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Route 111

First up on this Route is a house owned by a family known as the Winstrates. If you can face all four Winstrates in a row (no pauses between battles) you can enter the house and speak to the mother to receive a Macho Brace. The Winstrates also give you quite a healthy amount of money when defeated.

The Winstrates' Victor
  • Taillow, level 17
  • Zigzagoon, level 19
Reward: $1,216

Simple battle.

The Winstrates' Victoria
  • Roselia, level 20
Reward: $1,280

Ever so slightly tougher since she can poison and paralyze you, but still no big deal. Try to take it out in one hit so it can't do either - or heal via Mega Drain or its Oran Berry.

The Winstrates' Vivi
  • Goldeen, level 16
  • Numel, level 16
  • Shroomish, level 15
Reward: $256

Gettin’ a bit tougher, but her lower levels works to your advantage. Beware paralysis from Shroomish.

The Winstrates' Vicky
  • Meditite, level 22
Reward: $1,760

This battle is only difficult if you’ve suffered through the previous fights. Not a big deal if you’re using a pokemon above level 20 or have plenty of healing items.

- There are rocks to Rock Smash ahead, blocking your way if you want to prematurely leave Mauville City. Continue through and you’ll find a pair of trainers on your right - reporters, no less - who will cycle between three locations in Hoenn whenever you beat them. Once you have Fly you can use them to level a fair bit later in the game. (I still need to verify this, but that's how it worked in the previous games.) Beyond them you’ll find a line of trainers as you wander further north.

Interviewer Gabby and Ty
  • Magnemite, level 20
  • Whismur, level 20
Reward: $1,600

Not a difficult battle after the debacle that was Mauville. These guys will get gradually stronger, though, so expect more of a brawl on subsequent encounters. Once you beat 'em they'll ask for an interview, and the results will wind up on TV.

Picnicker Irene
  • Plusle, level 17
  • Illumise, level 18
Reward: $288

Eh. Annoying, but not difficult.

Camper Travis
  • Sandshrew, level 19
Reward: $304

A ground-type! Tough and scrappy, but water- or grass-type moves will shred the poor thing.

Backpacker Emory
  • Taillow, level 21
Reward: $504

A speedy little creature, and Aerial Ace is moderately dangerous, but overall...

- As you make your way to the end of this Route you’ll see a path leading into a desert. You lack a key item needed to enter the desert, however, so don’t bother trying to enter just yet. You’ll get your chance later.

The two rivals staring up at Mt. Chimney on Route 112.
The two rivals staring up at Mt. Chimney on Route 112.
Route 112

Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Machop Common Both Either Grass
Numel Uncommon Both Either Grass

(Late in the game, once you have the National Dex, you can return to this Route to find new pokemon via DexNav sneaking. A list of available pokemon can be found here.)

- Your rival will heal your team up upon arrival. How nice of him/her. They'll also give you HM04, Strength, though you can't properly use it until you get the next Pokemon Badge. Coming soon.

- This first section of the route is fairly short, and has some relatively easy trainers that you can skip if you’re willing to wade through some tall grass. There are two Hikers waiting near the midpoint of the Route, as well, and the first of them (on the left) is a bit more difficult to skip… though neither are worth skipping, as they’re also rather easy to take out.

Camper Larry
  • Taillow, level 16
  • Zubat, level 18
Reward: $288

Zubat are teh suck.

Picnicker Carol
  • Gulpin, level 19
Reward: $304

Nothing new here either. Try not to get poisoned, yeah?

Hiker Trent
  • Geodude, level 17
  • Geodude, level 17
  • Geodude, level 17
Reward: $544

Water, water, everywhere. Also good training fodder if you just picked up a Numel.

Hiker Brice
  • Numel, level 18
  • Machop, level 18
Reward: $576

Looks like this dude caught his pokemon on this Route. He may have just caught them. What a trainer.

- The path splits here, and you’ll find a cable car on your right and a cave on your left. The cable car is blocked by some villainous persons, however, so you’re forced into the cave.

