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Developed by Eden Industries and distributed by Atlus, Citizens of Earth is a Kickstarter title that, thanks to its quirky interface, oddball premise, and Earthbound-esque aesthetic, managed to scramble out of the indie scene and become something a little more mainstream. It tells the tale of the Vice President of Earth, a classic politician who's a little too in love with himself, and his struggle to bring the world back to a state of normalcy. He won't be doing any of the fighting, of course, but that's to be expected, right? After all, he's the Vice President of Earth. None of that stuff for him, no sir.

Main Walkthrough

Part One: Home Town
Part Two: The School
Part Three: Mount Pom-Pom
Part Four: Moonbucks
Part Five: Southern Home Town
Part Six: Crystal Beach
Part Seven: Capital City
Part Eight: Capitol Building
Part Nine: Sight for Soar Eyes, Going in Circles, and Radar Database
Part Ten: Grasslands
Part Eleven: Sugarflats
Part Twelve: Camp Koo-Koo
Part Thirteen: Cookie Factory
Part Fourteen: Panjama Island
Part Fifteen: Panjama Jungle

Side Areas

Appleton Farms
Virtual Reality

Other Stuff

Recruitment Quests
Wanted Posters