The Deep Dark Well
- Capilli Village has probably seen better days, and at the moment it's occupied by a ton of crows and not much else. Talk to the birds if you wish, but they're not terribly helpful.
- Check the first house on your left. Inside is a chest containing a Healing Tonic.
- Continue down the street, ignoring the northern road for the moment. Check out the last house on this block first; inside its spacious confines you'll find a Rough Emerald in a chest.
- Back outside. Take the northern path to the heart of Capilli Village. There are several houses to your right, though the first two contain only crowish oddities and the third is locked. Head left instead and speak to the distressed man beside the well.
- The man's name is Finn. He reveals that the population of the town has been transformed into crows (obviously), and the only thing that can cure them is down the well. He'll resume crying and you'll receive Finn's Plight. Investigate the well and Finn will join the party.
- You'll pop into the well shortly thereafter. Descend through the passage until you see a spider. Attack the spider and use the fight as a tutorial for swapping between characters. Finn is a caster, as he mentioned, and he's fantastic at targeting elemental weaknesses. Many of the enemies down here are water-elemental, so you'll find Finn's Lightning Strike quite useful. Don't forget to use up his skill points!
- There's a gem chest in the wall to the right. Use Igniculus to pop it open. It contains a Rough Sapphire.
- You'll soon descend into a wide room. Fly up and to the right to start; you'll find a thin passage with moving spike traps. Fly up between them as they pull back, then ready Igniculus to stun a spider at the top of the ascent before it can ambush you. Beside the spider is a chest containing a Rough Ruby.
- Dip back down and go through the next passage down on your right. There's another gem chest to open at a range past the next spider. The chest holds a Rough Emerald.
- Fly to the left side of the bottom of the well and swing up to find a corridor with more spike traps. You can deactivate them temporarily by using Igniculus on the Oculi over the middle spike. Slip through and past the spider to find HP Stardust.
- Back to the bottom of the well. Head left this time. There's a beefy boar creature ahead; take it out with fire attacks and check the pit to the left of it to find a Rough Sapphire and, in a gem chest, two Lull Elixirs.
- Further left is a room with a locked door. Illuminate the two symbols on the platform in front of the door to open it up. Position the sun on the chalked sun above and to the right of the door; position the moon above the head of the woman chalked onto the door.
- Before entering the door, check the pit in front of the door. It winds around and to the left, where you'll find another spike trap and spider combo. There's a gem chest containing two Rough Rubies, and when you reach the end of the passage you'll find two chests. They contain a Quicken Elixir and a Rough Ruby.
- Back to the door. It leads to another long corridor. Continue right and deactivate the spike trap along the way. You'll hit a split soon enough; ascend first to find a spider guarding two chests. They contain two Quicken Elixirs and a Rough Ruby.
- Return to the split and take the lower path. You'll find a gem chest containing a Tumbled Sapphire on your right, and on your left, past a fiery hound, a chest containing a Rough Sapphire.
- Back to the split. Head right to find another wide area. As soon as the cave expands, fly up and to your left to find a small path. It leads to Magic Stardust.
- There's a half-sunken statue head in the water here. On it sits a crow. Speak to the crow for a little cut scene. Poor Finn.
- Skim the bottom of the cavern past the head. You'll find a gem chest containing two Healing Tonics hidden in a ledge. Fly straight up from here and, fluttering near a spider, you'll find Confession #3.
- Look to your right. There's a thin passage guarded by another boar creature. Check the cliff face beneath it to find a chest containing two Firefly Elixirs, then kill or stun the thing. Past it you'll find one last spiked trap; deactivate it and keep flying right until you hit a cut scene. Uh oh!
The first thing you'll notice about this massive beast is the distinctive colour of its heads. Each possesses a unique element: the orange is fire, the blue is water, and the green is earth. Consequently, each is weak to a particular element, namely water for red, lightning for blue, and fire for green. To expedite this battle - and to avoid accidentally using the wrong elements - you need to take advantage of these weaknesses as much as possible. Finn is fantastically useful in this fight, since he can hit all three weaknesses.
The elements are the only difference here, however, as each head acts uniquely. The green head is the fastest when charging up to its Casting round, though it slows down once it begins to Cast. It also uses an attack that can paralyze one of your characters. Consequently, it should go down first. Rip it apart with your strongest fire attacks while occasionally smacking the other two heads to prevent them from getting in attacks. The blue head is of middling speed, and its attack is a standard all-hitting strike, so go after it second. The red head charges slow but Casts quickly, and once the other two are gone you can easily juggle it between your two characters while ripping away at its HP.
Make no mistake, this is a lengthy fight, and you'll doubtless have to heal at least a few times while taking down the first head. Get rid of one, though, and the fight immediately becomes much easier to manage. You'll earn a Potent Magic Potion for defeating the Hydra.
- Once the battle is won you'll see a lengthy cut scene, and the people of Capilli Village will be released from their birdy bondage. Woot!