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Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Lombre Common Alpha Sapphire Either Grass
Lotad (horde) Rare Alpha Sapphire Either Grass
Nuzleaf Common Omega Ruby Either Grass
Seedot (horde) Rare Omega Ruby Either Grass
Seviper Common (night),
Uncommon (day)
Alpha Sapphire Either Grass
Swablu Uncommon Both Either Grass
Swablu (horde) Rare Both Either Grass
Zangoose Common (night),
Uncommon (day)
Omega Ruby Either Grass

(Late in the game, once you have the National Dex, you can return to this Route to find new pokemon via DexNav sneaking. A list of available pokemon can be found here.)

- At the beginning of this Route is the Fossil Maniac’s House. The little boy inside will give you TM28, Dig, and the dude through the tunnel in the back of the house will give you a tip on finding fossils of your own. (He’s kind of a jerk about it, though.)

- Not far from the house is a man with his Poochyena. Speak to him and he’ll give you TM05, Roar. Continue south to find a string of trainers surrounding a grass field teeming with wild pokemon.

Fisherman Claude
  • Corphish, level 21
  • Wailmer, level 21
Reward: $672

Ooo, Corphish. A pretty standard battle against water-types regardless.

Fisherman Nolan
  • Gyarados, level 23
Reward: $736

Ouch! That's a bit of a jump! Gyarados is a piece of cake if you have an electric-type on your team (namely Pikachu), but it's pretty tough otherwise. Bring in something with lots of defence to take it down. A normal-type might be best, or anything you might have given Volt Switch.

- Past a bridge and two trainers you’ll find a grassy field beside a house. Before entering the house, check the narrow path along the water to your left. At the end you can find a hidden Revive. Enter the house after battling or ignoring the two trainers to the south (the dude beside the house will give you a Wepear Berry if you speak to him) and you’ll discover that it belongs to Lostelle. She’ll give you a Seedot Doll in Omega Ruby and a Lotad Doll in Alpha Sapphire. Speak to Lostelle again and ask her to better organize your boxes and you'll move the Organize Boxes option to the top of the list when accessing Your PC.

Teammates Tyra and Ivy
  • Roselia, level 21
  • Azumarill, level 23
Reward: $1,104

Azumarill is decently dangerous thanks to its bulk; at this point you're best off using a poison-type move to bring it down. Roselia is a so-so threat by comparison.

PokeManiac Steve
  • Aron, level 23
Reward: $644

Stupid Roar.

May races through the southern foothills of Route 114.
May races through the southern foothills of Route 114.
- The path leads into the hills to the south. Check the blind alley to the right of the grass to find a Carbos, then past the Rock Smashable rock near the first set of cliffs for a Protein. Look in the middle of the first crater for a hidden Comet Shard, and in the middle of the second for a Rare Bone. Just north of the third crater, down a thin alley, is an Energy Powder.

Camper Shane
  • Minun, level 20
  • Volbeat, level 20
Reward: $320

So weak...

Kindler Bernie
  • Slugma, level 20
  • Wingull, level 22
Reward: $704


Hiker Lucas
  • Geodude, level 22
  • Geodude, level 20
Reward: $640


Hiker Lenny
  • Machop, level 23
Reward: $736

Well, at least he's kinda strong.

- Eventually this Route ends in a cave. Dip inside.

Team Magma gets up to no good in Meteor Falls.
Team Magma gets up to no good in Meteor Falls.
Meteor Falls
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Lunatone Uncommon Alpha Sapphire Either Walking
Solrock Uncommon Omega Ruby Either Walking
Zubat Common Both Either Walking
Zubat (horde) Rare Both Either Walking

- There’s a split in the path as soon as you enter Meteor Falls. Head north to start and you’ll find a Full Heal up two sets of stairs. Retrace your steps and head back to the entrance.

- Go west. You’ll hit a cut scene and get into a double fight with your rival against the villainous team. Let's do it.

Team Magma / Aqua Grunt and Team Magma / Aqua Admin
  • Koffing / Grimer, level 23
  • Mightyena, level 23
  • Numel / Carvanha, level 23
Reward: $3,220

A novel enough battle, but easy. This only becomes irritating if you fail to defeat the Koffing (OS only) before it Self Destructs. Even then, you shouldn't have any trouble whipping the competition.

- After you defeat your game's Team, the other Team will show up to complicate things. Everyone will rush off... in the direction you came from in the first place. Sigh... you'll be immediately jumped back to Fallarbor Town, and your continued path will be back to Mt. Chimney. You'll receive TM23, Smackdown, from Professor Cozmo before parting ways. You also have the option of jumping right to Mauville City with your rival, which makes the trip a bit shorter.

- Before going that way, however, check out the rest of Meteor Falls. Until you have Surf you can’t explore the upper sections of the cave, but if you go northwest you can find a Moon Stone, and if you head south from here you’ll find a series of small cliffs leading to the bottom of the cave. Do so and you’ll pop out on Route 115, north of Rustboro City.

Route 115

- Not a whole lot to see here right now, aside from trainers. Look on the right side of the Route to find a dirt patch with eight Wepear Berries, and beside it a Great Ball. Then head down to the beach and look three steps to the left of the stairs; there's a hidden Heart Scale in a niche in the cliff.

