2 - The Queen of Light
- Upon entering this chapter you'll come to a crow in a tophat. He doesn't have anything to say, but I thought him worth mentioning anyway. Hee hee, tophat.
- Trek right to find a fountain. Near it you'll discover a spectral figure, a new kind of enemy. These creatures are resilient against physical attacks, but Aurora's light magic works just fine on 'em. Equipping a Rough Citrine (combine a Rough Sapphire and a Rough Ruby) on your weapon will also give you a bit of an edge if you run out of MP.
- There's a darkened ruin ahead. Descend into it and a voice will beckon you along the upper path. Ignore it for a moment and descend onto the lower path. There's a gargoyle-esque creature down here to beat up, and behind him a chest containing a Firefly Elixir.
- Climb to the upper path, beat up the ghost along the way, and climb into the midst of the buildings above. To your right is a door, though, sadly, it's locked. Push the box in front of it as far left as you can and use it to climb up onto the ledge above Aurora's head.
- Wander left. You'll find a door leading into the building beside you. Inside, after a small cut scene, you'll find an Oculi set into a winch. Use Igniculus on the winch to lower a platform, then use him again to raise it up to a box. Push the box down onto the ground.
- Keep pushing the box to the right. Use it to hop onto the next ledge. There's another box on the other side of this small platform; push it further right to hop up to a leftbound path. Pull the lever at its end to trigger a rising and falling platform.
- Drop back to the ground and pull the box you moved earlier onto the platform when it sinks into the floor. This will lift it up to the path at the top. Push the box onto the switch up here to open a nearby door. Beyond is the way back outside.
- Take a left once you're outside. There's a ledge above you can't reach, but floating up here is a jewel box Igniculus can pop open. Inside is a Rough Ruby.
- Past another gargoyle creature to your right is a switch. Hit it to open the door below. Hop down and continue through.
- You'll now be inside a church of sorts. Climb up the ramp on your right to reach a suspended mechanism bearing four colours: blue, red, purple, and green. These colours correspond to crystals surrounding the stain glass window in the background. Use Igniculus's shining power to cast a corresponding coloured sheen on each of the crystals, using the switch on the left of the mechanism to rotate a new colour into use each time. There are only three crystals present, though, and when you trigger 'em you'll get into trouble with some guardians...
Guardian Statues
As far as first bosses go, the Guardian Statues are a decent challenge. They're a mix of physical prowess and buffing capabilities, with the front Guardian Statue assaulting Aurora with normal and special attacks while the Guardian Statue in the rear hastes and heals. You'll want to go after the rear Guardian Statue first with magical attacks, likely Starlight, to prevent it from throwing up too many protective buffs for its team. Once it's gone, chip away at the other Guardian Statue with physical attacks or spells. As with most enemies in these parts, light damage is the key to a quick victory. Igniculus is very important here if your opponents get hasted, as is proper use of Defend to avoid being interrupted during an attack.
Defeating the Guardian Statues will earn you a Magic Stardust. Woo!
- After the battle you'll learn much of Child of Light's back story, and, when that's done, you'll gain the ability to fly. Woooooo!