Mount Pom-Pom

- Before heading to Mount Pom-Pom, you may want to speak to the Barista at Moonbucks. Ask her about her Manager to unlock Chapter I, the first major quest in the game beyond the Prologue. Woot.

- You’ll find the entrance to Mount Pom-Pom in the north of town, past the spot where you battled the Opposition Leader. This is the first area where enemies will actively move towards your team - and where you can get hit by ambushes. Given that you’re facing weak Bubblebees right now this isn’t a huge issue, but it’ll become major as you progress through the game. Bear in mind, too, that the Soapweeds which spawn the Bubblebees also count as enemies, even if they don’t move.

- Head north, then take a right. There are cars in the water that you can walk across to reach a present containing $500. Walking on the cars is also part of the Photographer’s recruitment quest.

- Head west through the forests at the base of Mount Pom-Pom, until you start running into Telefawns. As the path heads northwest you’ll find a small branch leading south to a Bubblebee who is talkative. This is, in fact, Queasy Bee, a Wanted Poster opponent. Beside it is a present containing Oven Mitts.

- Follow the western path north. You’ll find a present on your left containing a Bun. Further north of here, as far north as you can currently go, you’ll find the Camp Counsellor. Talk to him to gain the Camp Counsellor Recruitment quest.

- Head east. To the southeast you’ll see a Telefawn who’s willing to chat, and further south of it is a cave. Approach the cave and you’ll trigger a cut scene that leads to a boss battle.

Honey Bear

Not a difficult battle, as the Honey Bear can be hit by status ailments and doesn’t have a whole lot of HP. It also uses physical attacks, and… not much else. (It will occasionally summon Bubblebees, but this is pretty rare.) Smack it down with your best attacks. The Honey Bear drops an Heirloom Pin for Mom. You’ll also gain a Key from a pile of goo.

- There’s more to Mount Pom-Pom, but you don’t need to explore it just yet. Head further east until the path bends southward, check along the northeast edge of the water for a present containing a Donut, and head back to Home Town.

- (That said, if you really really want to look at more of Mount Pom-Pom right now, head north along the beach to the left of the School. You’ll find Steep Cove, and beside it a small portion of Mount Pom-Pom. All you can find here right now is a Bun, however, so… not really worth the trip.)

Home Town

- Head back to Moonbucks. With the Key in hand you can now open the back room. Inside you’ll find a present containing a Cappuccino, and a… teleport pad…? Well that’s different. Looks like there’s more to Moonbucks than meets the eye.