Child of Light is already a strongly-storied little tale, and it doesn't need many more details to entice its players. Yet there's more history to explore below all the rhyming, and these details are conveyed by the game's sixteen high-flying Confessions. Appearing as fluttering pieces of paper caught in a circling breeze, the Confessions are scattered all over Lemuria - and if you want to catch a few snippets of text that aren't written in rhyme, you'll need to collect them all.
The sixteen Confessions of Child of Light are listed below. You'll find them in this order as you proceed through the game. Some are in plain sight; most require at least a bit of sidetracking and additional exploration.
1 - Located in the Old Monastery. Immediately after you gain the ability to fly, soar up and to the left of the statue with the four crystals. Confession #1 is floating near a big hole in the ceiling of the Monastery.
5 - Located on the eastern side of the Tree of Thorns. Immediately after defeating the Ogre that blocks the way into the Tree, zip straight up into the air to find Confession #5.
8 - Located on the western side of the Tree of Thorns. As soon as you exit the Tree, skim above the more reasonably-sized trees to your left. Confession #8 is up here.
3 - Located in the Deep Dark Well, below Capilli Village. You'll find Confession #3 in the enormous section of cavern a short jaunt away from the area's boss. Look for a giant statue's head for a landmark. Scan the uppermost reaches of the cavern and you'll find the Confession fluttering near a spider.
6 - Located on the windy plains east of Capilli Village but before you reach the Plains of Rambert. Confession #6 fluttering about in the air near the transition tunnel to the Plains.
7 - Located in Windwheels. Proceed through the area until you find Norah. Confession #7 is in the adjoining area to the left.
2 - Also located in Windwheels. Proceed along the lower half of this area until you find a hallway lined with spiked traps. They'll lead to a small area with Stardust. Drop down from where you found the Stardust to discover a set of doors. There's a puzzle inside which will, eventually, lead you to Confession #2.
9 - Located inside Magna. Once you reach the central chamber where Magna's heart beats away, descend beneath the small platform where you can inspect the heart. Confession #9 is floating on the left side of the next chamber down.
15 - Located on the Cliffs of Erin, below the Temple of the Moon. Hunt around until (assuming Rubella's in your party) you notice some circus gear on one of the islands. Check the next island to the west of here, then up in the misty air above. Confession #15 is up here.
10 - Located in the Temple of the Moon. You'll find Confession #10 wafting around above the Mirror near the end of the Temple.
4 - Located in the Forgotten Tower. Immediately after you escape your cage you'll have to ascend to the top of the Tower, where a grim, dark tree grows. Confession #4 is floating near the tree.
14 - Also located in the Forgotten Tower. After defeating Crepusculum at the base of the Tower, fly up and search the empty air near the area's exit. Confession #14 is up here.
11 - Located between the Piscean Village and the Cynbel Sea. There's a wide stretch of empty water between these two areas; Confession #11 is in the air above the stretch.
13 - Located in the Lowest of the Low. In the latter half of this dungeon you'll come to a series of darkened caves. On the right side of these narrow passages flows a cluster of small waterfalls. Confession #13 is near these waterfalls.
16 - Also located in the Lowest of the Low. Just before you reach the Palace of the Sun you'll run into a boss. You'll find Confession 16 in this same room after killing the thing.
12 - Located in the Palace of the Sun. You'll find it floating about the middle of the poison chamber near the end of the dungeon. All done!