- The first half of Windfalls is detailed in the previous article in this wakthrough. This next area area picks up after you meet the rough-and-tumble Capelli who gives you six Rough Sapphires. If you wish to skip it, simply fly straight up and to the west. You'll find the next location quickly enough.
- There's a long series of ledges ahead, the bottom one watched over by a fiery spider. Ascend past the first passage on your left and look for a chest on the ledges above, behind a waterfall. It contains two Quicken Elixirs.
- Drop back down the ledges. Behind the first waterfall you'll find a door leading to a twisting cavern with rising and falling lava. Slip through the pathways, avoiding traps, using gaps to avoid the lava and activating oculi set into the rocks to open doors, and you'll find two chests. They contain three Rough Rubies and a Rough Tourmaline. An upper path will take you back outside.
- Continue left into the wide rock caverns. The next ledge on your left has a chest containing three Lull Elixirs. That nabbed, drop down to the ground on your right and you'll find a hidden cave. Inside is a chest containing a Potent Magic Potion.
- In this darkened passage is a pit leading deep into the earth. Hunt around down here to find a nook with two chests on your right, one containing three Rough Sapphires and the other two Lull Elixirs, and a rat miner who wants some light. You can't provide - but you can pop open the chest to his right and steal the three Healing Tonics inside.
- Return to the surface and head left. There's a passage nearby guarded by another fire spider. Behind it is a chest containing two Revives.
- Pop back outside and rise up and to the left. In the corner of this area you'll find a chest containing two Quicken Elixirs.
- There are two waterfalls to your right. Pop open the gem chest between them for two Antidotes, then carefully float up between the waterfalls to reach another chamber.
- Fly west when you reach the top. There's a door at the end of the path - and in it, a rather sizable enemy.
Giant Magma Rock
Ahh, another optional boss. The Giant Magma Rock fights pretty much identically to its two smaller brethren, though its charge time is slower, its casting time is faster, and its attacks hit a lot harder. Wipe out the two smaller Magma Rocks with watery magic or any other spells you have ready, then go after their big brother. The Giant Magma Rock is a bit swift on Casting even with Igniculus pestering its vision, so you'll want to choose your fastest attacks to prevent the brute from getting off any of its own. Wail away on it with water from Finn for a relatively quick win. You'll earn a Defense Stardust for defeating the Giant Magma Rock...
- ... and if you float up to the top of its lair, you'll find a chest containing a Tumbled Ruby. Fancy that.
- Almost done. Leave the Giant Magma Rock's lair and head back east. You'll pop out in front of the enormous giant's face. Land atop its brow and, behind a tree, you'll find a chest containing two Rough Sapphires.
- All done! Soar a little ways west and you'll discover the Town of the Bolmus Populi, which, as you may have guessed, is populated by mice. Fancy that. New chapter time!