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Part Thirty-Three: Sootopolis Pokemon Gym

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Victory Road
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Aron (horde) Rare Both Either Walking
Golbat Common Both Either Walking, Surf
Hariyama Uncommon Both Either Walking
Lairon Uncommon Both Either Walking
Loudred Common Both Either Walking
Mawile Uncommon Omega Ruby Either Walking
Medicham Uncommon Both Either Walking
Sableye Uncommon Alpha Sapphire Either Walking
Tentacool Common Both Either Surf
Tentacruel Uncommon Both Either Surf
Zubat Common Both Either Walking

- Reaching Victory Road requires passing through Ever Grande City. You'll find it east of Route 128, not far from Seafloor Cavern. At the end of the short Route you'll find a massive waterfall, which, obviously, requires Waterfall to climb. (This move is used so seldom outside battle that you'd be crazy to stick it on one of your team pokemon, assuming that pokemon also has Surf. As an actual combat choice, it's... eh. Pretty good as a physical hitter for a water-type, I suppose.)

- There's a Pokemon Center at the top of the waterfall. (How is this a city, exactly?) Make sure you use it, 'cause there are no reprieves on Victory Road. You'll want Surf and Strength to make it through here, and Flash will make the going a bit easier. It's also wise to have plenty of Potions, Revives, and Full Heals, as well as an Escape Rope for ditching. This isn't the worst Victory Road in Pokemon history, but it's far from the easiest. Check to the left of the northern-most set of stairs leading up to Victory Road for a hidden Revive, then step inside.

- Surf your way through the entrance and into the first area. There's a boulder dead ahead; push it north. Follow the path until you see stairs. Go up 'em to find a Full Heal, then backtrack and keep going west. There's a trainer ahead.

Ace Trainer Albert
  • Sigilyph, level 45
  • Rhyperior, level 45
Reward: $2,700

Some weird faces, right off the bat. Sigilyph is part flying and part psychic; tailor your attack accordingly. Rhyperior is rock and ground, and can be demolished with either water or grass.

- At the end of this pathway is a rock. Check it for a Max Repel, then double back a short distance and go up the stairs. There's another trainer to the west, standing near a ladder.

Ace Trainer Hope
  • Froslass, level 47
Reward: $2,820

Another new face. Frosslass is part ice, part ghost. Frail, but really strong. Wipe it out with a fast fire attack.

- There's a rock to your left when you descend the ladder; check it for an Ultra Ball. Nearby is a boulder you can move. Approach it from the east and push it left to get at another boulder which you can push right to get at a lower passage. Follow the pathway northeast.

- There are two boulders partway down this path. Push the lower boulder to the right to slip between the two. This will take you to a PP Up. (It's hard to see in the dark, but the item ball is there.) Continue south until you find stairs; there's a trainer and a ladder at the top.

Expert Bryn
  • Hitmontop, level 45
  • Throh, level 45
Reward: $3,600

Two straight-up fighting-types, both quite adequate and defending themselves. Go with psychic-type special moves for an easy win.

- Back upstairs. Avoid the small ledge on your left and go up the stairs. There's a trainer near the top, and if you check in front of the small rock at the top you'll find a hidden Elixir. Cross the bridge and go down the nearest ladder; you'll find a dead end after a short jaunt, and at the end a Max Elixir. Worth the inconvenience.

Ace Trainer Edgar
  • Mawile, level 47
Reward: $2,820

Not terribly strong, but hardy. Fire- or fighting-type moves aren't bad here.

- Head back up and go south. There's a patrolling trainer ahead, as well as a ladder. The ladder leads to a pair of trainers near a body of water.

May powers her way through Victory Road.
May powers her way through Victory Road.
Street Thug Regan
  • Houndoom, level 43
  • Shiftry, level 43
Reward: $1,376

Both pokemon are strong, but they lack durability. Houndoom is fire and dark; Shiftry is grass and dark. Plan accordingly. Fairy is a good counter for both.

Ace Duo Jude & Rory
  • Armaldo, level 47
  • Cradily, level 47
Reward: $2,820

Oooo, the Fossil duo. Armaldo is a strong hitter, while Cradily is more of a technical fighter with draining moves. Both are weak to ice-type moves, if you've got any.

- Hop in the water. There's a bit of an intersection here; head south and out of Victory Road to find a small section of Ever Grande City where TM29, Psychic, waits. Pop back inside and head west; another trainer waits.

Expert Theodore
  • Sawk, level 47
Reward: $3,760

Another weird, foreign fighting-type. Strong, but his durability sucks.

- Head north from the Expert. There are two boulders on your right. Move the first to the right, then move the second up two spaces and right one. Beyond is TM35, Flamethrower. So many great TMs in this dungeon.

- Head north, then west. There's a trainer sitting at an intersection. Take him out, then check northwest of where he's standing to find a Full Restore. South on this intersection you'll find another trainer waiting near a ladder.

Ace Trainer Vito
  • Electrode, level 44
  • Swalot, level 44
  • Darmanitan, level 44
Reward: $2,640

The much-vaunted final member of the Winstrate clan. Like his family, Vito isn't that tough, though Electrode can give you some trouble if / when it Self Destructs. Darmanitan is tough, but it's also a straightforward fire-type with so-so durability.

Dragon Tamer Egon
  • Kingdra, level 47
Reward: $2,820

It was bound to happen. Kingdras are pretty dangerous, though fairy-types now have a good chance at cutting them down easily. Otherwise you'll need a dragon-type, which exposes your own pokemon to considerable danger.

- The path is pretty straightforward ahead. You'll have two more trainers to face in a double battle...

Brains & Brawn Aden & Finn
  • Primeape, level 47
  • Musharna, level 47
Reward: $3,008

Man, all these weird pokemon. Primeape is a strong, brittle fighting-type; Musharna is a highly-durable but not-that-strong psychic-type.

- ... then head up a ladder to poke your head outside, where you might wanna look to the west, across the first bridge, to find a hidden Iron...

- ... then, if you have the move, use Waterfall to the north to reach TM81, X-Scissor...

- ... and, then, if your party is all healed, you can continue east. The game's true rival will show his face, ready for a battle.

Wally, a way better rival than that other dude / ma'am you've  had to fight. Just saying.
Wally, a way better rival than that other dude / ma'am you've
had to fight. Just saying.
Pokemon Trainer Wally
  • Altaria, level 46
  • Magneton, level 46
  • Roselia, level 46
  • Delcatty, level 46
  • Gallade, level 48
Reward: $1,920, Dawn Stone

Whoa. Wally got a lot better. His team is about on par with a gym leader, and after the trials of Victory Road he can prove a handful. Most of his pokemon are more durable than outright physical threats, and they tend to rely on indirect means of irritating you (poisoning, confusion, stuff like that) than going for massive kills. Altaria will go down to ice easily; Magneton is best handled with fire; Roselia is pretty weak overall, and you can wipe it with anything; Delcatty requires fighting. The big exception here is Gallade, which will become Mega Gallade and use Swords Dance to turn itself into a ridiculous sweeper. Kill it as quickly as you can or it can wipe your team on its own. Fairy-type moves will do the job nicely.

- Wally's your final adversary on Victory Road. Continue past him and you'll wind up outside the Pokemon League. Check the left side of the building for Mewtwonite Y, then head inside to meet your destiny.

Part Thirty-Five: The Elite Four and the Champion

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