Child of Light Walkthrough, Part Thirteen: The Flooded Lands and Piscean Village

9 - The Piscean and the Ogre
- Once the cut scene introducing you to the Flooded Lands is done, step up to the signpost and fly straight up. There's a chest waiting atop a rock containing three Faery Nectars.
- You'll meet your first monster in this area to the right. They're kind of a mish-mash, though in general I found physical, light-based attacks to be the most effective in the area. (The boars are the exception. Bust out magic to kill 'em easily. Aurora's light magic can shred them pretty easily.) Check the inside of the next natural column over to find a hidden gem chest containing three Potent Magic Potions.
- You'll reach the land again to the right. There's a chest containing two Rough Sapphires at the base of a semi-hidden cave; inside the cave is Speed Stardust. Above the cave you'll find three Revives.
- Atop the rock is a statue. It will trigger a side quest, Cynbel's Secret. Hmmm. You can't complete this side quest yet, but you'll arrive in the lands it describes if you continue on your trip to the east, so hold your horses for the moment. A short ways down the cliffs and to the right is a chest containing three Unstoppable Elixirs.
- Slide down to the base of this large cliff. There's a hidden cave leading to the left; inside is a chest containing a Tumbled Amethyst.
- There's a town ahead, though it looks pretty vacant. Approach to trigger a cut scene that will take you into a house. Check the house's darkened upper floor for three Tumbled Sapphires and a hidden Strength Stardust. The house's inhabitants don't have a whole lot more to tell you, sooo...
- Back outside. Check the lookout above the house for two Rough Emeralds, and look in the house on the left to find a chest guarded by a boar. The chest contains two Revives.
- Continue east. There's a chest atop the next house containing two Rough Sapphires, and inside it you'll find a boar watching over two chests. One contains a Rough Citrine; the other, three Unstoppable Elixirs.
- There's another lookout nearby. Atop it is a chest containing three Damage Elixirs. At the base of the lookout is a chest with three Quicken Elixirs.
- At the edge of the village is an island. On the right side of it is a small temple of sorts. Pop open the chest above the entrance for three Antidotes, then duck inside.
- There's a small maze of sorts within these ruins. Pass through the open passages and, amid the strong watery currents, you'll find Defense Stardust and Magic Defense Stardust. Pull the switch at the beginning of the course and you'll open a door in the top-right of the area; beyond are three chests containing three Rough Rubies, three Potent Magic Potions and a Tumbled Citrine. To reach them you'll have to swim through the currents (speeding through is just as fast as trying to hide, so long as Aurora's feet never touch the floor) before the door closes. After popping open the chests, swim straight up to find a switch that'll allow you to leave.
- Continue east. You'll part ways with the Floodlands and the Piscean Village and arrive in a new area: the unforgiving Cynbel Sea.

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