Child of Light Walkthrough, Part One: Mahthildis Forest

1 - The Girl and the Firefly
- After a rather harrowing beginning to the game, you (Aurora!) awaken in a rather gloomy forest. Take a few moments to get used to movement, then head down the tree and to your right. Aurora can't do much else just yet. You'll know you're on the right path when you see a sign that points you to the Old Monastery.
- At the bottom of a pit you can't escape is a crate. Push it to the right and use it to jump up and out of the pit.
- There's a green glow ahead, beside an upwards path leading to the Monastery. Investigate the green glow first to find a hidden cave; inside is a chest watched over by a doggish fiend. You can't fight it yet, but mark this in your memory for later.
- Run back outside and climb the trees and cliffs to find a second signpost. It will point you right, to the Old Monastery. Approach the pinkish tree beside the Monastery for a little cut scene where Aurora will meet her new best buddy, little Igniculus the firefly. Igniculus can light your way through dark areas, and will stun enemies if used. A second player can control Igniculus (or, most easily done on the computer, you can control him yourself with the mouse).
- Continue to the right and you'll receive a few small tutorials regarding Igniculus. Notably, you can use him to collect Wishes that will help Aurora and restore Igniculus's shining powers. Whenever you see a glowing plant, hover Igniculus over it to release Wishes and use him to gather them up. You can do the sam to the yellow bulbs on the tree a little further down the path as well, with similar results.
- There's a house ahead. Wander past it to spark a cut scene. Once it's done, look around. You'll see three orbs on poles in front of the house. Hover Igniculus in front of the orbs and use his shining power to project the glyphs on the spheres onto the background scenery. Line the glyphs up with their partner glyphs atop the house's door to open it.
- Enter the house. You'll find the Sword of Mathildis inside. Grab it and you'll get into your first fight. These battles become more difficult later on, but for now you need only know that your place in combat is determined by your place on the Timeline. Striking enemies can set them back on the Timeline, delaying their turn, and the same applies to Aurora as well. Smack your foe twice to kill it off.
- Continue right to head outside. You'll see another enemy nearby. Use Igniculus to stun it, giving you a small advantage on your Timeline. Once in the battle, you can also use Igniculus's light power to slow the enemy's progression on the Timeline. During these early battles you can completely avoid damage with proper utilization of Igniculus. Hovering Igniculus over Aurora will also restore her HP in a pinch.
- This second battle will also introduce you to leveling, as you'll have enoguh experience to reach level two. By gaining levels you'll make Aurora progressively stronger, and you can use skill points gained with each level to grant her higher stats or new abilities. For now I recommend focusing on stats over abilities, but it's up to you.
- Further right you'll find a swamp, as well as an enemy that will teach you about Surprise Attacks. After killing it off, jump onto the platform where it was standing and leap onto the adjacent platform to your right. Here you'll find a chest containing a Healing Tonic.
- Drop down into the swamp and keep truckin'. Past a battle with two enemies you'll enter a cave. Use Igniculus inside to light your way. If you follow the path on the ground to a dead end you'll find a chest containing a Magic Potion.
- Double back and climb. At the top of several log bridges you'll find a flower you can illuminate. Send Igniculus above this flower and you'll find a chest, shrouded by darkness. Use Igniculus to pop open the chest and discover Firefly Elixir.
- Soon enough you'll find your way to a wooden box. Push it right to make a path out of this little cave.
- Your continued path is to the right, as ever, but don't head that way yet. Hop up onto the path leading back to the left first, kill any enemies you encounter, and send Igniculus to the ledge on the far left. He can pop open a chest here that contains an Oculi. Oculi can be equipped on characters to improve their combat stats. Mix Oculi (you begin with a mixture of Rough Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds) to create more powerful Oculi; for example, mixing the above three will get you a Rough Diamond. Equipping Oculi on different slots will also yield different results, so take time to view what each Oculi offers each slot. (The various effects of the Oculi will make it into its own article eventually, promise.)
- Continue right and you'll reach a new chapter in Aurora's journey, The Queen of Light. Might be ominous...

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