May makes her way through the Fiery Path, deep beneath Mt. Chimney.
May makes her way through the Fiery Path, deep beneath Mt. Chimney.
Fiery Path

Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Grimer Uncommon (AS), Rare (OR) Both Either Walking
Grimer (horde) Rare (AS) Both Either Walking
Koffing Uncommon (OR), Rare (AS) Both Either Walking
Koffing (horde) Rare (OR) Both Either Walking
Machop Uncommon Both Either Walking
Numel Common Both Either Walking
Numel (horde) Rare Both Either Walking
Slugma Rare Both Either Walking
Slugma (horde) Rare Both Either Walking
Torkoal Rare Both Either Walking

This spot is pretty short, and populated for the most part by fire-type pokemon. If you wanted one (I like Numel, personally), this is the place to grab it. You can’t find anything of worth besides pokemon here right now, but later, when you can use the HM move Strength outside battle, you can return here to shift aside a rock and find some items.

Route 112 - Route 111

- Back we are. The Route continues to twist roughly northward after you leave the Fiery Path, and you can find a dirt patch with four Razz Berries and three Persim Berries immediately outside. There's one trainer nearby. (For the record, the pokemon you can catch here are the same as what you found on the other side of the Fiery Path.)

Street Thug Jaylin
  • Mightyena, level 21
Reward: $672

Oooo, an upgrade! Mightyena can be very annoying if it manages to get off Swagger. Try to take it out in one hit with a fighting- or fairy-type move.

If you picked up fire-types in the Fiery Path, she’s fried. Otherwise, use the pokemon you’ve been relegating to grass-type battles up to this point.

- The north end of the desert is straight ahead, and beside it, a pokemon trainer. Just north of this trainer is a dude named Aarune, inspecting a tree; speak to him and he’ll give you TM94, Secret Power. This will allow you to create Secret Bases in unusual locations, such as the tree. You can then fill your Secret Base with Decorations (he gives you quite a few to start) and visit other Secret Bases, created by players you've registered as Friends. Fascinating.

Cooltrainer Wilton
  • Electrike, level 20
  • Bagon, level 17
  • Makuhita, level 20
Reward: $1,200

Ooo, your first dragon-type. Bagon is still pretty much a pushover, but its evolutions later in the game... scary. Don't forget to try and avoid the effects of Static by avoiding physical attacks against Electrike.

- To the right of the tree is a house you can access either with Cut or by skimming around the line of trees leading north. Inside is an old woman who will allow you to rest your pokemon. Be warned, though - she’s obsessive, and will keep offering to let you stay. Don’t fall for her trap. North of her house you’ll find a dirt patch containing four Rawst Berries and four Nanab Berries. There are more trainers to battle nearby, as well.

Fairy Tale Girl Cece
  • Spoink, level 19
  • Mawile, level 19
Reward: $304

More new faces. Nothing terribly difficult, however. Bear in mind that Mawile is part steel-type, even if it doesn't look the part.

Cooltrainer Brooke
  • Wingull, level 20
  • Numel, level 20
  • Roselia, level 20
Reward: $1,200

Variety is nice?

- To the right of the old lady's house is a cliff's edge you can reach via the Mach Bike, by going up a dirt ramp. At the top you'll find a patrolling trainer and an Elixir. (Thanks to Tekaramity for reminding me that I had to come back here.)

Backpacker Deon
  • Linoone, level 21
Reward: $504

Oooo, evolved Zigzagoon. Possibly your first exposure. Still no big deal.

- After battling Brooke you’ll come to a new Route.

Return Trip

Route 111

- Beside the Winstrate's home is a small body of water. Surf west across it to find an HP Up.

Fiery Path

- When you go through the Fiery Path with Strength on one of your pokemon you'll find Aarune waiting inside, beside an enormous boulder. He'll give you TM96, Nature Power.

- Push the boulder to the left, until it falls into a hole. You'll find another boulder down the narrow path beyond. Push it aside, then explore the next area. Head south through the tunnel to find a Fire Stone; head north to find TM06, Toxic. Fancy-handy.

Part Fourteen: Route 113 and Fallarbor Town

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