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Part Thirty-Two: Cave of Origin and Sootopolis

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Sootopolis Pokemon Gym

The final gym! Took long enough. The Sootopolis Pokemon Gym has a fairly unique - and irritating - puzzle mechanic. The gym consists of three icy platforms, composed of breakable tiles. In order to cross to the next platform you must crack every tile on the platform by walking across all of the tiles - but not cross over the same tiles a second time. Do that and the tile will crack, dumping you into areas filled with trainers. You'll have to make your way back to the start and begin again.

(In short, yes, it's possible to get here without facing a single trainer besides the gym leader. But where's the fun in that?)

Sootopolis's Pokemon Gym is water-themed, meaning the majority of trainers in here will have water-type pokemon. Alpha Sapphire players should have no trouble coming up with a counter for these teams. Hell, players in general should be fine, given how often you fight on watery Routes. Grass and electric are highly-recommended - more so electric, even, as there are many ice-types mixed in.

First Section

The first sheet of ice is a five-by-five square. To get across it, step onto the middle square on the bottom, then take two steps left, one up, three right, one down, one right, two up, four left, two up, one right, one down, three right, one up, and two left. This will trigger the appearance of stairs. You can also mirror these directions to get the same result.

Beauty Tiffany
  • Golduck, level 41
  • Wailord, level 41
Reward: $2,296

Piece 'o cake.

Lass Andrea
  • Ludicolo, level 42
Reward: $672

Lots of bulk, but not terribly strong. A solid flying-type move will do the trick here.

An ice puzzle in Sootopolis' Pokemon Gym.
An ice puzzle in Sootopolis' Pokemon Gym.

Second Section

The second puzzle is also square-shaped, though with a solid spot in the middle. You can step on this without forfeiting the puzzle. Starting from one tile left of the middle, take one step up, one left, one down, one left, two up, one right, one up, one left, one up, one right, one up, one left, one up, two right, and two down. This will put you on the central platform. Next, step on the middle tile on the south end of the platform, then take one step down, one right, one up, one right, one down, one right, two up, one left, one up, one right, one up, one left, one up, one right, one up, two left, one down, one left, and two up. Click.

Beauty Bridget
  • Gorebyss, level 43
Reward: $2,408

Ooooo! A fancy new pokemon? Yes, well, it's still just a water-type. Shred it.

Beauty Connie
  • Huntail, level 43
Reward: $2,408

What an ugly creature. Water!

Third Section

More complex than ever, and there are two trainers up here, to boot. You can avoid them or just take 'em on as you see fit. Starting from the first tile up on the right side of the stairs, take one step up, one left, one down, one left, one up... all the way to the end of the platform, then two steps up, one right, one up... again, zigzag to the top-left corner. Then take two steps right, one down, one right, one... blah... until you're even with the right edge of the platform to the south. 

Walk down to the bottom-right corner of the platform, then step right and walk north four steps, then one right, then two down, onto the middle platform. Walk to the top-right corner of the middle platform, then step one tile to the right. Begin the zigzag motion again south and to the bottom-right corner of the platform, then up to the top-right corner, then over to the bottom of the soon-to-be-stairs. As long as you continue to alternate directions every time you move you shouldn't have any trouble reaching the end of the ice.

Poke Fan Marissa
  • Azumarill, level 43
Reward: $2,752

Eh. Pray Rollout doesn't hit too many times...? Nothing much to say.

Lass Crissy
  • Luvdisc, level 39
  • Seadra, level 41
Reward: $656

Still with the Luvdiscs? Geez...

Lady Brianna
  • Clamperl, level 41
  • Corsola, level 41
Reward: $4,920

Clamperl is a weenie. Corsola has high defence, but it can be taken down doubly easy with a grass-type attack.

Beauty Olivia
  • Starmie, level 43
Reward: $2,408

Standard stuff by now.

- Aaaaand at the end...

Wallace, the final gym leader of Hoenn. (He used to be Champion, y'know.)
Wallace, the final gym leader of Hoenn.
(He used to be Champion, y'know.)
Leader Wallace
  • Luvdisc, level 44
  • Sealeo, level 44
  • Whiscash, level 44
  • Seaking, level 44
  • Milotic, level 46
Reward: $5,520

Dayum, Wallace. That outfit is as risque as Pokemon's ever likely to get. Wallace has more pokemon than the majority of trainers, and all of them are decently strong (except, of course, that stupid Luvdisc), but the only one that should really concern you is Milotic. It hits the hardest of the lot, and its defences are kinda tough to chew through. Special moves tend to work better in this case. Your worst nightmare in this battle will be Water Pulse, which does decent damage and way too often will confuse your pokemon. Find ways to interfere with pokemon - or just straight out take 'em out - before they can use Water Pulse. Overall, so long as you can wipe out Milotic, it's not that bad a battle.

Defeating Wallace will earn you the Rain Badge, which allows you to use the HM move Waterfall. Handy, that, since Wallace gives you HM05 upon winning as well. 

Wallace now outlines your choices. If you want, you can head west, to Ever Grande City, and take on Victory Road. With Waterfall in your possession you can easily do this. You can also return to Littleroot Town and upgrade your Pokedex via Professor Birch, allowing you to ID pokemon that are not native to Hoenn's Pokedex. Hop back to Littleroot to get this latter done, then make tracks for Victory Road.

Part Thirty-Four: Victory Road

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