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Part Four: The Threat Remains (Hinterlands)

Main Walkthrough Page

Val Royeaux - Main Level

- Upon arrival in the area you'll hit a cut scene. Head east to an open area (after checking the plaques to your left and right for a bit of experience, mind) to unlock The Summer Bazaar Codex entry, then have a look around. There's not a whole lot to see here right now, but you can check a tree on your left for the La Pomme Vie et Morte Codex entry, a book near it for the Not of Heroes: United in Hatred Codex entry, and a book on a table in the west for the Emperor Florian Codex entry. There's a scaffold out here, as well, and looking at the note attached to it will get you the She of the Highwaymen Repents Codex entry. This also counts towards your Patron of the Arts collections.

- On the other side of the square you'll hit a cut scene. Things won't go well regardless of how you handle the situation. This will unlock a new main quest, Champions of the Just, which you'll need fifteen Power to begin. If you try to leave you'll also get a visit from another interested party, unlocking the quest In Hushed Whispers. The game will tell you to head back to Haven at this point, but... don't. Not just yet.

- Now that the cut scene has been triggered you can get a little more out of Val Royeaux. Speak to the fallen Mother for more info about Val Royeaux, then check the alley behind her to find the Miroir de la Mere, Reville's Folly Codex entry. A woman to the left of the Mother will join the Inquisition if you give her a chance, giving you one Power, and a dude on the right of the Mother will sell you accessories.

- To the right of the entrance to Val Royeaux you'll find a merchant's store, though her stuff is hella expensive, and not appropriate for your party yet anyway. A merchant opposite her shop sells stuff more appropriate to your level, and he's nicer in general anyway.

- While you're wandering around you'll get an invitation from First Enchanter Vivienne. Whomever that might be. The invitation gives you The Imperial Enchanter quest. Also, an arrow blasts down out of the sky and hits the ground to the east, and checking it gives you the A Friend of Red Jenny quest. We'll explore those momentarily, as they both grant you new party members. Hawt.

- Head south. There's a small market through a set of gates, and past it you'll find a courtyard teeming with people. Look amid a set of columns at the rear of this area for the Not of Heroes: The Death of Diversity Codex entry, then check the open door on the other side of the courtyard. There's one final merchant here, a somewhat shady fella, and he'll sell you a variety of schematics for crafting weapons and armour. Not bad stuff for this point in the game.

Val Royeaux - Upper Level

- Enter the map. You can use this to jump to the upper level of Val Royeaux. Start in the southwest and make your way clockwise around the upper ring. In the west you'll find a very strange man with a very stupid shop though at the very least you can find The Folly of General Not-Sheritan Codex entry inside. If you check his chest you can purchase his... thing... for 10,000 gold. (Haven't gotten it yet, but it has something to do with nugs.) Make your way all the way east to find The Randy Dowager Quarterly Codex entry, or, at least, an update.

- Pop down to the lower level of the upper level, again starting in the southwest and working clockwise. Beside you when you appear is a window you can investigate for the A Season of the Four Afoul Codex entry, and down the stairs ahead you'll find another The Randy Dowager Quarterly Codex entry update.

- Almost done. Hop to the northern portion of the ring. There's a lower walkway here with a balcony you can inspect for The Mystery of the Eight Silks Codex entry, and in the far east you'll find a clearly-important-but-not-important-yet NPC. We'll come back to her when the time is right.

The Imperial Enchanter

To do this quest you must jump to the Ghislain Estate, a location that appears just north of Val Royeaux on the world map. Upon arrival you'll meet some guests; you can choose what happens to the one that bothers your Inquisitor. You can then speak to Vivienne, a powerful Mage, and recruit her as a party member of your Inquisition. (Or not. But why turn her down when you've come all this way?)

Sera. She's kind of a nut. But that's why she's awesome.
Sera. She's kind of a nut. But that's why she's awesome.
A Friend of Red Jenny

To proceed with this quest you need to locate three items of interest in three different spots around Val Royeaux. You can find these items in the following locations, using radar pings:

  • First, the docks behind the Mother. Ping by the barrels at the end of this waterside path to find a handkerchief. 
  • Second, the market in the south. Step into the outdoor restaurant on the right and ping the tables near the bard. The middle table has another handkerchief. You'll also find a book in here with the Not of Heroes: Maferath and Sacrifice Codex entry.
  • Third, the lower half of the upper level. You'll find the last handkerchief beside a potted plant at the southwestern end of the lower ring.
Getting all three will pop open a new destination on the world map called Secluded Courtyard. Once here you'll encounter three Mercenaries, none of them terribly strong. Kill them off, then go through the blue door on the other side of the Courtyard. You'll hit a cut scene that introduces you to Sera, a reeeeeally quirky girl. Help her kill off a few more soldiers, then decide whether you want her to join up as a full party member or not. (Let her join. Sera is hilarious.) You'll get one Power for letting her join, and if you check the loot bag after the battle, Too Many Breeches.


With new characters in tow (or not), head back to Haven. Entering the Chantry will trigger a cut scene. You can either go with the Mages or the Templars, or remain in the middle; Cassandra approves if you don't choose sides just yet. After the main meeting Leliana will give you a quest called The Lone Warden, which will send you out to the Hinterlands, and you'll additionally receive a quest called The Captain of the Chargers, which will toss you out to the Storm Coast. Regardless of the outcome you'll receive two Power and four hundred Influence.