Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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Anna and the rest of the crew haven't made much progress on tracking down the missing jewels. They have, however, found a Hammer. And despite being such an everyday tool, the Hammer is exceedingly useful in getting around and accessing places previously inaccessible. This article will revisit old areas with Hammer in hand, as well as address quests that couldn't be completed without items from your latest travels.
Greenwood Village
  • In the southwest of the village is a block puzzle. Take out the rocks here to get at a chest containing a Dreamcatcher, three Red Feathers and three Paper Talismans.
  • North of town square you'll find a chest hidden behind a wagon and blocked by a rock. It contains HamBeef and six Fried Chickens. You can also use the Hammer here and on the next screen to the east to access Lankyroot Jungle.
  • On this same screen is a man, Sam, who will give you an Emerald he found on one of his random journeys.
Ashwood Forest
There are no items, but at the end of the Forest, where you fought Mighty Oak, you can open paths to both Lankyroot Jungle and a section of a desert area. In the latter you'll find a Coral Key, a Cake and a Sundae. You can also find twenty-two Soft Woods and nine Lanky Roots by checking the woodpile.
Crystal Cavern
  • There are two rocks to the side of the entrance. Bash through one to get to a Ghost Sticker and a Donut.
  • In the second section of the cave you can bash through rocks to get to Beef, Ham and three Cheeses. You can also go north of here to reach Goldbrick Resort. You can't get through to the Resort, but you can snag Ancient Monolith and a Gold Plate from a chest here.
  • You can bash through three rocks in the room with the Cat Slime to find a volcanic area with a chest containing Hellfire, six Magma Samples and two Dragon Scales.
  • The area with the tent has a blocked in chest containing Frozen Tears, twelve Liquid Ices and twelve Solid Waters.
  • The knight Simon near the exit wants a bunch of food: Pizza, Orange Juice and Ham, all easily buyable in Whitefall Town. He'll give you Giga Drill and Titanium in exchange for the chow.
  • In the room where you fought Crystal Golem is a blocked chest containing a Deep Blue, a Lollipop and a Donut.
  • To the right of the Whitefall exit is a chest containing two Silver Plates, one Donut and two Bubble Stones.
Completin' dem quests in Whitefall Town.
Completin' dem quests in Whitefall Town.
Whitefall Town
  • A man with crazy hair to the east of town square is looking for three Batteries. You don't really need them after you've completed the Waste Disposal Plant, so head back to the Plant, grab three (or all five, it doesn't really matter at this point) and take them to the guy. He'll give you… three… Batteries…? as well as a Wrecking Rod and Beef. Woo.
  • A guy outside the Equip Shop will give you Power Metal and Death Metal in exchange for six Beers.
Waste Disposal Plant
  • In the first room beyond the entrance is a silver lock blocking a chest containing a Space Helmet, three 7-Segment Displays and one Plastic.
  • The friendly robot in the room with the Cat Slime will give you two Plasma Balls after the defeat of the Praetorian.
And that… is pretty… much… that! There will be many more blocks in the future, no doubt, but for the moment your bashing days are behind you. Next stop: Lankyroot Jungle!