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Description coming soon. (I played / walkthroughed this a while ago, so I remember very little about it. Something about a little girl with a crown? And faeries? And an evil stepmother? It's all very dramatic.)

Main Walkthrough

Part One: Mahthildis Forest
Part Two: The Old Monastery
Part Three: To the West
Part Four: Tree of Thorns
Part Five: Capilli Village
Part Six: Leaving Capilli Village
Part Seven: Windwheels One
Part Eight: Windwheels Two
Part Nine: Town of the Bolmus Populi
Part Ten: Magna
Part Eleven: The Cliffs of Erin and the Temple of the Moon
Part Twelve: The Forgotten Tower
Part Thirteen: The Flooded Lands and Piscean Village
Part Fourteen: The Cynbel Sea
Part Fifteen: The Lowest of the Low and The Lost Lights
Part Sixteen: Cynbel's Secret
Part Seventeen: The Palace of the Sun


Side Quests