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Temple of Wind
- Uh oh. The Temple has seen better days. You're facing monsters. Before you head anywhere, check the Party Chat that perks up.
- Walk straight north from the entrance. You'll wind up at an intersection. Go left and down to find a chest containing a Wind Charm, then head back east. Up north is a dead end thanks to some irritating debris, so your path east is kinda set. There's a scattering of parchment in the next room which you can inspect for a quick cut scene.
- In the southeast corner of this area is a set of stairs. Head down once you're done exploring the first floor.
- Basement. Take a left and head through two rooms to find a chest containing a Remedy. Head north from here and, in the top-left corner of this area, you'll find a chest containing a Hi-Potion.
- Head back south, but move through the second pathway from the left rather than hugging the wall. In roughly the middle of the room you'll find a chest containing a Turbo Ether.

- To the left is an open space. In the north of this space is a robed dude for saving; in the southwest is a chest containing a
 Mythril Dagger; through the door is a cut scene.- Sweep back north, towards the northeastern corner of the room. Once in the corner, make your way south along the eastern wall. (Mind that it ends if you stick right against the wall.) This path will take you to a set of stairs.
- First floor again. Head north and you can inspect the next room on your right. Continue north past here to find a set of stairs in the northeast corner.
- Second floor. Wander south, then left. Proceed as far left as you can go to find a chest containing an Ether.
- Backtrack into the previous corridor and head northeast through the corridors. Once you're in the north, head west, past the room with the daunting-lookin' fellow hanging about, and check the northwest room for a Mythril Rod. (For the record, this guy won't fight you. Yet. Good thing, too, as he'd kick your butt. Come back once you've earned the Summoner job and he'll be willing to go a round... literally just a round. Pain is how you learn magic!)
- There's are stairs in the room to the right of the dude. Go down.
- First floor. Walk a short ways to your left to spark a cut scene.
- Continue left to find a switch. It will allow you to return to the beginning of the Temple.

- After approaching the altar, leave the crystal chamber and check out the room to the left of the main intersection. Inspect it to spark another cut scene, leading to a quick conclusion: you need to get a new set of vestments for Agn├Ęs to perform her ritual.
- All done here. Leave the Temple and return to the Eschalot, far to the north.

World Map
- Climb in the Eschalot and fly east / northeast until you're well clear of the desert. Your destination is a small dock on the edge of a winding strip of land, the eastern-most on the world map. Land here and you'll find your destination a short hop from the dock