After a lengthy trek through windy lands, Aurora and her small (but growing!) party have arrived at the Town of the Bolmus Populi, a trading hub that's teeming with well-dressed mice. These folks could use some help with their internal problems - though they'll be rather snooty about every little interaction along the way.
6 - Of Mice and Magna
- When you reach the top of the enormous giant's head you'll discover the bustling Town of the Bolmus Populi. It's not as large as it looks, but there's still lots to do.
- Chat your way through the crowds until you reach the first building. Fly up its side to find a chest containing two Faery Nectars and a mouse playing a violin. Speak to him and he'll brusquely challenge you to turn an Apple into gold. Side quest!
Free Trade
This little quest, given by the bratty mouse Adolphus, will send you skipping back to places you've already visited. First, travel back to Capilli Village. Speak to the well-bearded man in the second building on your left (it looks like a school inside) and he'll trade you a Shovel for your Apple. Take the Shovel to the Old Monastery and search the outskirts of the Monastery for a Capelli beside a cart. He'll give you a Lantern for the Shovel.
Return to the Town of the Bolmus Populi and fly down to the base of the giant that holds the town up. Search the caverns at the giant's feet to find a mousey miner looking for a Lantern. (This article will help you find him.) He'll give you a Gold Nugget.
Pop back up to Adolphus. Forced to acknowledge your trading prowess, he'll give you six Strength Stardusts. Yowza.
- Check the next tower over from Adolphus' perch. Inside you'll find a Faery Nectar.
- Descend to the ground once you're back outside and look in the next building on the street. Inside is a chest containing three Potent Magic Potions and another mouse with a quest.
Bolmus Inferno
This mouse has just bought this house. Problem is, his basement is plagued by beasties. No wonder, either, as it leads to the fiery bowels of the giant holding the town aloft. This area is populated by several blazing reapers who will resist removal quite violently. Use magical water attacks to douse the lot of 'em. Don't use physical attacks on the reapers, as they'll come back at you with immediate, powerful counterattacks.
- Straight right from the entrance is an empty ledge. Stand here and Igniculus can get at a gem chest sunk into the wall. It contains three Rough Sapphires.
- Descend. The first reaper is on your left, guarding a chest. The chest holds a Tumbled Sapphire.
- Disable the traps on the right and follow the path until it splits. In the middle of the split is a chest containing the second reaper. Sweep left of the place where you fought the reaper and you'll find a hidden passage beneath the line of traps. In it you'll find HP Stardust.
- Carry on right. Floating beside a ledge and a wall hiding a gem chest is the third reaper. Pop open the chest to find three Potent Healing Tonics.
- Descend into the next pit. There's a door ahead, but it's barred and locked. The only way to open it is to pull the switch on the platform above. Doing so forces you to run through a gamut of spike traps, however, and the door will shut again after a certain amount of time. The best way to handle this puzzle is to run through the spike traps once without pulling the switch, disabling the oculi that power the traps along the way. Then sweep back up to the platform, pull the switch, and quickly fly through the spike trap corridors while they're still inactive.
- Beyond the door is a chest. The final reaper waits within. After killing it off, ascend through the passage to your right, past the next line of traps, and drop near the last chest of the area. It contains a Tumbled Sapphire. Hit the switch near the chest to create a quicker route back to the Bolmus' house.
Upon returning to the mousey homeowner you'll receive two Magic Stardusts. Cheapskate.
- Back outside. The next tower to your left contains a gem chest with two Firefly Elixirs.
- And, next to that, the mayor's home! He's no help at all. Leave after chatting with him...
- ... and you'll be approached by a young mouse named Robert. He'll join the party. Huzzah! A cut scene follows, and you'll gain access to the Vault of the Bolmus Populi... no less than the gullet of the giant, Magna. Huh. Level up Robert (he's kind of an offence and ailment support split) and slip through the giant's jaws.
Part Ten: Magna