Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Walkthrough, Part Twelve: The Stepladder

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
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Part Eleven: Goldenbrick Resort

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The Temple of Godcat, home to the villainous overlord and its feline minions, is the next major destination in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. But with a Stepladder in hand and many places to revisit, the team has other things to do before they venture into the Temple grounds. One last round of sidequesting!
Greenwood Village
Talk to Julie in the northeast corner of the village and she'll give you a Hamburger and an Orange Juice.
Crystal Caverns
At the very end of the Caverns is a series of boardwalks. On one of them is a gap you can fill with the Stepladder to get at a Candycane, a Lollipop and a Cake.
Graybone Cemetery
If you searched Goldenbrick Resort thoroughly, you'll have found a Holy Water. Take this, five Garlics and a Milk to the man at the Greenwood Village entrance to the Cemetery to get a Heavy Claw and three Bio Viruses in exchange.
Waste Disposal Plant
There's a gap in one of the catwalks in the green sewage areas. You can drop a Stepladder down here to get at a Chainsaw Blade, twelve Tentacles and four Seashells.
Lankyroot Jungle
Two screens north of the middle Greenwood Village entrance to the Jungle is a bridge you can complete to get at a Gold Plate, a Dark Rune and a Honeycomb.
One screen north and another screen east is another gap you can fill to get at some enemies and an Orange Juice, Candycane and a Lollipop.
In Goldenbrick Resort's Equip Shop you can receive a Blue Scroll from one of the men in exchange for a few items. Take a look at this scroll at you'll see that its description reads Up, Left, Up, Right and Right. Take this to Hilde in the far north of Lankyroot Jungle and she'll let you keep the scroll, as well as an Elixir of Life and Beef.
Now for the maze you couldn't get through earlier. Follow the instructions on the scroll in the northern area: Up, Left, Up, Right, Right. At the end of the path you'll find a small new area filled with some brutally-powerful regular enemies (Dark magic is generally great against the Holy creatures, and Earth is a staple against the Sky Monoliths) and a bunch of treasure chests. Loot them all for a Dragon HelmDragon Armor, seven Dragon Scales, two Rubies, two Emeralds, two TopazesProtector, a Diamond, a Cake, a Ham, a Beef and a Donut.
Assuming you can beat everything in this small section of maze - a tall order, as these beasts are very strong and highly resilient - you'll be done gathering items with what you have on you. Head back to Goldenbrick Resort and make tracks into the Temple of Godcat, the villain behind all this mischief!
Part Thirteen: Temple of Godcat

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