South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Mayor McDaniels is found in City Hall. Speak to her to unlock the quest. Now you have to locate seven Homeless Camps spread throughout South Park. Most require stepping off the beaten path a little.
Kenny's House
The first Homeless Camp you're likely to find is near Kenny's House in eastern South Park, past the railroad tracks. The hobo will stagger away from the mountain of junk to the right of Kenny's House and attack if you get too close.
This battle is surprisingly difficult, considering it's likely the first Hobo you'll fight. He has a lot of HP, hits rather hard (though predictably), and will heal / buff himself partway through the fight. He also has a lot of defense once he buffs himself, so your attacks will drop substantially in usefulness. Nevertheless, you can win this one early on - just save your PP until he gains his buffs, then unleash your stronger attacks to chew up his remaining HP. His attacks are pretty easy to predict, so he shouldn't get in much damage.
U-Stor It
The second dude is in the U-Stor-It truck outside the U-Stor-It Storage Facility. Approach the truck from the rear and you'll find that you can climb into the trailer. Smack the trash you find inside to release the hobo.
This fight's a lot easier than the first. He's accompanied by two Rats, true, but they're very, very weak. The Hobo himself has less armor than the first, and shouldn't pose a great threat.
Bus Stop
This one is very easy to miss. There's a tree on the left side of this screen with a bird in a nest. Look behind this tree to find a dirt path leading to a camp.
By now the Hobos should be easy targets for you, though I do recommend not entering this area until after you've completed Alien Abduction at a minimum. Three of them at a time can get a little hairy. (There's also an item bag back here that can only be plundered with Gnome Powder, so if you're willing to wait even that long...)
The rest of the Homeless Camps are found in the sewers. They're all listed below, and shouldn't be too difficult to find if you're determined to search the whole sewer system.
- As you make your way through the main path a pair of hobos will appear and attack you; fight them off to save the day. These guys have relatively high armour scores, so you'll either have to whittle down their defenses or resort to special attacks / bleeding effects to knock 'em off.
- You'll find the next camp at the bottom of a ladder, having captured Cornwallis, one of Mr. Hankey's kids. This fight is pretty much the same as the previous one you fought in the sewers.
- The third batch is camped out down the right path you'll uncover after causing the sewer water to recede a little. They're the same as above, though the smaller rats have been replaced by a Mutant Rat that's more dangerous. Still, normal tactics apply. The Rat is probably the most dangerous as far as status ailments go, so get rid of it first.
- The last Homeless Camp is near the end of the sewers, not far from the third encounter, and the only thing to fear is the hobo's sudden jump out of a trash pile. This lot only has one small rat on their side, and is slightly easier than the others you've faced down here.
All done. Return to Mayor McDaniels and you'll befriend her - as well as receive a small cash reward for your services. Sweet.