Child of Light Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: The Cynbel Sea

Part Thirteen: The Flooded Lands and Piscean Village

Main Walkthrough

- As you cross to the Cynbel Sea you'll find a long patch of water. Fly up and away from the water's surface and hunt in the stream of wind leading back west. Confession #11 is floating about up here.
- Continue east. Eventually you'll wind up in front of a tall cliff with several doors leading to the interior. Fly up to the top of the cliff (closer to a lighthouse, maybe?) and you'll find two chests. One, guarded by a skeleton, contains two Tumbled Sapphires. The other, in the windstream, contains two Rough Sapphires.
- Drop to the bottom of the tower and go through the door. Inside you'll find a large mural covered in roman numerals. To the right of the mural is a small pedestal with a gold-cast VIII on it. Illuminate it with Igniculus and move the reflection across the wall until it's touching the VIII on the wall, in the middle of the picture.
Ogre, Hounds
Ahh, yay, another of these guys. This Ogre is pretty much the same as the last one you fought: he either spends his turn charging up his hits or, well, hitting. He can hit both characters simultaneously, and if you try to interrupt his Casting he'll most likely smack your character and cause temporary paralysis. His two hounds are fairly typical foes, and will gnaw away at you with normal attacks. The Ogre is extremely fast at Casting while the hounds are fairly average, so it's best to concentrate any Igniculus stalling on the hounds.
Your strategy should be fairly typical for this kind of fight. Focus on taking down the hounds first with a combo attack from Aurora and Finn, using their strongest spells to hopefully take each hound down in three turns max. Heal away any wounds inflicted by the Ogre and beat on him once his buddies are gone with physical attacks. Simple enough. The enemies use strictly physical attacks, so setting up Oengus to take the brunt of the hits with Taunt is a fantastic way to keep your accompanying party member safe.
You'll received a Tumbled Onyx for winning this battle. You'll also receive the side quest Gen's Plight, which will send you back to the Piscean Village to visit the little Piscean girl you saw earlier. Complete it and Gen will join your party. She mucks about with your team's placement on the Timeline in combat, and can be very useful to tactically-minded players.
- There's an elevator to check, but don't go down just yet. Slip outside the tower through the uppermost exit on the right. You'll find three chests along the length of the tower containing three Defense Elixirs, two Unstoppable Elixirs (All), and three Rough Sapphires. Skim along the very right of the screen and you'll also find Dodge Stardust.
- That's that. Return to where you fought the Ogre and use the elevator. Off to the Lowest of the Low!
Part Fifteen: The Lowest of the Low and The Lost Lights

Main Walkthrough

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