Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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A slew of side quests later, Anna, Matt, Natalie and Lance need a new destination. At the moment there's only one place they can reliably go: Lankyroot Jungle, north of Greenwood Village. Make it so.
There are a few places to reliably enter Lankyroot Jungle at this point, but the only spot where you can make any egress is west of the screen where you beat up Mighty Oak. As you can probably guess just by looking, most of the enemies in here are vulnerable to Fire. Make liberal use of flame magic and attacks.
On the first screen you'll find what looks like the requisite Slime Cat, but this is a normal Solider Cat. Be careful to note the body while looking for the Slime Cat spot in this Jungle. Take out the enemies in your way and hunt about for the three chests here (one is hidden behind a tree in the bottom-left corner). They contain eighteen Soft Woods, two Jungle Flowers, two Bubble Stones, a Candycane, a Dark Rune, a Bottled Darkness, six Coconuts, two Watermelons and two Lemons.
Take the top-left exit from this area to find a short path leading to two treasures. They contain a Nirvana, twelve Cacti, six Silks, three Bubble Stones, nine Glasses and two Jungle Flowers. Backtrack to the first screen and take the northern path this time. You'll come out on another screen with more enemies and more treasure: a Sushi, three Cupcakes, four Silks, a Vortex Cannon, twelve Steel Plates, four Plastics, one Topaz, two Amethysts and three Rainbow Gems. You can also grab a Speckled Egg just below the girl with the quest in this area.
The top-left path leads to two paths you can't take and one north that you can (though be sure to grab the chest containing aBubble Badge, three Bubble Stones and seven Solid Waters that's sitting beside the broken bridge). The same goes for one screen north. On this next screen you'll have a few exceptionally difficult battles to fight - Fire, Lightning and healing are key - and a few chests you can get at containing a Pirate Dress, a Pirate Hat, twelve Gunpowders, one Honeycomb, thirty-seven Bug Wings and twenty-three Gash Nuts. There's a Speckled Egg just south of the water's edge, as well as eight Tentacles and four Bubble Stones at the water's edge. North of here is a dead end, forcing you to take the top-left path.
Exploring Lankyroot Jungle. You'll grow to hate the water.
You have a few new foes in this next area, though not a ton to collect. Check the left side for a Speckled Egg and a chest containing five Bio Viruses, four Geodes and five Dragon Scales. South of here is another small screen you can't fully explore, though you can check the big pink flower here for a Jungle Flower and a Pink Potion. Head west.
There are some new enemies in here, though this screen's big feature is the small puzzle. You can push the four stones into the four corners of the marked area to bring down a chest containing Gem Idol, a Gold Key and a Gold Plate. There's an Emerald, two Geodes and three Jungle Flowers in the chest to the bottom right, and if you check the pink flower here you'll get two more Jungle Flowers and six Bad Mushrooms. Stroll south of here to a boardwalk to find eleven Seaweed, three Bubble Stones and Leafy Boots. These boots will allow you to walk across the lily pads of the forest and collect treasures. You can use these immediately to grab the other two chests here, containing a Sub Zero, eight Liquid Ices, fifteen Snowballs, twelve Red Feathers, ten Fine Furs and two Geodes. (We'll go back to the other sections with lily pads in the next section of the guide.)
Head back north two screens. Lankyroot Jungle's Cat Slime is right near the entrance, as is a quest requiring two Rubies, four Bottled Darknesses and two Dark Runes in exchange for a Rune Blade, a Candycane and a Lollipop. Nab the two chests via the lily pads for a Lollipop, four Cupcakes, six Coconuts, Cake, four Pink Potions and fourteen Tentacles, and check just above the Slime Cat for twelve Seaweeds, four Bubble Stones and ten Solid Waters. You can also grab thirty-three Seaweeds by checking the reeds at the north end of the water, and if you go east you can find two different paths. The upper path allows you to push a stone that will make a shortcut, pleasing the girl beyond and earning you Bacon and Ham. The lower path leads to Beef, a Hamburger and four Coconuts.
Head north through the previous screen. You'll find two adventurers, one of whom wants a map through the maze to the north, the other commenting on the nature of the boss ahead. Snag the two chests here for a Lollipop, five Coffees, two Sundaes, twelve Soft Woods, eight Lanky Roots and twenty Ogle Berries. Be wary of approaching the Golem here - the final wave of the fight contains a massive Earth Golem that can do several thousand points of damage in a single turn to one character. To the north is an endless maze; don't bother trying to get through here yet.
Through the cave to the right of this section is a small area filled with lava. You can't get through it, as lava remains an impediment, but you can clear out the enemies and the treasures… after another run in with the ethereal cat monster. Stall for three turns until more beatable monsters show up, take them out, then check the chests for sixteen Embers, twenty-two Magma Sources, twenty Iron Ores, four Dragon Scales, a Cursed Charm, five Solid Spikes, ten Curly Horns and, best of all, Thermal Boots. These do the same for lava as the Leafy Boots do for lily pads. (You'll also get the medal Lava Burns. Smooth.) You can use the Boots to get to a chest containing a Ruby, a Dark Rune and a Donut, as well as a Burger in a northern hunk of rock.
East of here you'll wind up back in the jungle. Push the rock ahead onto the X to make a chest appear in the middle of the water. Grab the two chests here for an Atlantis, four Bubble Stones, eight Solid Waters, one Ham, two Chips and six Coconuts. Continue north and, as you probably long suspected, you'll find a massive boss monster waiting. Rumble in the jungle!
Rafflesia, master of Lankyroot Jungle. This guy takes way too long to kill.
Rafflesia, master of Lankyroot Jungle. This guy takes way too
long to kill.
This is a brutal battle that can take a long, long time. Rafflesia is pretty hard-hitting on its own, but it has an annoying penchant for bringing other flowers into the fight that will make the overall experience hellish. You need to kill these flowers with all-hitting attacks as soon as they appear or you won't stand a chance against their debuffs, constant inflictions of poison status and other annoying habits. You should be especially forceful against the white Heasys, as these horrible flowers will either use a small attack on your whole team or heal Rafflesia for a substantial amount. The boss has enough HP already to whittle down, and you don't want that number travelling upward.
Your best weapon, predictably, is Fire. Any Fire-based attacks you have will work wonders against Rafflesia and its crew, without exception. Have Natalie and Lance use all-hitting Fire attacks while Matt targets the most troublesome enemy at a given time (or simply help by pairing his Swift Slash with his Magma Hammer equip). Anna can help the effort with her Wind attacks, which are almost as good. You also want to get rid of wet status as soon as it comes out - it will deaden your Fire attacks and give Rafflesia that much more time to dish out damage. Any buffs cast by the opposite team should get hit with Dispel as well.
Take out Rafflesia and your way through Lankyroot Jungle will be clear. Grab the chests here (they contain an Opal, a Sushi, an Orange Juice, a Dark Rune, three Bottled Darknesses and three Satins) and make your way to the northeast. Beyond is a small clearing with a bunch of chests, and if you have a Golden Key you can get them all and obtain a Lollipop, a Candycane, a Burger, a Coral Staff, two Gold Plates, six Silver Plates, an Opal, four Geodes, one Dark Rune, a Coral Clip, sixteen Seashells, four Bubbles Stones, an Orange Juice, five Amethysts, five Satins, one Emerald, one Ruby, one Topaz, and, sitting atop a tree stump, a Speckled Egg. Nab the lot and make your way south to Goldenbrick Resort!
… only that's not where we're going. Yet. You now have two new sets of boots, and with those you can return to previous areas and get a bunch of new stuff. Backtracking hooooo!