One Star Quests

Faster Than Lightning
  • Client: Lamont
  • Location: Saint's Hill, The Residences
  • Quest item: None
  • Reward: 200 gil, Gold Medal
Little Lamont (he has a flag on his back - tough to miss) wants to race. Indulge him and race to whatever location he chooses (I've been to the Forsaken Graveyard and North Station, personally). Beat him there to earn your reward. Pretty easy, really - just jump over stair railings to get ahead of him. If you're in the middle of collecting code numbers, Lamont will also tell you the third number. Handy little guy.
The Girl Who Cried Wolf
  • Client: Louise
  • Location: North Station
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 500 gil, Leather Rucksack
Approach North Station around 9 - 10 am. The phone nearby will be ringing. Answer it and a girl on the other end will plead with you to come to the Forsaken Graveyard. Dash over... and the phone will be ringing. Louise will give you another clue; follow this one down to just outside South Station.
While you're here, a man will reveal that Louise is a known prankster, and that this is probably all just another act on her part. Lightning is skeptical, though, and rightly so - this time Louie actually has been kidnapped. Follow her into the Warrens (to the same place where you first encountered Noel) and you'll find her being accosted by heretics. They'll run off, you'll have a longer dialogue, and the quest will end successfully.
Soul Seeds
  • Client: Baird
  • Location: North-South Corridor, Arcade
  • Quest Item: Soul Seeds
  • Reward: 400 gil, Black Tattoo
Baird wants Soul Seeds. You can find Soul Seeds in areas where Chaos has manifested, and the first place you'll encounter it is in Forsaken Graveyard. Go back, pick up a few (they appear as shining purple dots), and bring them to Baird for sale. You need only sell one to him to receive the reward, as well as the general price of 400 gil per seed.
Suspicious Spheres
  • Client: Virgil
  • Location: Plaza of Prayers, Residences
  • Reward: Contents of the spheres, 300 gil, Millionaire's Mustache
The Children of Etro have been stealing the supply spheres of the Order and doing... something... to them. Virgil wants Lightning to inspect the spheres cloaked in red light and report back to him on what he finds. He'll provide her with the Supply Sphere Codes to open them up and have a look inside.
- The first sphere is beside Virgil. Inside is a Prophecy of the Future.
- The second sphere is in the alleyways of the Warehouse District, near one of the main quest numbers. It contains Cathedral Sentry Notes.
- The third sphere is on the side of the street in front of South Station. It contains Fanatic Notes.
The Things She's Lost
  • Client: Dolce
  • Location: In front of North Station at night
  • Quest Item: Green Carbuncle Doll
  • Reward: 100 gil, Carbuncle Figure
The little girl has lost her Carbuncle doll to the Chaos, but it hasn't gone far. Head to Old Town and look at the crates near the guy on the guitar. The Doll is sitting on top.
Treasured Ball
  • Client: Talbot
  • Location: Near South Station, during the day
  • Quest Item: Rubber Ball
  • Reward: 100 gil, Talbot's Gratitude, Salvage Pilot's Badge
Talbot wants his ball back. Pretty simple. Talbot will point to a nearby platform; indulge him and leap over there to retrieve the Rubber Ball. Bring it back for the reward.
Where are you, Holmes?
  • Client: Thorton
  • Location: North Train Station
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 300 gil, Railworker's Cap, Railworker's Beret
Pretty simple: A station attendant isn't reporting for duty at the proper time. His fellow attendant wants Lightning to check up on him. The quest suggests looking for him near the inn; cross the square and check near the gate by the inn to find Holmes. You can then lead him back to Thorton. If you don't do this by 6 am. on the first day, Holmes will disappear and you'll fail automatically.
Two Star Quests

The Angel's Tears
  • Client: Luka
  • Location: Idol Plaza, South Station, during the evening
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 2400 gil, Crystal Tear
Luka's selling her own tears. Oooookay. Buy them for 10 gil and Luka will tell you a bit of her story. Keep coming back over time - she appears in this same spot each night - and she'll reveal a little more. Do this four times, paying more each time (50, 300, and 1,200 gil on subsequent days) for your reward.
The Avid Reader
  • Client: Ranulph
  • Location: Pilgrim's Passage, South Station
  • Quest Item: Ranulph's Journal
  • Reward: 900 gil, Dull Grudge Knife (only if you did not read it)
Ranulph has been chronicling his life for 500 years, but he's missing one of his diaries. He wants Lightning to go find it. He recommends checking with a woman named Mitka, who used to run a used book store. You'll find Mitka in the Commercial District, standing in the western half on the side of the street. She'll tell you to head for the Warren and look for a man with no name. Ooookay...
Head for the Warren and check up the ladder near the Heretics' HQ. There's a man up here with, predictably, no name. Ask him about the journal and he'll tell you to visit a girl named Erine in Yusnaan. Head to the party city and look at the Banquet of the Lord; Erine is wandering around here, and will accept the letter the man sent along.
You now have a choice. You can either read the journal and see what's going on here or leave it a mystery. If you read it, The Avid Reader will be failed - but a new quest takes its place when you return it to Ranulph.
Buried Passion
  • Client: Armand
  • Location: The Residences, during the day
  • Quest Item: Quill Pen
  • Reward: 1300 gil, Black-Rimmed Glasses
Armand has a departed friend. He wants to talk - but he'll only dole out a bit of the story at a time. You'll have to come back, day after day, to hear the whole thing. Return twice more and you'll receive a new little quest: retrieve a Quill Pen. Head down to Old Town and look for a small stall near the Sorcery Shop. Bash open the containers to find the Quill Pen underneath. Return it to Armand for your reward.
Dying Wish
  • Client: Blythe
  • Location: Gallery Steps, Commercial District
  • Quest Item: Spectral Elixir
  • Reward: Tonberry's Lantern

