Child of Light Walkthrough, Part Seven: Windwheels One

5 - An Unexpected Reunion
- After the cut scene is done and you've been introduced to a new area, take a quick look back to your right. In her haste to enter the Plains of Rambert, Aurora flew right over a chest containing two Magic Potions.
- Continue forward and, assuming you brought Rubella along, she'll notice some supplies from her old circus.
- There are waterfalls aside. Try to land on the cliff beside the second waterfall and you'll find a hidden path down to a gem chest. It contains two Potent Healing Tonics. Descend to the bottom of the waterfall and you'll find a hidden passage in the wall to your right; check inside to find spike traps to avoid and a chest to open. The chest contains two Rough Rubies.
- There's an incomplete mine cart track to your left. Defeat the troll prowling it, then check beneath the track's supports to find two Lull Elixirs.
- Cross to the opposite side of the gorge, kill another troll, and check the gem chest floating above his head for two Quicken Elixirs.
- Rise straight up and around the bridge. Beside the top of the nearest waterfall you'll find a gem chest containing two Potent Healing Tonics.
- Descend to the base of the natural building on your left and duck inside. There's a spiked wheel inside. Slide up into the gaps between the prongs and fly up to the switch at the top. It will open the door to the left.
- Beyond this place you'll find a girl with white hair. This is Norah, Aurora's sister, and she'll join the party. Woo! Norah specializes in buffs and debuffs, and will come in very handy in future boss battles. Expend her skill points and move out.
- Fly up and onto the track above your head. Defeat the enemy here - this lot will all counter physical attacks, so go for magic - and pop open the chest in the waterfall. It contains two Potent Magic Potions.
- Fly to the top of the screen, then to the left and through the next waterfall.. This will prevent you from sinking below the next section of track. Pop open the gem chest in the waterfall to find two Lull Elixirs, then keep going left along the top of the screen to find a chest containing three Firefly Elixirs. There's a box up here between the two waterfalls; push it through the gap in the track to your left. You can use it to open a door in the left cliff face. Pop inside and float past the spiked traps at your feet to find three Rough Sapphires at the bottom of the pit.
- You can reach the other side of the rock from here, but you'll miss something. Return to the open air on your right have a quick look around the open space. In the middle of it you'll find Confession #7 fluttering around, and in the water on the ground is a chest containing a Revive.
- Drop to the very bottom of the left cliff face, under the bridge, to find a passage filled with spike traps. Disable them and fly through. In an adjacent gap in the rock is HP Stardust, and if you float up and past another spiked wheel you'll find your way outside. Don't do it yet, though, as there's a door below. Float down and enter. (Thanks to Kurai from the comments for pointing this out. I completely missed it the first time.)
- Populated by fiery ghosts, this tunnel has plenty of prizes. Descend and look to your left to find Defense Stardust embedded in the wall. There's a chest containing two Defense Elixirs down and to your right, and below that a gem chest containing three Rough Sapphires. Down the pit on your left is a chest containing two Potent Healing Tonics; below this, two Rough Emeralds in a gem chest.
- To the right in the passage is a chest between two spike traps. It contains two Potent Healing Tonics. Past this, atop a cage, is a chest that holds two Rough Rubies. Head back to the left after collecting the lot and descend into the pit in the floor. At the bottom and to the left is a door; inside you'll find two Lull Elixirs and a Tumbled Ruby.
- Return to the main passage and head right. There's a chest containing two Defense Elixirs between spiked traps ahead, and further right some Magic Stardust. Rise up the hole in the floor and hit the switch inside the cage. This will open the door outside and to the right of the cage. Sweep back around to go through.
- Above and to the right is a wooden box. Push it further right and you'll find a darkened area. Collect the three Rough Emeralds from the gem chest in here and the two Lull Elixirs from the chest in the bottom right corner of the passage, then push the box into the darkness. It will drop down to the level below. Push it left and onto the button here. This will open the bottom-most chamber in the area; it contains Confession #2, two Revives, three Potent Magic Potions, three Tumbled Sapphires, and two Rough Amethysts. That's all for this passage; head back outside.
- Float left. You'll hit a cut scene. Check the ground below for a chest containing two Quicken Elixirs. Continue left under another track, check the gem chest beneath it for three Magic Potions, and enter a door in the rock ahead. Once inside, float up past a stationary wheel to find two switches. Hit the left switch to open a pair of doors to your right and left, then hit the right switch once to the right. Use the door on your right to get out of the rock, then sweep down to that door you passed through before to continue.
- Before passing all the way through the rock, slip down the pit guarded by spike traps to find a contained area on your right. Strength Stardust floats within, and you can find Achillies, the flying pig of the Achilles's Odyssey quest, floating here. Return him to his owner in Capilli Village for a reward.
- Pop out the left side of the rocks and drift down to ground level. A troll on the ground is guarding a chest. It contains two Rough Rubies. Fly up and to the left to find two more chests, one of them protected by a rising and falling rock; they contain a Tumbled Emerald and two Antidotes. Dip down to the bottom of the rock the left chest is on to find a trapped path that leads to a third chest, this containing two Rough Sapphires. Yet another chest sits atop the rock, this last containing three Rough Emeralds.
- Drop to the ground and head west. There's a Capelli ahead. Speak to her and she'll give you six Rough Sapphires, as well as some tips on crafting.
- Behind the Capelli is a long, odd ascent up to the next populated spot on your journey, the Town of the Bolmus Populi. There's also a fairly sizeable optional area beneath the town, and that's what we're going to visit next.

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