One Star Quests

Chocobo Cheer
  • Client: Nadia
  • Location: Jagd Village
  • Quest Item: Yeul's Flower
  • Reward: 300 gil, Golden Flower, Chocobo Chick
Nadia wants to see what happens if a chocobo eats a Yeul's Flower, a rare bloom that's said to be growing in the City of Ruins. You'll find the flower in the northeast corner of the Ruins. Take the Angel there after it has recovered enough to run, feed on the flower, and return to Nadia for a reward.
Dog, Doctor, and Assistant
  • Client: Thirteen, Tilda
  • Location: Research Camp, Eremite Plains
  • Quest Item: Dayring Blossom x 4, Moonsoul Bloom x 2, Goopy Goo x 5
  • Reward: 500 gil, Animal Potion, Orange Newsboy Cap
Thirteen wants to heal a dog she's found, but there's a problem: the ingredients are scattered all about the Wildlands. Dayring Blossoms can be found all over the Wildlands during the day, largely near Canopus Farms; Moonsoul Blooms are in the same spots, but at night; Goopy Goo is dropped by Triffids, most common in the Jagd Woods. Give the ingredients to Tilda. Do this and she'll give you an Animal Potion. Head back to Canopus Farms to tell Thirteen the good news and to receive your reward.
Fuzzy Search
  • Client: Dr. Sheep
  • Location: Aryas Village, in one of the sheep pens
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 400 gil, Fuzzy Sheep Milk, Fuzzy Sheep Figurine, Canned Sheep Logo
Lightning has inadvertently driven three of Dr. Sheep's precious flock away. Return them to brighten up his day. One of them is on the dirt path next to the pen; another is between two nearby tents; the third is by the windmill. Swipe at the sheep to send them back to their owner. One swipe is usually enough to send them on a path back to the pen.
The Old Man and the Field
  • Client: Stubborn Old Man
  • Location: Wildlands Research Camp
  • Quest Item: Gysahl Green
  • Reward: 500 gil, Yellow-Rimmed Glasses
(You must complete the quest A Father's Request to unlock this quest.)
A surly old man at the Research Camp is, well, surly. Plant and harvest at least one Vegetable Seed elsewhere, then head to the Research Camp and speak to him. He'll allow you to use his two vegetable patches. Plant a Vegetable Seed, then come back twelve hours later, when it has sprouted.
Come back and uproot a Tantal Green that you've planted. The old man will reveal that he's Sarala's grandfather, and he wants to compare her Gysahl Greens to his Tantal Greens. Bring him a Gysahl Green to complete the quest.
Peace and Quiet, Kupo
  • Client: Mog
  • Location: Moogle Village, Jagd Woods
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 555 gil, Mog Figurine, Moogle Fragment
The Moogles are under attack! Look for the Moogle Village through a single timed set of vines in the middle of the area, open between 7 pm and 7 am. Inside you'll find the moogles congregating and fretting over invading monsters. Killing the interloping Dryads, then speak to Mog after he runs away.
The Right Stuff
  • Client: Hunter Hopeful
  • Location: Outside of Jagd Woods
  • Quest Item: Vibrant Ooze x 6
  • Reward: Mystical Meal, 300 gil, Chocobo Feather Pin
You'll probably see this guy while you're trying to heal the Angel of Valhalla. You can procure Vibrant Oozes from Miniflans; they're all over the place in the Wildlands.
Two Star Quests

A Final Cure
  • Client: Cardesia
  • Location: Jagd Village
  • Quest Item: Chocoborel x 4, Luminous Mushroom x 4, Crimm Mushrom
  • Reward: 1600 gil, Suspicious Mushroom, Toxic Mushroom
(Unlocked after making a single batch of Chocobull.)
Cardesia is an ailing apothecary, and she has one more draught she wants to brew up before she passes away. Chocoborels and Luminous Mushrooms are both found in abundance in the Jagd Forest, during the day and night respectively; the Crimm Mushroom is found in the Moogle Village, accessible between 7 pm and 7 am. Look for it in a small, empty corner of the village, on higher ground.
