- First off, the world map. Now that you've reached a new area you can use the Map of Lemuria option to quickly jump from one area to another at any time you like. Handy!
- Upon arrival at the Tree of Thorns you'll find a small gap in the land. Drop down into the gap before entering the Tree to find two Magic Potions.
- Now into the tree. The enemies in this area are a bit of a mixture, so no one element is likely to help you. That said, I found fire to be the best choice overall, especially if you decide to ascend to the tip top of the tree and take on the optional challenge waiting there.
- The Tree of Thorns is a bit of a maze. Pass through the paths until you reach a split. Fly upward to find a griffin protecting a treasure chest. Inside is a Healing Tonic. Fly west of the griffin and you'll find another chest, this containing a Revive. These griffins don't like magic attacks and will counter if you use any, so stick to phystical strikes.
- Wind back to the initial path and head west. Drop down in the next gap in the path and you'll find a small branching area with two chests, one to your left and one to your right. They contain a Rough Emerald and a Rough Ruby, respectively.
- Return to the main path. Continue west until you hit a signpost. Above it is a gem chest containing a Magic Potion.
- Rise through the Tree of Thorns, ignoring the lower path for the moment. Rise through the Tree's trunk and, about halfway up, you'll come to a griffin protecting a chest. The chest contains a Rough Ruby.
- Keep rising. Eventually you'll emerge from the trunk of the Tree. Upon leaving the interior there will be two chests, one to your right and one to your left. They contain an Antidote and two Rough Emeralds, respectively.
- Not done yet. Keep flying upward. Eventually you'll reach the uppermost bows of the Tree of Thorns, where an enormous flying beast awaits. Stun it and take it on, if you dare!
Dragon Thing
First optional boss of the game! The Dragon Thing (for lack of a better name) is accompanied by a spider and a wolf, both of whom need to be killed immediately before you go after their big buddy. The Dragon Thing likes to buff its speed, and once that's done it will do the same to its minions. Not good. Once the other two are gone the Dragon Thing will begin using its Autumn Chill move more often, which, when it hits, will often delay the turns of your characters - whether they're already Casting or not. Manage your timing so it can't get in hits and bring it down with the strongest fire attacks you have, most likely from Oculi. You'll earn a Defense Startdust for winning the battle.
- That's all for the Tree of Thorns. Descend back to the bottom of the trunk and look for a path that carries you out the bottom and onward to the west.
- There will be some smaller, more reasonable trees to your left upon returning to the ground. Fly to the top of the first one and you'll see Confession #8 blowing about in the wind. Follow the top of this tree to the next to find a chest; it contains a Healing Tonic.
- Follow the ground west until you see a 'peculiar shrine'. The chapter will end shortly after you pass it, heralding your arrival in Capilli Village.