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Part Fifteen: Route 114, Meteor Falls, Route 115

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Mt. Chimney

- Make your way back along Route 114, through Fallarbor Town, past Routes 113 and 111, and through the Fiery Path. When you reach the other side of the Fiery Path you’ll find the cable car unblocked, and you can ride it to the top of the volcano. Once you reach the top, check behind the station to find a thin, mostly-hidden alleyway; at the end is a hidden Zinc.

- There's a battle between villainous teams underway at the top of Mt. Chimney. You'll have to fight your way to the northwest, until you take on the leader of the villainous team causing trouble hereabouts (though check the dead end to the northeast first to find a hidden Protein). Before crossing east and onto the bridge to the Leader, check the left side of the northbound path to find a small pathway leading down to TM59, Incinerate.

  • Poochyena, level 22
  • Koffing / Grimer, level 22
Reward: $880

How very threatening.

Magma / Aqua Admin
  • Koffing / Grimer, level 24
  • Numel / Carvanha, level 24
Reward: $2,400

You just fought these guys. Not too bad, even without your rival as backup. Smack 'em down with their fairly obvious weaknesses.

Leader Maxie / Archie
  • Mightyena, level 25
  • Golbat, level 25
  • Camerupt / Sharpedo, level 27
Reward: $4,320

How this battle goes depends on which Leader you're fighting, though the difference between battles is only one pokemon - and you've fought its kind many, many times before. A fighting-type can take out both Mightyena and Sharpedo fairly easily, while a water-type (or even just a water-type move) is best used to target Camerupt. Golbat is the surprise troublemaker here thanks to Confuse Ray, so do whatever you can to take it down in one turn before it can confuse your pokemon. You'll receive a Meteorite for defeating the Leader.

- Once the Leader takes off, Mt. Chimney will be free of villainous influence. Head back south towards the cable cars and you'll find the southern path off of Mt. Chimney free. Speak to the woman beside the cable cars to heal your pokemon, if you wish, then wander down to Jagged Pass.

May makes her way down the Jagged Pass from Mt. Chimney.
May makes her way down the Jagged Pass from Mt. Chimney.
Jagged Pass
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Machop Common Both Either Grass
Numel Common Both Either Grass
Spoink Rare Both Either Grass

(Late in the game, once you have the National Dex, you can return to this Route to find new pokemon via DexNav sneaking. A list of available pokemon can be found here.)

This short path is populated by trainers and the occasional wild pokemon. If you have the Acro Bike you can use it to hop up the white stones on the sides of the path to return to previous areas, typically after jumping down ledges. Hold down B while on the Bike and wait a few seconds to begin hopping. You can use this to reach TM43, Flame Charge, and a Max Ether on the right side of the Pass, and a Super Repel and TM 69, Rock Polish, on the left side of the Pass. While sliding down the left side of the Pass you'll find three dirt slides; go down the middle to find a Full Heal. Check the bottom-left corner of the Pass while Bike hopping for an X Defense.

Expert Shelby
  • Meditite, level 24
  • Hariyama, level 24
Reward: $2,080

Ooooo, a Hariyama. These things are pretty tough, but if you have a means of taking down Makuhitas, you can probably take out a Hariyama. (Since it's easier to say so here, check west of the Expert to find a hidden Full Heal in a small rock, beside a ledge leading south).

Camper Ethan
  • Gulpin, level 24
Reward: $384

Such weird little pokemon. Psychic or ground will do nicely. (Again, slightly easier, look just east of him to find a hidden Great Ball.)

Hiker Eric
  • Graveler, level 25
Reward: $800

Hefty and powerful. Sturdy can be really annoying, as per usual.

Fairy Tale Girl Nellie
  • Skitty, level 21
  • Jigglypuff, level 23
Reward: $368

Danged fairy-types. Poison 'em.

Picnicker Diana
  • Gloom, level 22
  • Swablu, level 22
Reward: $352

No big deal overall. Gloom can get a little annoying, but it also usually goes down in one turn.

Return Trip

Jagged Pass

- Come back here after dealing with Groudon and / or Kyogre. If you stay on the far east side of the Pass as you descend you can find Tyranitarite near the bottom, on the right side of a patch of grass. It's a good idea to bring an Acro Bike along for backtracking, but it's not an absolute necessity for getting the Mega Stone.

Part Seventeen: Lavaridge Town and Lavaridge Pokemon Gym

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