Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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A desert paradise full of danger and opportunities, Goldenbrick Resort is the last town in the region to harbour a jewel. The team needs to find out if that jewel has been stolen like the other two… though why not look around first? Searching always takes precedence in cases like these.
The first screen of Goldenbrick Resort, south of Lankyroot Jungle, has several treasures and a few new enemies. It should be no surprise that Ice and Water are nice and effective in this parched landscape, though Poison is helpful in quite a few cases as well. Check the chests for seventy-nine Dirt Balls, twenty-one Seaweeds, eleven BricksMercurcy, thirty-one Rainbow Gems, four Coffees, six Garlics and four Milks. Chat with the redheaded pirate here for a quest, as well.
East of here is a Food Shop. It's the usual assortment, so buy what you think you need. Chips are great for high-intensity battles. A woman here wants twenty Bubbles Stones and ten Liquid Ices in exchange for Hailstorm, one Lollipop and one Candycane. Check the dresser in the shop for a Coral Key and Bacon, behind the windmill for a Diamond and two Rainbow Gems and the clay pots for Pizza and Chips.
North of here is a boardwalk. You can't get most of the treasures, but you can snag an Opal, two Topazes and two Chips from the one chest in your grasp. The same goes for one screen east of here… though from this boardwalk you'll get four Soft Woods, eight Gash Nuts and a Stepladder! You can use this Stepladder to bridge small gaps and get at items that were previously unreachable. Use it to snag the many chests from the two piers (as well as the Used… Ladder? medal), including:
  • One Sundae, one Burger, two Emeralds
  • One Coral Key, eighteen Seashells, four Bubble Stones
  • Clown Fish Sticker, one Sushi, four Energy Drinks
  • Tsunami, four Bubble Stones, six Solid Waters
  • Twelve Tentacles, seven Seaweeds, one Sushi
There are some clouds in your way, as well; at current you can't do anything about them.
The docks at Goldbrick Resort. Clouds suck, yo.
The docks at Goldenbrick Resort. Clouds suck, yo.
Return to the beach and check the last screen to the east (which you've no doubt had a look at already). The female surfer wants Old Boots, which you will most definitely have. Hand them over for a Shovel and a Lollipop. (Take the Shovel to the red-headed pirate to get Spiked Boots and Ham). The chest in the top-right corner contains eight Magma Sources, ten Fine Furs and a Lollipop, and if you check behind the windmill you'll find a coral lock blocking the way to a hidden chest with a Cowboy Hat, six Silks and two Satins.
One screen south you'll discover that, yeah, the stupid jewel's been stolen. Cats are the culprits. Use the Slime Cat once they've taken off to establish this as a warp point, then bash through the rock in the top-right corner to get at a chest containing eight Concretes, one Beef and two Amethysts. Check the small cat sculpture here for twelve Bricks, as well.
One screen west of here is the Item Shop. This shop has the most complete collection of forging items in the game. If you need to upgrade your items and have money to burn, this is the place to do it. You'll also find a Jungle Flower and a Cactus sitting on the tables, and if you check the drawers you'll find Panties, six Silks and a Satin. Assuming you've been checking everywhere, you can take this set of Panties, along with two others you found in Greenwood and Whitefall, and given them to the fellow in the stovetop outside. He'll give you PizzaChilli Sauce and a Diamond.
Head west one more screen. There derpy-looking pirate will give you a Beast Badge, a Honeycomb and a Candycane in exchange for two Gold Plates and two Silver Plates. There are three chests here, one requiring the Stepladder, containing thirty-six Bricks, seventeen Concretes, eleven Iron Ores, two Dragon Scales, four Satins, three Coconuts, fifty-five Wools and eight Silks. Check the central rocky-and-cactus mound for sixteen Cacti and one Jungle Flower.
The screen south allows you to Stepladder your way back to southern territory. You'll also find Sand Dune, thirteen Dirt Balls, two Geodes, eleven Bricks, fourteen Soft Woods and one Orange Juice.
East of here is another house. Talk to the guy outside the house for an Opal, three Steel Plates and two Silks. Hidden behind a cactus in the bottom-left corner is a chest containing two Bottled Evils, a Dark Rune and six Gunpowders. To the top-right of the house, lodged in the rocks, are six Curly Horns and two Solid Spikes, and hidden behind the house is a Donut, four Chocolates and eight Ice Creams. If you return to the screen with the Slime Cat you can go south and west from here to access the house (via Coral Key) and light the braziers inside to reveal a Gold Key, a Honeycomb and a Holy Water.
Having some fun in the sun at Goldbrick Resort.
Having some fun in the sun at Goldenbrick Resort.
There are two paths to the east from here. The lower path leads to another coral lock blocking off a chest which contains an Emerald, a Ruby and a Topaz. The upper path has chests containing Ham, a Candycane, a Sundae, a Coral Key, a Satin and two Silver Plates. The top-right cactus also contains six Cacti and two Pink Potions.
Another screen east is a man with a quest, a chest containing a Coral Key, a Donut and three Turnips, a crate in the bottom-left corner containing a Ruby and eight Fine Furs, and a block puzzle. It's easy to solve by pushing blocks north and south, and the last one to just under the chest. This will open the path to a Chainsaw Gun, twelve Chain Links and one Cake.
Almost done. Go north one screen to find the Equip Shop. There's a ton of good, but expensive, equipment to be found here. Buy what you can. Check the tables for a Steel Key, a Silver Plate, a Steel Plate, a Gold Plate and a Titanium, and the chests in the north of the room for two RAM Chips, eighteen Microcontrollers, eight Red LEDs, four Energy Drinks, three Coffees and six Beers. Give the Spiked Boots you got earlier, along with the Titanium and ten Steel Plates, to the guy named Saito for one Blue Scroll and Mythril Shards.
Along the north-western edge of the building is a narrow path leading into the cliffs. You can't get too far in here, but you can at least use a Coral Key to open up the treasure chest among the crates for Sushi and Ham.
That's it for Goldenbrick Resort. Head to the southeast corner of town, near the block puzzle, and you'll find a path to Temple of Godcat. The vile cats have made there way in here with the jewels, and you have to get them back… but first you can do some backtracking and complete a number of remaining quests. Side questing with the Stepladder it is!