approach the crowd standing in front of the... Mall. Yeah. You'll see a cut scene that's pure nonsense, like most of them. (Once it's done you can loot the body. Yep, you're that insensitive.)
- Once all is said and done, stand in front of the two soldiers blocking the entrance to the crash site and use a Sneaky Squeaker. Place it a little off to the left or right of the soldiers. Make sure both of them are highlighted in yellow or it won't work. Once they both move, rush past. They will resume their former positions after a few seconds.
- There's another soldier on the next screen. Use a Sneaky Squeaker to lure him away from his post. If you want to eliminate him, either lure him into the truck to the right and shoot the door so it closes on him, or activate the generator beside the truck on the left and lure the guard into the electrified pool of water.
- Use your Alien Probe to get up to the room of the prefab building. Open the chest up here to find a Stone Hammer and a Rusty Pipe, then approach the grating ringed in yellow. Pop in to see a cut scene. Of course it's Nazi zombies. Of course.
- After that's done you'll pop out of the grating and into the interior of the building. Another quick cut scene will get you into a fight with a Nazi Zombie; no big deal.
- Check the bodies of the fallen guards for a variety of SWAT gear, then head into the board room. Check to your left for a cupboard containing a Strength Potion, an Armband, and a Flat Top Wig. Atop this cupboard is a Gunrilla Chinpokomon to shoot down and grab. On the right side of the room is another cupboard, this containing $1.10, a USB Drive, and a Tesla Coil. Snag the lot, then grab the Recording Device on the table.
- Make tracks out of the building. Be warned - the Mall is now crawling with various Zombies, and they're not that easy to kill. Most of them have high armour scores, and hit pretty hard. You'll need abilities to whittle them down, not normal attacks.
Community Center
- Rush back to Randy at the Community Center. Watch the cut scene, wherein Randy reaches the completely wrong conclusion, and you'll complete the quest. You'll also gain the picture you need for the Goth Kids, so you're headed back to the School to finish up yet another quest: Nonconformist. And after that? Recruit the Goth Kids! Man, what a domino effect.
- Before you leave, speak to the remaining PTA members. You'll receive friend requests for Mrs. Broflovski, Principal Victora, Mr. Garrison, and Mr. Adler.
- Be warned! From this point on, South Park will be plagued by zombies, not elves. Zombies are tougher, and are immune to being grossed out. Any weapons equipped with gross out will do less damage. On the plus side, they take more damage to fire. Have fun!