One Star Quests
Old Rivals
  • Client: Tobias
  • Location: Ruffian
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 500 gil, Snakeskin Hat
Tobias is a crude, terrible merchant, and he needs some competition to clean up his attitude. Complete the quest His Wife's Dream after speaking to Tobias, then come back to Ruffian for your reward.
Tool of the Trade
  • Client: Elmer
  • Location: Ruffian
  • Quest Item: Loupe
  • Reward: 400 gil, Retro Scopes
Elmer the researcher has given up on researching, and instead dedicates himself to mucking about with a silly, made-up language. Bring him his Loupe, discarded in the Atomos's Sands, to perk him up. The Loupe is sitting within sight of Atomos's enormous form, a glint in the sand. (On the way out here, don't neglect to grab the Spiritual Veil on the path from Ruffian, as well.)
Two Star Quests
His Wife's Dream
  • Client: Ramon
  • Location: North Ruins, Giant's Sandbox
  • Quest Item: Arithmometer
  • Reward: 1300 gil, Gold Padlock
(To unlock this quest, you must first speak to Tobias in Ruffian.)
Ramon's wife has passed away, and he's lost the Arithmometer she prized so much. He wants you to get it back for him. Head to the Grave of the Colossi and look for a narrow canyon to the west of the Cactuar statue. Inside you'll find some skeletons; one of them has the Arithmometer. (Also here is a Silk Scarf in a four EP locked sphere.) After bringing the Arithmometer back to Ramon, he'll sell you Notes for the local monsters.
The Life of a Machine
  • Client: Bhakti
  • Location: Sacred Grove, Temple Ruins
  • Quest Item: Bhakti Oil x 3
  • Reward: 1200 gil, Bhakti's Oil, Pilgrim's Crux, Cyber Scanners
Bhakti needs oil to keep operating, and it - he? - wants Lightning to fetch it for him. He provides three locations where it can be found: by the merchant in Ruffian; under an Adamantoise ribcage in the Grave of the Colossi (it's not far from the Cactuar statue); and at the base of the Oasis Lighthouse. You can also find Bhakti Oil in a few other places, such as in the Tablet Shrine of the Dry Floodlands. Open the door after the quest is done, then check the skeletons in the corner of the room for your prize. Depressing.
Three Star Quests
Skeletons in the Closet
  • Client: Jamus
  • Location: Ruffian
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 4500 gil, Pioneer's Eyepatch
Jamus's tastes are simple - he doesn't like Skeletons. At all. He wants Lightning to wipe them out. Destroy enough Skeletons and you'll satisfy your thirst for revenge. (Does anybody know how many there are to start? I was at 49 left when I started this quest, and I'd already killed at least a dozen or more.) Air magic is the best way to quickly debilitate the things.
Be careful! When you reach the last Skeleton, it will be an especially-powerful version of the monsters, as with all monsters. Stagger it quickly before it can use its Blood Sword move or you'll be in for a lot of hurt. As a nice bonus you'll receive a Bonecracker for its defeat.
Last One Standing
  • Client: Zanford
  • Location: Oasis Lighthouse, Dry Floodlands
  • Quest Item: None
  • Reward: 12,000 gil, Hermit's Cap, Bladed Lance
Zanford is a man of lasts, and he's researching the last of the monsters - namely, the Last Ones of each of the monsters you can encounter in your journey. Kill enough of a species and their Last One will come out - and once that one is dead, the species is dead for your current playthrough. Zanford wants them all dead, making this easily the most time-consuming quest in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Fortunately, you can carry this count of Last Ones defeated through multiple playthroughs - though you can't carry the number of monsters you've defeated to another playthrough.
(Also? While you're here? Pick up the three Bhakti's Oils, the Angel's Hairband, the Key to the Sand Gate, and the Silver Barette. Good haul even if you don't plan on completing the quest.)
What Rough Beast Slouches
  • Client: Nolan
  • Location: Scorched Earth: Upper Chamber, Temple Ruins
  • Quest Item: Monster Flesh
  • Reward: 8200 gil, Pro's Beret
Nolan has a theory about a certain beast, and he wants Lightning to test it. Unfortunately, this creature is horribly powerful - and its strength is linked to the end of the world. It is the Aeronite, and Lightning will have a heck of a time taking it down. The Aeronite appears near the Dead Dunes Train Station after the seventh day.
(Tips on beating the Aeronite are forthcoming.)