A Taste of the Past
  • Client: Chef Aryas
  • Location: Aryas Village
  • Quest Item: Aryas Apple x 2, Rocky Crag Mole x 2
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Ripe Apple, Crystal Apple, Mystical Meal
The main chef of Aryas Village wants to create a super-special dish that Lightning will absolutely love. Problem is, he doesn't have the ingredients to make said dish. She'll have to find them for him.
- Aryas Apples can be found at the base of what I must assume are Aryas Apple Trees. There's one on the bluffs west of Aryas Village, and another on the bluffs to the east.
- Rocky Crag Moles can be found in small pits around Rocky Crag. Search the area, looking for glimmers on the ground.
The Hunter's Challenge
  • Client: Hunter Chief (at night and early morning only)
  • Location: Jagd Village
  • Quest Item: Monster Mince x 3, AMP Chip
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Soldier of Peace, Golden Insignia
(Unlocked by completing The Right Stuff.)
The Hunter Chief in Jagd Village wants Lightning to serve as a role model for his younger hunters. He proposes she hunt down Hanumans and Valis in the Jagd Woods and collect Monster Mince. Hanumans are quite numerous, so this should be easy.
Once you bring him Monster Mince, the Chief will challenge you to take on the Protoflorian, an enormous beast in Rocky Crag. Take your chocobo north out of the Jagd Woods once it can fly again and you can flutter to the Aster Protoflorian's perch and challenge the beast. It's got a lot of HP, but the Protoflorian is relatively easy thanks to its reliance on elemental shields. Block its attacks, wait for it to swap elements, then counter with the opposite element. Fire beats ice, ice beats fire, wind beats lightning, lightning beats wind. The right magic will stagger the beast in no time; then you can beat on it physically.
  • Client: Tilda
  • Location: Wildlands Research Camp
  • Quest Item: Moonsoul Bloom x 4, Rocky Crag Mole x 2, Green Leather x 5
  • Reward: 1600 gil, Yellow Ribbon
(This quest is available after completing Fuzzy Search and A Dog, A Doctor, An Assistant. Once Tilda appears in Aryas Village - you'll know her by her banana coat - you can make this quest happen.)
Tilda needs some ingredients to make something for Dr. Sheep. (Dude's popular with the ladies, it seems.) Moonsoul Blooms are found on the side of the roads and along paths in the Wildlands during the night; Rocky Crag Moles appear in holes in Rocky Crag; Green Leather is dropped by Goblins on the Eremite Plains. Deliver the items to Tilda, then head to Aryas Village and talk to Dr. Sheep to complete the quest.
Mercy of a Goddess
  • Client: Taleb
  • Location: Poltae
  • Quest Item: Cardesia's Cure
  • Reward: 1600 gil, Delicious Mushroom
(You must complete the A Final Cure quest to trigger this one.)
Taleb, a man in Poltae, is doing badly - and he needs Cardesia's potion, the one you laboured to help make, to cure himself. Problem is, the elixir only lasts for a short time - 45 minutes! - and you need to get it to Poltae as quickly as possible. That's plenty of time to make the trip, but if you're unsure of your chocobo steering abilities, use Chronostasis to give yourself a time boost. Make sure you go north out of Jagd Village when making the trip.
Mother and Daughter
  • Client: Brella
  • Location: Train Station
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Leopard Tail
Brella's upset, as she's lost her beloved dog Clove. Head into the Eremite Plains and check out the Research Camp. Here you'll find a quest called Dog, Doctor, and Assistant, listed elsewhere in this article. Complete that quest and the dog will be healed - and, yes, it's Brella's dog. Rush back to the station with the good news to reunite the pair.
Omega Point
  • Client: Research Leader
  • Location: Research Camp, Eremite Plains
  • Quest Item: Data from the airship wreckage
  • Reward: 1600 gil, Aerial Guard's Badge
The Research Leader of the Eremite Plains has a problem. He wants to investigate the airship crash in the region, but many of the pieces are out of reach of his staff. They are not, however, out of reach of the Angel of Valhalla. Lightning must explore the Eremite Plains and investigate four pieces of airship wreckage to give the guy what he needs. He'll give you a Data Recorder to collect the info. The pieces are in the following locations, and will require chocobo fluttering to reach (and note that, yes, there are more than just four pieces):
- North of the Research Leader; assuming you rode your chocobo up to him, you can leap off of the platform he's standing on and flutter down to a nearby engine - the active piece is on the next engine over
- North of the Research Camp, on a raised ledge flush with the northern boundary of the Eremite Plains - you'll have to make a few careful jumps from the west to get here
- In the field at the rear of the Crash Site, still attached to the ship's hull
- Almost directly west of the Research Camp - you'll have to leap along the tops of the bluffs to reach it
- North of the previous piece - you can reach it by leaping to the next bluff to the north and running northwest
Round 'Em Up
  • Client: Millie
  • Location: Aryas Village
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Creamy Sheep Milk, Cowboy Hat
(You must complete the quest Fuzzy Search to begin this quest.)
