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Part Five: The Threat Remains (Val Royeaux)

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The two quests in this section of the walkthrough, despite being side quests, will net you new characters. As such, we'll give them their own article, even though neither one is terribly long. (A fact that I learned too late. Sigh.)

The Captain of the Chargers

- You'll first receive this quest after returning to Haven from Val Royeaux and speaking to your War Council. Once that's done, leave the Chantry and look for a messenger named Krem, standing right outside. She'll ask you to meet with his mercenary group, The Chargers, and consider bringing them on-board in the Inquisition's battle.

- Head to the War Council and pull up the map of Ferelden. Look for the Operation called Scout the Storm Coast. It has a Power cost of four, and can only be conducted via Secrets. Undergoing the Operation will immediately unlock a new area, the Storm Coasts, and allow you to travel there. Do so.

- After meeting with Harding you'll be in a small camp in Storm's Solitude, an area of the Storm Coast. Head a short ways west of the camp, down to the actual coasts. You'll find a battle in progress between the Chargers and some Tevinter goons. The Chargers themselves are more than capable of handling the Tevinters; adding yourself will make it a slaughter. If you want to avoid damage, stay back and blast the Tevinters at a range while the Chargers agro the hell out of 'em.

- In the wake of the battle you'll get into a dialogue with the Iron Bull, the commander of the Chargers. You'll get into a lengthy conversation - he's quite the character - and, if you want, you'll gain the opportunity to recruit him to your team. I highly suggest this, as he makes a great tank if you want someone other than Cassandra. (Or, you know, yourself.) You'll also gain one Power for bringing the Chargers on-board.

The Lone Warden

- Jump to the Hinterlands. If you haven't explored the area very thoroughly, you'll want to look to the southwest of Crossroads, up some steep, rocky land, for a region called Lake Luthias. It's found just south of the Upper lake campsite for the Inquisition.

- Upon arrival you'll find a group of people on the west side of the lake, near a cabin. One of them is Blackwall, the man you've come to find. After a quick cut scene a bunch of Bandits will run up and attack. Blackwall and his men can take 'em, but, as with the Iron Bull, you'll make a quick kill of the guys.

- Talk to Blackwall. After some conversation you'll gain the chance to bring him along. He's another good melee fighter, and worth recruiting, especially if you went for Mage on your Inquisitor. Recruiting Blackwall will also earn you one Power.

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