Cynbel's Secret
- There's a waterfall to the left of the crystal juncture point where we left off previously. At the top of it is a gem chest containing two Tumbled Rubies.
- Further left is a pit. At the bottom is a chest containing three Potent Healing Tonics.
- The passage widens and darkens ahead, and you'll see a green crystal near the end of the crystalline floor. Illuminate it and it will reveal an arrow pointing west.
Directly beneath this crystal, on a lower ledge, is a chest containing two Rough Sapphires.
- Duck back a short way to the crystal blade once you've come this far and use the oculi at your feet to descend into a darkened passage. On your left is a chest containing four Antidotes.
- Follow the purple crystal passage below to the east. At the end are two chests containing three Firefly Elixirs and a Rough Tourmaline, as well as Strength Stardust.
- Head back west and dip into the next pit you see. There's a strong westbound current down here. Check to your right for four Faery Nectars and below the waterfall on your left for three Unstoppable Elixirs, then follow the slipstream further west. There's another waterfall ahead containing a Tumbled Ruby before you hit another green crystal.
- After you leave the wind you'll see a fish sculpture on your left. Beside it is a chest containing three Defense Elixirs. Rise straight up from here and you'll find Magic Stardust behind a waterfall.
- Go straight down, back to the fish statue. At the bottom and behind it you'll find a green crystal and a chest containing four Unstoppable Elixirs.
- Fly up and to the left. There are a bundle of waterfalls up here, as well as several platforms. Fly up to one, land, and use Igniculus to grab the circling Confession #13.
- Keep following the platforms into the darkness. There's a passage up and to the left. It will sweep you up to Magic Defense Stardust.
- Descend straight down and look in the nook to the left of the frozen waves at the bottom of the screen. There are four Defense Elixirs in the chest here.
- Fly straight left. You'll hit a dead end - but you'll also find a chest containing three Firefly Elixirs.
- Backtrack and ascend. Continue rising at the split to find another. Go right to find three Quicken Elixirs; go left to find three Rough Rubies.
- Return to the lower split. Go left to find a third split. Ascend to find yet another chetst containing four Magic Defense Elixirs, then return to the windy passage. Drop down and out of the passage.
- Slip down and to the right of the frozen wave below to find another green crystal and a chest containing two Tumbled Rubies. Rise straight up and you'll find another chest at the top of the cavern; it contains a Tumbled Tourmaline.
- Descend with the flow of the water to the darkest, lowest point in the west. You can dip through a gap in the rock floor and find a chest below. It contains three Rough Emeralds. Go west of here to find a hidden passage; inside are two chests containing a Rough Amethyst and two Unstoppable Elixirs.
- Slip back to the main path and carry on west. A cut scene triggers near a stone basin. After it's done, ascend to the roof and wander along it to the west, bumping Aurora's head...
- ... until she finds a hidden path into the ceiling. At the top you'll find Cynbel's Secret: MP Stardust and six Tumbled Onyxes. Ooooo.
- Drop back to the basin room and head west into another room. Boss fight!
Sea Beast, Reaper, Gargoyle
Three buff beasties, but overall, not a bad fight. The other two you should know by now; the Sea Beast itself is only different from its diminutive kin by virtue of its ability to paralyze opponents with its attacks. Take out the Reaper and Gargoyle first with physical attacks, preferably as fast as you can, then hit the Sea Beast with magical strikes. It's very easy to juggle between two opponents since it doesn't have any counterattacks, and Finn's lightning magic will dish out tons of damage. Once you get rid of the buddies, this fight is easy peasy - and you'll earn a Faceted Citrine in the bargain.
- In the middle of this room, floating above where you fought the boss, is Confession #16. Check the four wall niches in this room for three Magic Defense Elixirs and two Potent Faery Nectars, as well, though be careful with the top-left chest - the gargoyle watching over it won't give you any time to burst through the waterfall before it attacks. Stun before dashing through.
- Search the bottom of the boss's room. At the very bottom is a gem chest containing four Revives; in a chest up and to the right of the pit are three Magic Defense Elixirs.
- Pull the switch above the door on the left to open two more chambers. In the first you'll find a gem chest containing two Unstoppable Elixirs (All); in the second is a cut scene.
- The gate to the Palace of the Sun is blocked. You need to open it again. Check the end of the path to the left first for two more chests containing four Antidotes and three Tumbled Emeralds, then address the gate. There are four statues surrounding the gate, each carrying a blue item, and you must illuminate each item and drag the silhouette to each corresponding pattern on the gate. The designs are faint, but they're there. You must also illuminate the designs in the order dictated on the gate: bottom left statue first, top right statue second, top left statue third, bottom right statue fourth.
- The gate is open! In you go!