Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
Images used for educational purposes only.
On their trip through Lankyroot Jungle, the gang picked up two key items of great use: the Leafy Boots and the Thermal Boots. One allows everyone to walk on lily pads, the other on lava. (Though not without damage. It's still lava, stupid.) These boots will come in very handy in backtracking to previous areas, both to get new treasure and complete old quests. Off we go, to places often travelled!
Greenwood Village
  • In the south of Greenwood is a pond with a chest in the middle which you could not previously reach. Open it now for a Gold CrownSushi and a Holy Water.
  • Speak to Cactussa in the north of the village. You'll have picked up the one Jungle Flower and five Cacti while exploring Lankyroot Jungle. Hand them over to receive Mad Cactus.
Ashwood Forest
In the middle of the forest is a volcanic area. In the midst of the western screen you can find a chest containing a Devil's Sunrise, thirty-three Shurikens and nine Silks. Check the lava mounds near this chest for six Magma Sources and eight Gunpowders, and push the block in the top-left corner of the screen onto the X to reveal a chest containing Coal Bat and two Hand Bombs.
Crystal Cavern
  • Two screens east of the last in Ashwood Forest is another stretch of lava which you can also reach elsewhere in Crystal Cavern. Here you'll find two chests, locked in place by a gold lock and watched over by a wave of draconic foes. If you happen to have a Golden Key on you you can unbar the way and get a Red Dragon, an Orange Juice, two BurgersPizza and Ham.
  • Further east you'll find the end of the lava. There are some more monsters to kill - the Beholder is, uh, especially interesting in battle - and two chests containing BeholderSushiDragon Scales, a Solid Spike and four Curly Horns.
Whitefall Town
Now that you have some Holy Water, you can deliver it and three Liquid Ices to Helen outside the church for Holy Fire, a Donut and Cake.
Lankyroot Jungle
  • Enter the Jungle from the screen north of Greenwood Village's town square, where you began the game. There's a chest in the middle of the water here containing a Giant Squid, eighteen Tentacles and one Donut. Check the top-left coast for a Speckled Egg as well. North of here is another Speckled Egg and a chest containing a Venom Badge, four Bio Viruses and twelve Cacti; to the west is a flower containing a Jungle Flower, four Red Feathers and four Turnips.
  • To the east of here is the first screen of Lankyroot Jungle when you were actually progressing through the Jungle. Adriana here will give you a Heart PinHam and Beef in exchange for three Cat Foods, dropped by the enemies of the forest. Stephenie will give you an Angel Pin, two Glasses and three Plastics for bringing her three Speckled Eggs and one Chocolate Cornet.
  • North of here is a girl named Tabby who will upgrade your NoLegs summon to Kitten Fort in exchange for three Speckled Eggs, one Ham and one Bacon.
  • About halfway through the Jungle, on the same screen with Brandi, is a chest in the river bearing Annihilate, three Bottled Darknesses and three Silver Plates.
That covers all the previous territory. You can now carry on to Goldenbrick Resort and see what's waiting for everyone's favourite intrepid band!