Black Belt Nob
  • Machop, level 25
Reward: $800

You're just not very interesting, Nob. No offense.

Collector Hector
  • Seviper (OR) / Zangoose (AS), level 24
Reward: $672

Psychic or ground the poor thing to death. Next!

Battle Girl Cyndy
  • Meditite, level 25
Reward: $800

Been there, done that.

- That's enough exploring. Head back towards the cable car at the base of Mt. Chimney. You have some MagmaAquas to beat up.

May explores the upper areas of Meteor Falls.
May explores the upper areas of Meteor Falls.
Return Trip

Route 114

- Return to Route 114 after you have Surf and Waterfall on a pokemon. There's a waterfall on the west side of the Route, not far from Lostelle's House. There's a Rare Candy at the top.

- There's an old man sitting on this Route once you get far enough in the game. (I have no idea what makes him appear, to be honest, though I assume it's after you gain a Mega Bracelet and the ability to use Mega Evolutions.) He will sell you a variety of stones he found washed up on the banks of the Route for ridiculous prices, though since some of them are Mega Stones, they're worth the cost of admission. His wares include:
  • Title: Loneliness = Hard Stone - $45,000
  • Title: Emotionless = Hard Stone - $80,000 
  • Title: Ebb Tide = Swampertite - $1,500
  • Title: Tears = Hard Stone - $150,000
  • Title: Fading Fire = Blazikenite - $1,500 
  • Title: Withered Tree = Sceptilite - $1,500
(Thanks to Blyzzard Z in the comments for the Withered Tree title.)

Meteor Falls

- Once you have Surf and Waterfall you can ascend to the upper passages of Meteor Falls. You can start your journey by Surfing from the flat area where you encountered Team Villainous earlier. There's a Great Ball on the flat surface to the right of the massive waterfall from whence the area gets its name. Ascend the waterfall, check the bare spot on the right side of the top of the falls for a hidden Stardust, and go through the cave in the north.

- Walk northeast in the next chamber. There's a trainer nearby, not far from a ladder. Go down the ladder and you'll find two more trainers. Take out as many as you want, then go up the ladder to the northwest.

Dragon Tamer Nicolas
  • Flygon, level 47
Reward: $2,820

Pretty tough. Ice will do.

Battle Girl Tess
  • Mienshao, level 46
Reward: $1,472

Fast and strong, but not terribly durable. It's a fighting-type; act accordingly. (One of my favourite pokemon, to boot.)

Dragon Tamer Dray
  • Altaria, level 47
Reward: $2,280

Perish Song can get annoying. Otherwise, meh. Ice it up.

- There's a pair of trainers at the top of the ladder. Head up the stairs next to them to find a series of watery steps leading south. Hop down these steps on the left side and you'll find Aerodactylite on one of the lower steps, just after the steps split in two directions. There's also a hidden Super Repel on this exact same spot. Keep hopping down, then go down the ladder on your left.

Old Couple John & Jay
  • Medicham, level 47
  • Hariyama, level 47
Reward: $7,520

Strong enough pokemon, 'tis true, but Medicham wastes enough time with non-attacking moves that it's not a difficult battle.

- Surf northeast in the next chamber. There's a large patch of ground up here, leading to a cave. Check the top-left corner of the Surfing chamber to find a hidden Star Piece, then enter the cave. Inside you'll find TM02, Dragon Claw. Don't leave this chamber too quickly, as it's the only place in the game (that I know of) where you can catch Bagons, the base form of Salamence. Sweet.

- Return to the previous chamber and Surf southeast. You'll find another small platform in another room, and on it a PP Max. This brings your trip through Meteor Falls to an end.

Route 115
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Jigglypuff Common Both Either Walking
Swablu Common Both Either Walking
Swablu (horde) Rare Both Either Walking
Taillow Common Both Either Walking
Wingull Common Both Either Walking

- Once you have a pokemon that knows Surf you can explore Route 115 via the beach on the western side of the Route. (This also allows you to reach the northern half of the Route without having to go aaaaaaall the way around, like, the world.) Surf west off of the northern beach to discover some new stuff.

- There's another, smaller beach up north. Debark here and head up the stairs. You'll find a trainer patrolling to the north. Continue north past him and the path will split; go left to find a semi-hidden trainer, go right to find a much-less-hidden trainer.

Black Belt Koichi
  • Machop, level 25
  • Machop, level 27
Reward: $864

Expert Timothy
  • Hariyama, level 30
Reward: $2,400

Ruin Maniac Hayes
  • Sandslash, level 25
  • Sandslash, level 25
Reward: $700

- The path splits in three here. If you head northwest you'll find a plot of grass that's otherwise a dead end. If you head straight north you'll find a plot of dirt with six Bluk Berries and six Kelpsy Berries. Head east and up onto the surrounding cliffs and you'll find a continued path; look straight north of the stairs to find a PP Up.

- Head east. There's a dirt ramp nearby that you can speed up via the Mach Bike. Follow the path south from here to find an Iron at the end. Back on the lower path, head south once more to find a Heal Powder.

Part Sixteen: Mt. Chimney and Jagged Pass