Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Sandshrew Common Both Either Grass
Skarmory Rare Both Either Grass
Skarmory (horde) Rare Both Either Grass
Spinda Common Both Either Grass
Spinda (horde) Rare Both Either Grass

- First up, healing love from your rival. Way to make the game too easy, Nintendo.

- This Route is a bit odd. Showered as it is in ash from the nearby Mt. Chimney, there are occasional ash heaps interspersed throughout the grass patches. Don't go out of your way to plow through 'em until you reach the end of the Route, because reasons.

- Head west until you hit your first trainer. Take him out or ignore him, then head north and look in the top ash heap to find a hidden Ether. You can leap off of a ledge here and get into a battle with a trainer. If you pop through the ash heap near the trainer you'll find a Super Repel. The rest of the trainers on this Route are self-explanatory, save one little boy sitting in an ash heap to the left of Youngster Jaylen and another in an ash heap near the end of the Route. Keep an eye open for a yellow item ball to the right of Parasol Lady Madeline, as it contains TM32, Double Team.

Youngster Neal
  • Trapinch, level 19
  • Electrike, level 19
Reward: $304

Well that's a new critter. Nothing special, yet, but it will be some day.

Fairy Tail Girl Franny
  • Kirlia, level 22
Reward: $352

Possibly painful, but too physically frail to give you too much trouble.

Ninja Boy Lao
  • Koffing, level 16
  • Koffing, level 17
  • Koffing, level 18
Reward: $320

Poison is always irritating, but this still isn’t that bad a battle with pokemon that are over level 20 or so (or, y’know, psychic- or ground-type in nature).

Parasol Lady Madeline
  • Numel, level 22
Reward: $704

A single Numel? Laughable.

Youngster Dillon
  • Aron, level 21
Reward: $336

Meh. High defences and naught else.

Ninja Boy Lung
  • Nincada, level 18
  • Ninjask, level 20
Reward: $504

This isn’t a difficult battle, but it’s worth noting that Ninjask will receive a Speed boost each turn, eventually making it the fastest pokemon on the field, bar none. Mind this for future Ninjask encounters, as they get preeeeetty annoying.

The Glass Workshop on Route 113. Here you can turn in ash to create a series of Flutes.
The Glass Workshop on Route 113. Here you can turn in ash
to create a series of Flutes.
- You'll find a building at the end of the Route. This is the Glass Workshop, and if you speak to the owner he’ll give you a Soot Sack. You can use the Soot Sack to collect ash from the heaps of ash along the Route. Return to the man after collecting enough ash and he’ll use it to craft special items for you, listed below. As far as I can tell, each ash pile yields up 15 grams of ash. The Flutes can be used as many times as you like, and can completely replace items like Full Heals. (Thanks to Kashii Nirvana for pointing out that these are a good substitute for healing items.)
  • Blue Flute: Awakens a sleeping pokemon
  • Yellow Flute: Dispels confusion on a pokemon
  • Red Flute: Breaks infatuation with an enemy pokemon
  • White Flute: Increases wild pokemon encounter rates
  • Black Flute: Decreases wild pokemon encounter rates
  • Elegant Chair: Item for Secret Bases
  • Elegant Desk: Item for Secret Bases
- The rest of the Route is pretty straightforward, with no further surprises. You can find a Max Ether just outside the house, and a Hyper Potion in the heap of ash in the top-left corner of the Route, just left of the Glass Workshop. The last ash heap near the house hides a Nugget, though you'll have to search the ground to find it. Continue west to find the next town.

The rivals wander through Fallarbor Town.
The rivals wander through Fallarbor Town.
Fallarbor Town

Another tiny settlement, this one with not a ton to see. Nevertheless, let’s have a quick poke around before continuing west.

- Inside the Pokemon Centre you’ll find a woman blocking the PC. This is Lanette, the developer of Hoenn's Pokemon Storage System, and she’ll invite you to her home on Route 114. The insect-loving man in here will give you Honey, as well. He'll give you more Honey each day. You can use it on certain trees to attract rare pokemon for battles.

- Your rival will drag you into one of the houses in Fallarbor, where you'll catch some more plot details. As if you had much choice as to your next destination anyway. Next to this house is a small crater; check it to find a hidden Nugget.

- There's another Contest Spectacular Hall in Fallarbor. An old man in here will give you a Berry Blender to put in your Secret Base, which is quite handy for making Pokeblocks if you don't otherwise care about Contests.

- To the left of the Contest Hall is the home of the official Move Tutor of Fallarbor Town. This fellow can re-teach your pokemon moves in their normal move set that you don’t already know, usually because you skipped them upon level-up or copied over them with another move. You’ll need to hand over a Heart Scale for this service. The Move Tutor will only teach moves your pokemon has already had the opportunity to learn, so you can’t grab advanced moves ahead of time.

Part Fifteen: Route 114, Meteor Falls, and Route 115

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