Before heading to Mount Pom-Pom, check out the School. It has opened up since defeating the Opposition Leader, and contains a variety of goodies.
  • The School Mascot is standing to the left of the entrance. Try to recruit him for the School Mascot Recruitment quest. Don't talk to him unless you want to increase the difficulty of coming battles, however, as he makes them ever so slightly more difficult.
  • There’s a lot of exploration experience available inside. Check every clock, sheet of paper, poster, bookshelf, and chalkboard you see. You can glean at least one level just by canvassing the entire place.
  • The Teacher is in a classroom on the first floor. Speak to him for the Teacher Recruitment quest. The Teacher can tutor your students while he’s in the School, allowing them to gain experience when they’re not in the party. Sweet.
  • On the second floor you’ll find the Scientist in a room on your right. She’ll give you the Scientist Recruitment quest. There’s also a Coffee sitting on a desk in this room.
  • Check the bottom-left room on the second floor to find the Programmer. Talk to him to receive the quest Programmer Recruitment. Also here is a computer with a Space Invaders alien on its monitor; talk to the Programmer about it for the Reality 2.0 quest, then use the computer. You can use it to access a VR Arena, where you can re-fight enemies from previous battles, as well as to Access the Internet. The Internet is an area in and of itself, and quite a dangerous one to boot. Don’t head in there yet.
Talking to the Scientist in the School. She's a bit kooky.
Talking to the Scientist in the School. She's a bit kooky.
In addition to the School itself you’ll find a few things of interest in the vicinity:
  • Down the street from the School, beside the blockade leading east, 
  • South of the School is a beach. Standing on it is the Sushi Chef. Guess what quest he gives you? Go on, I dare you. West of the Sushi Chef is his home, though aside from some bookshelves that give experience there’s nothing inside. (Except the painting. Hmmmmm.)
  • To the east of the School is a thin stretch of beach. It leads to Steep Cove, which, right now, is of little use. Later, however…
Part Three: Mount Pom-Pom