Child of Light Walkthrough, Part Six: Leaving Capilli Village

- Your trip into the well will, upon completion, return the people of Capilli Village to normal. You can now chat with everyone normally - they're a bit more talkative now that they're not birds - and engage the Village a little more thoroughly.
- First thing to note: Finn's grandfather, Avo. He's standing to the right of the well, and he complains that his garden has been overrun. He'll give you the Pastoral Panic quest. 
- Head down the street to the right. You'll find a number of scholars working away in the second house. Speak to the man who's facing the camera and he'll ask you for an apple. We can complete his request in a little while.
- There's a woman at the entrance of Capilli Village (near the Tree of Thorns) whose prize flying pig, Achilles, has gone missing. She asks you to find him, and you'll wind up with Achilles's Odyssey as a mark of the quest. 
- Now for a bit of travel. Continue west out of Capilli Village and into the woods. Leave the ground and check the tops of the first few trees; there's a chest atop one containing two Rough Emeralds.
- Sink back to the ground and land. You can walk and drop into a small pit. At the bottom is a chest containing a Healing Tonic. You'll start running into enemies here; they're an earthy lot, so fire will serve you well.
- Fly up into the trees. The area is now filled with strong winds, and you'll have to dash through the winds to proceed. Dash along the tops of the trees to reach a chest containing a Rough Ruby.
- Sweep back under the trees and return to the ground. Ahead is a pit that funnels strong, intermittent gusts of air upward. Sweep past it to find a chest containing a Magic Potion. Beside the chest is a safer pit; drop down into it.
- There's a gem chest at the bottom. Inside it is a Healing Tonic. Continue right after grabbing it, timing your progress to avoid being shot back aboveground. On the other side of the pit is a secret room guarded by wooden creatures. Kill them with fire attacks, check the gem chest floating above for two Revives, and go through the door.
- Drop down into the next passage until you reach a split. Ignore the east and head west, into the wind. Follow the long passage ahead, through the spike traps and the heavy wind. You need to be especially careful on your timing when the wind is pushing you into the traps in the lower section of the passage. Near the end you'll see a chest ahead; fly out of the wind to pop it open and find a Rough Sapphire.
- Back into the wind. Allow it to sweep you right until you see a protected ledge beneath a box. Use Igniculus on the switch beside the box to drop it down into the wind. Push the box down to the bottom of the room, then continue pushing it to the left, onto a switch beyond an upward gust of wind. Step into the upward wind and it will blow you into a new chamber...
- ... within which you'll find Magic Stardust and three chests. They contain three Rough Sapphires and two Antidotes. Hit the switch in this room and you'll open the way back up to the surface.
- Return to the gem chest you opened earlier and head left, into the wall. You'll find a chest behind it containing two Rough Sapphires. From here you can slip back aboveground. Avoid the wind that's trying to push you upward and out and land on the small ledge above your head. From here you can use Igniculus to grab a Magic Defense Stardust on your far left.
- Slip into the tunnel and proceed left whenever the wind abates, hiding in the protected niches when it's strong. You'll soon find your way onto ground level again. Dip back to the right upon emerging to find a chest containing a Rough Ruby.
- Carefully slip into the air above the tree to the left of the chest you just opened. You'll find Confession #6 floating above it.
- Enter the tunnel to the left. There's an upward tunnel with wind that will send you flying back outside. Get on the slipstream anyway - on your way up you'll see another Magic Defense Stardust on your left that you can grab with Igniculus if you're fast. Double back after grabbing the item and continue through the tunnel to find the way to the Plains of Rambert.

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