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Last Date
  • Client: Lennet
  • Location: The Banquet of the Lord
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 500 gil, Crystal Heart

Lennet wants a dinner date. Talk to him at the base of the stairs beside the Banquet of the Lord, then meet him there wearing Midnight Mauve between 7 and 11 pm. How precious.
Stolen Things
  • Client: Gregory
  • Location: Central Avenue
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 400 gil, Formal Silk Hat

To trigger this quest, you must first meet Gregory on Central Avenue. He appears there during the day, by the large staircase down towards the Cactuar Statue. Then encounter Pickett the pickpocket in the Reveler's Quarter. Chase him down after he steals 200 gil. Return to Gregory and speak to him to start the quest. You'll earn Father's Letter. Take it to Pickett for a cut scene, then rush back to Gregory to finish the quest off.
Adoring Adornments
  • Client: Tomesso
  • Location: Outside Augur's Quarter, night
  • Quest Item: Gift Glasses
  • Reward: 1400 gil, Heart Glasses, Onion Knight's Helm

(You must first complete the quest Adorning Candice to activate this quest.)
Tomesso is smitten with Candice, the girl whom you regaled with adornments earlier. He wants to get her a special adornment - but it's only on sale at a specific time of day, namely at 3 pm, when it opens. Head to the Champion's Quarter at that exact time and you can pick them up for 4,000 gil. You only have about two hours wiggle time, so don't dawdle. Look for a merchant standing down from the Sorcery Shop. Then return the glasses to Tomesso for your reward.
Death Safari
  • Client: Suspicious Gatekeeper
  • Location: Industrial Area Gate
  • Quest Item: Niblet-Defeater Emblem x 30
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Dark Devil Ears, Dazzling Devil Ears, Pure Angel Ears, Cautious Devil Ears, Death Game Ticket

Remember that dude who let you into the Sneaking-In Special trail? He wants you to clear out that same trail, as it's filled with monsters at the moment. Specifically, he wants you to face down against Niblets, the stupid bat creatures that have plagued you for the entire game. The best place to hunt them in large numbers is right by the entrance, so don't bother going far. Use Fira to make this a quick hunt.
Family Food
  • Client: Seedy's Owner
  • Location: Glutton's Quarter, Hawker's Row
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1500 gil, Chef's Hat

The owner of the Seedy is having trouble selling his food - though if you sample his stuff, it's actually really good. He wants help from one Gordon Gourmet to turn his fortunes around. You can find Gordon at the Banquet of the Lord in the morning... though he'll refuse to help. He'll recommend eating at the six restaurants in the Glutton's Quarters. They are:
- The Banquet of the Lord
- Terrace Cafe
- The Meat Grill
- Stand 'n Sip
- Fishy Flavors
- The Veggie Parlor
You'll start in the Banquet, so that's easy. The Terrace Cafe is just below the Banquet. The other four are on the other side of the street, in the mess of stalls all preceeding Seedy's Restaurant. You can purchase the cheapest meal at each of them to fulfill the qualifications.
Return to Gordon. He'll tell you what you need next: Civet Musk. Civet Musk is relatively rare, mainly because the monster that drops it - Schrodinger -is rare. Schrodingers appear along Central Avenue every now and then, largely at night, and all you can really do is run along the line of stalls until one appears. I recommend doing this while you're in the middle of performing other quests for people. Bring some Civet Musk back and Gordon will give you Gordon Gourmet's Recipe.
Take the Recipe back to Seedy's and hand it over. Seedy will prepare you a new meal; have a taste, then take the Steaka a la Civet back to Gordon. This will tie up the quest quite happily.
Friends Forever
  • Client: Primrose
  • Location: Revler's Quarter, outside the Augur's Quarter
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1800 gil, Chocoberet, Chocobo Figurine

A strange woman named Primrose claims she was once a chocobo, and has since been separated from her six friends. She asks that Lightning let the other chocobos know that Primrose is doing okay. The chocobo chicks are in the following locations:
- Yusnaan Palace - Look in the north end of the courtyard, by the garden.
- Augur's Quarter - Look for the man on the south side of the fallen statue.
- Reveler's Quarter - Look for a girl sitting beside the Cactuar Statue.
- Glutton's Quarter - Look for a clerk in the Aromatic Market, not far from the Central Avenue stairs.
- Glutton's Quarter - Look for a woman sitting at a table at the Terrace Cafe.
- Yusnaan Station - Look for the stationmaster on the left side of the Train Station.
Return to Primrose and talk to her to complete the quest, and for a silly little spectacle. (What is up with chocobos in this game? Seriously.)
Play It For Me
  • Client: Morris
  • Location: Champion's Quarter, Armor Alley
  • Quest Item: Nostalgic Score Chorus, Nostalgic Score Refrain, Nostalgic Score Coda
  • Reward: 1500 gil, Crown of Youth

