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Main Walkthrough

Part One: Wind Shrine
Part Two: Tule
Part Three: Ship Graveyard and Carwen
Part Four: North Mountain
Part Five: Walse
Part Six: Tower of Walse
Part Seven: Karnak Castle and the Fire-Powered Ship
Part Eight: Library of the Ancients
Part Nine: Crescent
Part Ten: Desert of Shifting Sands
Part Eleven: Ronka Ruins
Part Twelve: The Meteorites
Part Thirteen: Moogles and Castle of Bal
Part Fourteen: Quelb and Drakenvale
Part Fifteen: Barrier Tower
Part Sixteen: Great Forest of Moore
Part Seventeen: Castle Exdeath
Part Eighteen: Pyramid of Moore
Part Nineteen: Island Shrine and Fork Tower
Part Twenty: Underwater Tower of Walse
Part Twenty-One: Great Sea Trench and Istory Falls
Part Twenty-Two: Phantom Village and Phoenix Tower