Part Sixteen: Cynbel's Secret

Main Walkthrough

This is it. The final battle is nigh. Aurora and company have reached the Palace of the Sun, and within its icy confines she'll come face-to-face with the final foes of this wicked tale. Will she have the strength to restore peace and justice to Lemuria? Or is it too late to stop the schemes of the Queen of the Night, vindictive Umbra herself...?
The Palace of the Sun
- There's a small split in the path almost immediately east of the entrance to the Palace of the Sun. Ascend to the upper path, check the chest on your left for two Rough Amethysts, and kill off the reaper to your right (the enemies in here are generally best tackled with light- and lightning-based physical attacks; the only exceptions are the icy rocks, which beg for magical strikes from Finn instead).
- Trigger the oculus above the door on the ground floor, then pull the switch above the two doors. Sweep back around and down to the ground floor. Speed to the right to get through the doors before they both close.
- Above and to the right of the second door is a ledge guarded by a winged beast. It watches over a chest containing a Tumbled Citrine.
- Back to ground level. There's a busted up staircase leading to the second level on the right, and if you dip down to its base you'll find Magic Stardust hidden in a niche beneath the stairs.
- Rise to the top of the stairs on the right. There's a gem chest here containing three Rough Sapphires.
- Rise through the hole in the ceiling above the stairs. On your right is a chest containing three Rough Sapphires. Continue left and, beneath some spiked traps, you'll see a gem chest hidden in the wall. Open it to find four Quicken Elixirs.
- Rise up past the first spiked trap. There's a chest on your left containing two Unstoppable Elixirs. Head right after deactivating the spiked traps and rise through another gap in the floors; at the top and on your left you'll see a gem chest. It holds four Faery Nectars.
- There's a curving line of spiked traps to your right. Deactivate them and descend. There's a gem chest containing three Tumbled Sapphires on your right.
- Slip through the next length of traps (there's no deactivating oculus, so be careful) and descend to the very bottom of the passage. There's a switch on your right down here leading to the broken staircase near the beginning of the area. Use the switch to open the door on the left.
- Fly back to the staircase. There's a box here you can push through the door you opened and over to a button. It will open a door above. Beyond the door, protected by a winged enemy, are Critical Hit Stardust and a chest containing four Faery Nectars.
- Rise away from this small optional area and look for a switch on your left. It will temporarily pop open a door on your left. Sweep through before it closes. A cut scene follows...
- ... and, afterward, you'll be locked into a wide room filled with poison. The air will, gradually, sap away Aurora's health while you explore. Yikes.
- Move through this area quickly. Start by checking the center of the chamber for Confession #12. Above the door where you entered is a guarded chest containing two Rough Amethysts.
- Dip down and to the right and you'll see a chest in a passage on the right side of the room; use Igniculus to pop it open. It contains two Rough Onyxes. Above this, protected by another winged creature, is a chest containing three Tumbled Emeralds.
- The left and right sides of the room have closed doors that lead to a pair of cranks. These cranks open the gate in the ceiling of the main room. Weave into both passages and use the cranks to open the way forward. In the chests along these passages you'll find a Tumbled Tourmaline, three Damage Elixirs, a Tumbled Tourmaline, and two Unstoppable Elixirs.
- Rise up and out of the poison. On your way out you can pop open a gem chest in the left wall. It contains a Rough Diamond. Continue up and a trap will pop out of the wall and follow you up; ignore the items on the way up and ascend until the trap vanishes. Descend to the bottom and you can collect two Defense Elixirs, Strength Stardust, two Firefly Elixirs, and three Tumbled Rubies at your lesiure. You'll find a further three Revives, four Potent Faery Nectars, and two Unstoppable Elixirs (All) at the top.
- To the top. Before exiting the passage, equip some of your characters with oculi that grant lightning-based damage, and others that grant light-based damage. All that you plan to use will find water-based defensive oculi handy. Once you're ready, head upward... cut scene follows... and...
Oh my. That's quite a transformation. Though quite tough and boasting a rather formidable amount of HP, Nox isn't too bad. The great sea serpent is supported by two tentacles which you should target first, as their slapping physical attacks are pretty harsh and they move along the turn order rather rapidly. Physical attacks, especially any that are electrically-charged, will bring them down quickly. Nox herself has significantly more HP and her watery attacks hit hard, but everything she uses is rooted in water, so anybody equipped with Sapphires will take a great deal less damage. Nox absolutely crawls along the Timeline if slowed, so debuff her and bring out Finn to Lightning Strike her to death. It'll take a while, but overall? Quite winnable.
- A long cut scene follows. After that... huh. Abrupt!
Umbra, Dark Birds
The final battle! Much like her kin, Umbra adopts a draconic look for her fight with Aurora, and and brings in two birdy minions to help her out. Prepare for a lengthy brawl, here, as Umbra and her buddies are relatively tough.
Umbra serves something of a backup role in the fight, providing the two birds with extra armour and, when interrupted during Casting, a boost to their attack scores. The birds then pester you with physical attacks that will sometimes chuck your characters back a ways on the Timeline. Consequently, it's imperative that you get rid of the birds first, since they pose the greatest threat. Defend through their blows, then use powerful physical attacks to bring them down one-at-a-time. They speed through Casting, so it's wise to knock them around before they get that far and can interrupt you.
Once the birds are gone, Umbra is surprisingly easy. She's very strong and resists spells and physical attacks alike, but she has one major weakness: she's a slow Caster. Let Umbra reach the Casting phase, then juggle her between your two characters. She'll keep raising her strength, but with the right balance of teammates (I used Aurora and Robert) she'll never get to use all that power. Eventually, with enough chipping, she'll go down for good. And with that...
... the game is over! Enjoy the ending!
New Game +
Congratulations! You've beaten Child of Light. You now have two options. First, you can continue to explore the world of Lemuria as it stands. There are probably treasures you missed on your first trip through, and possibly a side quest or two to complete. Second, you can start your quest over again with a New Game + via the main menu. Though your team will be split up, everyone will retain their previous levels and items, and the enemies in the game will become stronger to provide a greater challenge. Enjoy either way!
Main Walkthrough