Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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The jewels of the towns might be at risk, but if there's one thing the merry band of Epic Battle Fantasy loves, it's treasure. Time for a little side quest into Graybone Cemetery to snag a bit of the stuff - especially now that you have a fancy ol' Hammer to fall back on.
Found in the southeast of Whitefall Town, Grayebone Cemetery's entrance is home to a Slime Cat. Use it before you do anything else. If you've already completed the Waste Disposal Plant, the Cemetery will be an absolute cakewalk. If not, it's still not that tough a trek. The monsters can largely be bypassed, and they generally share a weakness to fire. Blast them away accordingly.
Aside from a single monster, the first part of the Cemetery is mainly a centre for treasure. Unlock the copper lock and grab every chest on the screen for a Quake Maker, fourteen Dirt Balls, two Beefs, a Golden Pentagram, Honeycomb, two Coffees, a Blood Blade, two Concretes and Sushi. Check the trees to the right of the chests for six hidden Lanky Roots and a Curly Horn, as well. That done, move the four stones in the north of this section (one of which is blocked by a hammer-able hunk of stone) onto the Xs lining the top wall. This will open a doorway to a darkened area.
Exploring Graybone Cemetery. It's such a cheery 'lil dump.
Exploring Graybone Cemetery. It's such a cheery 'lil dump.

Light the brazier to the left of the entrance to partially reveal a switch a bit further left. Hit it to lower the spikes to your right, opening the way to another brazier and another switch. Keep lighting them until four treasure chests have dropped down at the top of the screen. These contain Bone ArmorSilver Plates, two Silks, a Bone Blade, two Curly Horns, a Solid SpikeDark Flare, four Ambers, one Ham, a Demon Skull, three Rainbow Gems and a Candycane. Be careful fighting enemies in here if you're below level 20 - the Undying Monoliths are surprisingly tough, and can curse you out of the ability to use spells.
Back outside and one screen west is more Cemetery. Aside from gravestones to read there's not much to see here. Defeat the enemies, check the sack in the bottom-right corner for three Gunpowders and one Lollipop, and wander north. If you hit the switch up here you'll open a path leading to Greenwood Village. There's also a quest to complete here requiring a Holy Water, five Garlics and one Milk. (I didn't have any Holy Water, so I don't honestly know what you get for this one just yet. This will be edited out once I get my hands on some of the blasted stuff. Does nothing drop it? Yeesh.)
Backtrack south and continue west. There are three chests here, two of which are blocked by enemies and one by blocks (move the top and bottom blocks left and the middle up or down to get to it). Check through the chests for SacrificeSushis, two Pineapples, a Dark Bauble, five Hand Bombs, a Donut, a Dark Gown, three Silks and twenty-two Wools. That done, use a Silver Key (likely plundered from the Waste Disposal Plant) and the Hammer to get to the four braziers in the north and light them up.
A cave in Graybone Cemetery. Be vewy, vewy cawfuw.
A cave in Graybone Cemetery.
Be vewy, vewy cawfuw.
This will reveal another darkened cave. You can reach the four braziers in the room by walking around the edges. Lighting all four will bring down the spikes surrounding the four chests in the centre. Open them up for a Crossbone Pin, a Solid Spike, three Chain Links, The Departed, two Gunpowders, one Bio Virus, one Hela's Staff, three Iron Ores, three Curly Horns, Frost Wraith, a Bottled Darkness and Beef. There are also three more Curly Horns on the left side of the cave, and the man in here wants a Hamburger, a Chips and a Softdrink in exchange for a Bottled Darkness, a Dark Run and a Dark Matter.
Despite comments about something on the ceiling, that's all for this room, and Graybone Cemetery period. You can set out on the road to your next destination… or, like this guide, you can return to old areas and use the Hammer to pick up a slew of previously-penned-in items. Smashy smashy!