Dr. Sheep's flock has run off again, and this time you have to round them up with your chocobo. Get behind the sheep and slowly steer them back to the pen. The sheep are in the following locations:
- Beside a patch of trees east of the pen
- In a small canyon west of Aryas
- On a largeish patch of grass southeast of Aryas
Talk to Dr. Sheep for part of the reward, then speak to Millie by the second sheep pen to finish the quest.
Where Are You, Moogle?
  • Client: Moggel
  • Location: Moogle Village
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1300 gil, Mog Mask, Retro Mog Mask
Moggel can't find his friends, as they're lost somewhere in the Jagd Woods. Lightning will have to find the three of them. The lost moogles are in the following locations (and I suggest using Chronostasis, as they'll hide during the day):
- At the northwest timed gate in the Jagd Woods - approach it from the south, via the same area you use to get to the Moogle Village
- In the first open area from the southern entrance of the Jagd Woods, sitting on the side of the path
- In the rear of Jagd Village, near the cliff jump leading to Rocky Crag
Three Star Quests

The Grail of Valhalla
  • Client: Professor Lathom
  • Location: Poltae
  • Quest Item: Fragments
  • Reward: 3800 gil, Sacred Knight, Crest of Etro
The professor is eager to learn of the Grail of Valhalla, a sacred and legendary artifact he thinks may be in the Temple of the Goddess, and he needs Lightning's help to find it. To discover the truth of its whereabouts he needs excerpts from an ancient text - and those excerpts can be found on the walls of the Temple of the Goddess. Retrieve the Goddess and Chaos Glyphs from the Temple and present them to Lathom.
Hop on the Angel and climb up to the flying spot used to get to the Temple. Investigate the glyph near the edge to spark a cut scene, then hop across the first gap. Check the glyph here for a Plate Metal Fragment. Next is a Silvered Metal Fragment, and beyond that, once you reach the ladder leading to the Temple, a Golden Metal Frament. Take the fragments back to the professor.
Land of Our Forebears
  • Client: Cole
  • Location: Aryas Village
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 3500 gil, Pink-Rimmed Glasses
(You must complete The Old Man and the Field to unlock this quest.)
Time to finish with the family. Despite being a three-star quest this one's pretty easy: visit Chef Aryas to find Cole, then visit the Stubborn Old Man at the Research Camp, then Sarala at Canopus Farms, then back to Cole to wrap it all up.
To Live in Chaos
  • Client: Angel of Valhalla
  • Location: Canopus Farms
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 420o gil, Gagnrad, Odin's Horn
After completing the main quest of the Wildlands (namely defeating Caius) and completely healing the Angel of Valhalla, make a trip there via the Train Station. The Angel will dash up, and you'll hear news of trouble at Canopus Farms: there's a massive influx of Chaos strengthening a Chocobo Eater. Worse, it's attacking the chocobos. Approach the Farms from the rear and you can get the drop on the Chocobo Eater, allowing you to chew up 25% of its health before the battle begins. Then you just have to kill the thing. The earlier you partake of this quest, the better - the Chocobo Eater gets very strong on the final few days.
The Secret Lives of Sheep
  • Client: Cornelia
  • Location: Aryas Village, southern slope, during the night
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 3200 gil, Cool Glasses
(You must complete the Round 'Em Up quest to unlock this quest.)
Cornelia's a weirdo. She's investigating the mating habits of fuzzy sheep, and she wants Lightning's help in getting the job done. She wants Lightning to tag the sheep as they leave Aryas Village and head to their nesting grounds. Follow them as they make their way up the hill to the large set of ruins nearby, killing any monsters that show up. (Be warned - inside the ruins you'll fight a Reaver.)