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Part Thirty-One: Seafloor Cavern

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Cave of Origin
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Golbat Uncommon Both Either Walking
Mawile Uncommon Omega Ruby Either Walking
Sableye Uncommon Alpha Sapphires Either Walking
Zubat Common Both Either Walking

- Fly or Surf your way to Sootopolis, in the middle of Route 126. You'll need to Dive to get there if this is your first time. You'll find the entrance on the southern end of the mountain that dominates the centre of the Route.

- Make your way along the west side of town. You'll find Steven in the north, speaking to a dude with whom you'll become more familiar shortly. You'll receive a special Suit partway through the conversation, and eventually you'll be sent into the Cave of Origin. Because all these adults are happy to send a kid to his or her possible death. Tisk.

- Head straight north through the first room and into the second. You'll find a hidden X Attack northeast of the entrance to the second room. Head northwest and you'll see a cave on your left; it is, currently, useless. Head northeast and down the stairs.

- Head east at the bottom of the stairs. You can find a hidden Revive just south of the next set of stairs. Keep descending; the path into the earth is pretty much devoid of anything of use until you reach the bottom. At the bottom your trainer will be told to do something suicidal, which, of course, they will do. Pretty soon you'll be in a new area, and you'll have the chance...

- ... to catch your version's legendary pokemon! Ooo. Groudon and Kyogre are brutal opponents, particularly once they undergo Primal Reversion to boost their stats. Groudon enjoys fire- and ground-type attacks (Earthquake!); Kyogre opts for water-type attacks. Both are very powerful, and they will resist being captured quite a bit. (Groudon has Rest, which is really damned annoying. Kyogre has Aqua Ring, which, while less annoying in the restorative department, also means it's always awake. Sigh. Thanks to Carl Bullock in the comments for some Kyogre analysis.) You'll need to get them down to the red, then start hucking Ultra Balls like crazy. If you get lucky you'll catch your legendary without wasting too many Poke Balls. Status effects, namely paralysis or sleep, will make this process a great deal easier.

... also, Master Ball. Not a bad candidate. Not the best, but not bad.

May faces Groudon. Ballsy.
- A bunch of stuff will happen, whether or not you caught the legendary. The final sum of it all is that you're done with the villainous quest! Yays! You'll receive either the Red or Blue Orb, which allows you to use Primal Reversion in battle with your legendary pokemon. You'll also receive the Eon Flute from Steven, allowing you to fly on your Latios / Latias and explore the world in a new, interesting way. This kinda obsoletes Fly, which is fine with me.

- (I suspect you can re-fight the legendary if you accidentally defeat it. Possibly after defeating the Elite Four and the Champion. Just a guess at this point, though.)


- Now that you've saved the world and stuff, you can explore Sootopolis more freely. Start on the east side of town. There's a house here with a pair of brothers who want to see a Shroomish and a Barboach. In particular, they want affectionate Shroomishes and Barboaches. You'll need to achieve this via Pokemon-Amie. Pokemon-Amie drives me a bit crazy, so I have no idea what you get for showing them affectionate pokemon yet. Once I figure it out I'll let y'all know. The next house over from here contains a woman who will give you a Wailmer Doll.

- East of the Pokemon Center is a house festooned with flowers. If you check the thin, blind alley behind and to the north of this house you can find a hidden Protein. It's roughly four steps in. Step slowly while searching or you might go right past it. (Thanks to Anon for pointing this out. I must have run past it a dozen times, Dowsing Machine blaring, without finding the stupid thing.)

- In the far northeast corner of Sootopolis you'll find a house with a move tutor who will teach one of your dragon-type pokemon Draco Meteor. Strong, yes, but very little PP. Your call.

- Head to the west side of Sootopolis. You'll find an open, grassy area in the southwest. A little girl here will give you a Nomel Berry and a Razz Berry. There's a hidden Super Potion to the north of the girl.

- The local Poke Mart is a short ways north. Inside is a weirdo who will ask you a creepy question; answer 'Lisia' and he'll give you TM83, Infestation. If you head as far north as you can go you'll find a house in the northwest; a dude in here, far less creepy, will give you TM31, Brick Break. That pretty much does it for Sootopolis...

- ... 'cept for that conspicuous building in the centre of town.

Return Trip

- After you've dealt with the whole Groudon and Kyogre thing, check across the bridge to the right of the massive tree in the north of Sootopolis, just south of the Cave of Origin. You'll find Sablenite sitting on the other side of the bridge. (You can also get this if you visit Sootopolis before triggering the Groudon and Kyogre stuff, just after getting Dive. Thanks to Soyeb Ehsan for pointing this out.)

Part Thirty-Three: Sootopolis Pokemon Gym

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