Blythe's father is sick, and she needs a potion to cure him. Unfortunately, she hasn't the money to afford the antidote. The potion's sold at the Chocobo Emporium down the street... though they're all out. You need the following ingredients to make the Spectral Elixir:
- A Thunderclap Cap, one of which can be found on the ground in the Warehouse District's alleyways.
- A Shaolong Gui Shell, one of which can be purchased from the merchant Seger in Old Town for 600 gil.
- A Mandragora Root, one of which can be purchased from the Grocer by South Station for 400 gil. You must visit between 10 am and 7 pm or she won't be open.
(While you're here, you may also want to grab the Magician's Token from the sphere that's floating near Blythe. It's on a ledge just above the steps.)
Get the Girl
  • Client: Lackley
  • Location: Mangled Hill, The Warren
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1500 gil, Exotic Shades

Lackley's a mess. His lovely Philiana has disappeared, and he's basically given up on life. Lightning needs to find his true love for him. Agree to the quest and he'll give you Lackley's Ring so you can hunt her down. Lackley says Philiana use to work at a restaurant in Yusnaan.
Head to Yusnaan and speak to the Maitre 'D of the Banquet of the Lord. He'll ID the woman and say she disappeared after getting sick some time ago. Return and tell Lackley this; you'll meet another woman, Seila, who will agree to tell Lightning the truth. Meet Seila at the eastern entrance of the Forsaken Graveyard to hear the full story. This will bring an end to the tale.
Like Clockwork
  • Client: Armena
  • Location: In front of North Station
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Brass Gear

Armena's an odd bird. She fears that the clocks around Luxerion will stop ticking - and if they do, the world will end. Ooookay. Armena wants Lightning to check all thirteen clocks around Luxerion to make sure they're still working. The clocks can be found in the following locations:
- In North Station, just as you're heading towards the platform
- Above the General Store by North Station
- Above the attendant in North Station
- Above the statue in the plaza in front of North Station (couldn't she have looked at these ones herself? Lazy...)
- On the upper level of Old Town
- Beside the stairs leading to Haunted Row, west of Centrum
- Near the Beverage Shop in Centrum
- In the middle of the street on The Avenue, Commercial District
- Near the Informative Man in the Warehouse District
- At the north end of the street from The Residences leading to the Arcade
- In front of South Station
- Beside Pilgrim's Passage
- And, last but not least, by looking at the pedestal near the base of the Clock Tower, which allows you to look at the Clock Tower itself
Stuck in a Gem
  • Client: Gem
  • Location: Pilgrim's Passage, Holy District, at night
  • Quest Item: Starlit Spice
  • Reward: 1600 gil, Black Cat Ears
A talking cat named Gem - that should be weird, but it really isn't in this city - begs a boon of Lightning: he wants her to track down some Starlit Spice. This will, he thinks, allow him to resume his normal form.
Head to the Warrens and have a look at the stalls in the bottom of the pit. There's a man down here called Rubrio, and he knows how to make Starlit Spice. He says it's rare - but all you need to make it are two Niblet Hairballs. You'll probably have what you need already. Snag a Starlit Spice -
- and leave the Warrens by the Old Town exit. Not far from the timed door you'll see a boy surrounded by cats. This is Gem's body, aka Ronan, and you have to give him the Spice. The caveat? You can't let him, or any of the cats near him, get too close to Lightning. Fail in this and they'll steal the Starlit Spice, forcing you to start over. Lure the cats away as they move towards you, then rush to Ronan and talk to him. Quest complete.

Three Star Quests
A Rose By Any Other Name
  • Client: Alrick
  • Location: Wall of Wealth, The Warrens
  • Quest Item: Phantom Rose
  • Reward: 3200 gil, Crystal Rose, Red Bow Tie, Purple Lightning
A little boy named Alrick has been let down by a false savior named Myka, who promised to bring him a Phantom Rose. Now he expects Lightning to do the deed in Myka's place. He first wants you to deliver the news of his expectations to Myka.
Though a three star quest, this one is relatively easy - and must be completed during another quest. Complete the Voices from the Grave quest and you will receive the Phantom Rose in the process. Deliver it to Alrick.
Born from Chaos
  • Client: Solandra
  • Location: Warehouse District, North-South Corridor
  • Quest Item: Cursed Dragon Claw x 1
  • Reward: 6000 gil, Pendragon, Brigand's Tricorne
Solandra, female bounty hunter in the North-South Corridor of the Warehouse District, is in trouble. A horrible creature named Zomok is running rampant nearby, and no one can stop it. Will Lightning take up the task? Sure, why not. (Though I wouldn't suggest trying it immediately after beginning the game.) You can find the mark just down the street from the bounty hunter.
Zomok's a fairly powerful beast. Its worst move is Storm Front, which hits at a range and is pretty abrupt, though its other moves can be rather annoying as well. Keep at a distance to nullify its close range attacks and pelt it with spells, then move in for the kill once it's staggered. Repeat until Zomok is dead.
To Save the Sinless
  • Client: Ranulph
  • Location: Pilgrim's Passage, South Station
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 4500 gil, Dark Knight
Ranulph now knows his past, and he wants Lightning's help in tracking down his family's killer. There's a reporter who may know more - though you must first complete the Buried Passion quest, listed above. Visit Armand to learn more, then go talk to Reddick again. Speak to Ranulph once again to bring the quest to a close.