Child of Light Walkthrough, Part Three: To the West

Part Two: The Old Monastery

Main Walkthrough

3 - Into the West
- With the Lady of the Forest gone you can now fly! Weee! This basically replaces jumping, so hopefully you weren't too keen on hopping around. Flying is more fun anyway. Test it out by checking the upper-right corner of the cathedral, where you'll find a chest containing a Potent Healing Tonic. Check the top-left corner and you'll find another chest, this containing two Magic Potions.
- Leave the cathedral through the roof, grabbing the two Firefly Elixirs from the gem chest on your way out.. As you do, a piece of paper will flutter down from the sky. Grab it to earn Confession #1. These Confessions are scattered throughout the game; make sure you grab 'em whenever they appear.
- There's a tree outside the roof. Fly beneath it to find an MP Stardust.
- Beside the tree to your left is a floating house. Standing upon it is a jester named Rubella, who, unlike everyone else in this game, is terrible at rhyming. Speak to her and she'll join your party. Woo! You'll also gain Rubella's Plight, a key item for later. Don't forget to allocate Rubella's skill points before you get into battle - she has the Revive skill branching out of Defend, and it will come in handy on your journey.
- Dip below the trees on the right side of the Monastery's outer walls. There's a Rough Ruby in the branches.
- Fly back up to the tops of the trees and follow the treeline to the left until you hit a gap. Drop down and fight off the flying creature to your right to test out Rubella. That done, sweep into the trees it was protecting. Take the lower path and you'll find a house in the trees. Enter it and you'll come out in a small area filled with pricking thorns. Fly carefully through the thorns and explore the space to find an HP Stardust and a chest containing a Rough Emerald.
- Head back outside and continue left. There's another, larger floating platform nearby. You'll find two Healing Tonics inside the lit house. Afterward, float down from the house and check the space in the trees to your left to find another chest, this containing a Revive.
- Further west you'll see a signpost. Fly up and left of it for a gem chest. Inside are two Healing Tonics. Keep going west and you'll find another floating house; it's locked, but a chest beside it contains a Magic Potion.
- Drop down to the right of the house. There's a chest atop a tree down here, guarded by a flying creature, that contains a Magic Potion. Continue descending to your right to find a Magic Potion sitting beside a waterfall, watched over by a spider.
- Return to the house and drop down to its left. There's a gap in the trees where you'll find a gem chest containing a Rough Ruby.
- Fly up and into the tree. Weave through the thorns inside to find a Strength Stardust. Keep descending and, after you exit the trees, you'll find a chest containing a Magic Potion down and to your left.
- Ascend through the tree again and follow the top of it to your left until you find another floating home. Drop down into the gap to the right of the home to find Defense Stardust, then check the home for two Rough Rubies. Beside the home is one last chest, this containing a Revive.
- Between this house and the next to the west is a gem chest containing two Firefly Elixirs.
- The end of the line is ahead. Drop down through the trees, and check to your right for a chest containing a Rough Ruby.
- Drop down to ground level and fly west until you find a gap in the ground that you had to jump earlier. Drop down into it and check to the left and right. On the left is a hidden chest containing a Healing Tonic; on the right, guarded by a ghost, is Defense Stardust.
- Fly back to the first area in the game. Near one of the first signposts you saw, on the right side of the area, is a hidden cave in the wall that glows blue. Enter it and you can fly up to grab the chest that's being guarded by a wolf. It contains two Magic Potions.
- Check the treetops. Above the first on your left is a gem chest containing two Rough Sapphires; above the next one over is a chest containing a Rough Emerald; below it and in the tree's branches is a chest conaining two Healing Tonics.
- Meander west until you come to the foot of the huge, stone altar where Aurora first appeared. If you fly left and up the altar, beyond the trees, you can reach the top. There's nothing on it, but if you check to the left of the altar you'll find a small ledge with a chest. It contains a Rough Sapphire.
- Dip down to ground level and head west. You can now bypass a ledge that wasn't accessible before... though on the other side is a rather terrible sight: a giant. Oh dear.
Ogre, Wolf x 2
Hoo boy. That's quite the biggun. The Ogre is a fiersome opponent, capable of dishing out swift, brutal attacks that do a fairly significant amount of damage. He can also buff his strength, which is just no fun, and his two wolf buddies only make the whole ordeal all the more painful.
Tough? Yes. But not that bad. First thing's first: destroy the wolves. Focus on them one-at-a-time, which will hopefully prevent one of them from ever getting in an attack before it goes down. Once the wolves are gone, let one character go on the offensive while the other either Defends or heals. (Aurora is, generally, better at this.) You want one character to remain on the defensive so as to increase the chances that you can successfully interrupt the Ogre whenever he's about to get an attack off on your team. Do not use magic on the Ogre, as it will launch an immediate counterattack and do significant damage. Stick to physical strikes.
Keep doing this and, though the battle will take a little while, the Ogre will barely get in any hits. Huzzah! Defeating the Ogre will earn you HP Stardust.
- After beating the brute you'll open the way to the Tree of Thorns. Before going, though, fly straight up. Confession #5 will flutter down when you near the top of the screen. Sweet.
Part Four: Tree of Thorns

Main Walkthrough

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