10 - The Lowest of the Low
- After you depart the elevator you'll be in a wonderful, crystalline world. Start by looking to your left; there's a door behind a waterfall nearby that you can open via the oculus beneath the waterfall. Inside the door you'll find two Potent Faery Nectars and three Rough Sapphires.
- Head back to the right. There are two chests beneath the elevator; you can open the gem chest from here for two Rough Emeralds.
- Your first enemy is on a platform to your right. The enemies in this area are, largely, vulnerable to lightning. Reequip your oculi accordingly. Check the hidden space above this platform, accessible from the right and the left, to find MP Stardust and two chests. The chests contain three Magic Defense Elixirs and two Tumbled Emeralds.
- Further right you'll find two passages behind a waterfall. Slip through and check the wall on the far right to find a hidden passage. Inside are two chests; one contains two Tumbled Sapphires, the other a Rough Amethyst.
- Above and to the right of the chests is an elemental similar to Igniculus. Speak to him to trigger the side quest The Lost Lights. It's an easy enough side quest that we'll complete it now.
The Lost Lights
The elemental needs to return home, and to do this he needs Igniculus' aid. To this end you must track down six fireflies spread throughout the world. Each is located on a small shrine, many of which you've probably already seen on your journey. Their locations are below:
- The first is a short trip to the right of the entrance to The Lowest of the Low.
- The second is on the left side of the Cynbel Sea, on the edge of the large expanse of water leading to the elevator that descends to The Lowest of the Low.
- The third is on the Plains of Rambert, near the Capilli woman who lives in the wilderness. Jump to the Town of the Bolmus Populi, descend east out of the town to ground level, and follow it until you find the shrine.
- The fourth is on the Cliffs of Erin. Ascend the area and, just above a crosswind that alternates between sweeping you to the left and to the right, you'll find the shrine on an island.
-The fifth is on the outskirts of Capilli Village, just beyond the western edge of the Tree of Thorns.
- The sixth and final is at the Old Monastery. Search the rooftops of the building (not in the large cathedral section) to find the shrine.
Return to the Elemental. You'll see a touching little cut scene, and when the quest is completed you'll earn three Faceted Spinels.
- Back to the Lowest of the Low. Running through the center of the ground floor is a huge crystal that resembles the tip of a sword. Ascend along it, dipping away to the right or left whenever electricity convulses along the blade, until you reach the base of the crystal. (Ignore the passage on your right for a moment.) There's a chest at the bottom containing a Rough Tourmaline.
- Take a quick right. At the bottom of a downward wind flow is a chest containing three Damage Elixirs. In the wall to the right is a gem chest containing a Tumbled Tourmaline.
- At the top of the wind flow (accessible via that passage you ignored before) is a door leading to a purple crystalline corridor. Speed into the corridor and carefully - but quickly - wind your way to the east. There's a huge, optional enemy waiting at the end. Stun and take it on.
Dark Boar, Spectral Horses
As far as bosses go, the Dark Boar isn't too bad. He's pretty much identical to his smaller kin, though his hits can knock you back on the Timeline a ways if they connect. The horses are the real threat here, as they're much faster and will occasionally dodge your attacks. Bring out your strongest physical hitters and demolish the spectral horses one-at-a-time. After they're gone you can easily juggle the Dark Boar between your two characters with spells. Light attacks work wonders on all parties in this fight, making Aurora a rather valuable character. You'll win a Faceted Tourmaline for beating the Dark Boar...
- ... and if you hunt around its lair you'll find two chests. They contain two Tumbled Sapphires and three Unstoppable Elixirs (All).
- Weave back to the base of the electrified crystal blade and head west, to the source of the electricity. To the left and above of it, beside another branch of the crystal, is an oculus. Trigger it and ascend through the door it opens. At the top you'll find a chest containing three Tumbled Emeralds.
- Assuming you activated it earlier, you can continue another side quest down here: Cynbel's Secret. It's found further down this corridor, to the left of the crystals, and we'll get to it in the next article.