A young boy named Morris is playing part of a song Lightning remembers. Problem is, he can't - or won't - play the rest unless Lightning finds the other parts of the song. They're hidden in locked spheres all 'round Yusnaan. Morris will give you Musical Treasure Sphere Key; now you have to find the spheres. They're in the following locations:
- The Code is in a sphere to the left of the Train Station, down a small back alley.
- The Refrain is up a ladder near the Cactuar Statue.
- The Chorus is behind the monster cage by the Slaughterhouse.
(While you're here, check the side of the ramp opposite Morris. There's a semi-hidden sphere containing Personal Guard of the Patron Notes.)
Songless Diva
  • Client: Olga
  • Location: Fountain Square, Reveler's Quarters
  • Quest Item: Music Satchel
  • Reward: 1400 gil, Queen's Mask

Olga's paramour Berdy has gone AWOL, and without him Olga is useless as a singer. She needs him back, and she wants Lightning to go looking for him. Fortunately, Berdy is watching from a few feet away. Run after and catch him to spark a conversation whereby you learn that he's lost his Music Satchel, which contained a song for / about Olga.
To find the Music Satchel, head back to Central Avenue and descend into the Lower City. Down here you'll run into a mob of Gremlins about halfway along the westbound path. Defeat the monsters to retrieve the Music Satchel, then return it to Berdy.
Adoring Adornments
  • Client: Candice
  • Location: Augur's Quarter
  • Quest Item: Adornments
  • Reward: 5,000 gil, Carnival Mask

Candice is in a slump. She's a pro at twirling a baton, but she doesn't have the pizazz to get people to notice her. Her problem is a lack of adornments - she needs to brighten up her outfit, and Lightning can probably help in that regard. All you really have to do is keep coming back to Candice as you complete various side quests and collect more adornments. Show her a certain amount and she'll consider herself satisfied and finish the quest. (I had 95 adornments in my inventory when she marked the quest as complete. Yeesh.)
A Testing Proposition
  • Client: Velno
  • Location: Slaughterhouse, Champion's Quarter
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 3,500 gil, Scholar's Mortarboard, Nektar of the Gods

The risque alchemist Velno wants Lightning to test out one of her brews in combat. Accept and she'll give you a vial of Nektar to test out whenever Lightning is inflicted with a status ailment. It won't do much of anything. Next you'll give you Nektar II, asking that you instead use it when Lightning is specifically poisoned. Go back again and you'll receive Nektar III, which Velno wants you to use when Lightning has been hit by three simultaneous status ailments. Return one more time and Velno will ask you to use her final concoction, the Nektar of the Gods, during a Slaughterhouse battle. Get into a brawl and use the elixir to complete the quest.
Death Game
  • Client: Biggs
  • Location: Industrial Area, near the stairs
  • Quest Item: Death Game Point x 30
  • Reward: 3,800 gil, Dragoon, Emergency Beacon

(Note: You must complete Death Safari before Death game unlocks.)
Wedge's bud Biggs is in on the death sports scene as well, and he has a new attraction for you: Death Game. You're set loose on the Warehouse District against a variety of foes (Gremlins, Niblets and Anubyses) during constant-Chaos conditions and told to kill thirty of them, thus collecting thirty Death Game Points. Do so without dying or being forced into retreat to win.
Free Will
  • Client: Diviner I
  • Location: Fountain Square, Reveler's Quarter
  • Quest Item: Desert Flame
  • Reward: 4500 gil, Summoner's Mask, Blue Mage

Diviner I has some very cryptic stuff to say about the future. Agree to take the quest at his little stall and Diviner II will speak up, telling you to return to the stall tomorrow, when the sun is high in the sky, and speak to them again. Come back the next day and they'll give their next request: they want - no, demand - that you bring them three Desert Flames. They give you hints...
... but the best way to quickly complete this part of the quest is to look for one Desert Flame in the underground path that leads from the Reveler's Quarter to the Warehouse District. That done, take it to the man standing beside the stairs leading to the Augur's Quarter. If you hand it over you'll receieve 6,000 gil. Take this money to the local Train Station and look for a merchant who will sell you Desert Flames for 2,000 gil apiece. This sum covers all three.
Unfortunately, you're not done yet. The final task requires some patience: you need to kill every Niblet in the game (easily over 100 Niblets in all) and then destroy the Last One that shows up. Do this and you'll complete the quest. It may take a while, but despite what thes two imply, you do not have to kill the Niblets in Yusnaan. (Though the Warehouse District is one of the best places to find them in large numbers.)
Be warned! If you begin this quest and do not visit the Diviners the next day on time, the quest will be considered a failure. Don't accept until you fully intend to pay them a visit.
Tanbam's Tattoo
  • Client: Tanbam
  • Location: Champion's Quarter, near the Slaughterhouse
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 4,200 gil, Nickel Gear, Crystal Medal

This Desmond guy wants to fight? Sounds like fun. He's not a pushover, but he's not a big problem, either. Be ready to defend against Rush attacks and lay into him mercilessly.
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