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Yulyana Woods Needleworks
- Cut scene. Say hello to Sage Yulyana, a horrifying pervert. Wonderful. After quite a lengthy chat you'll cut to the point: you need Rainbow Thread. He'll mark its location on your map.
- Check out the Party Chat before you depart. Be sure also to look in the doorway to the left of the Sage's workshop, as you can find a hiddenPeace Ring. Also also...
- ... check to the right of the stairs. Not only will you find a robed dude save point, there's a fox which will sell you all manner of nonsense if asked. Score! Buy your fill, grab an Antarctic Wind from the bucket near the bridge as you leave, and head back to the map.
World Map
- The cave is southwest of the Sage's little shack. Skirt the edge of the lake and walk through the woods, around the perimeter of the water, until you find the cave. Note that this is not the cave that's directly west of the Yulyana Woods Needleworks! You can't go in that one yet!

Vestment Cave
- One thing to note in here: the Great Moths. They don't have a ton of HP, but they can confuse your characters with their Wing Scales attack. Confusion is potentially devastating to your party, especially if applied to a mage. Waste no time bringing these creatures down before they can muck up your battle strategy.
- Follow the cave's path until it splits. To the south is a dead end with nothing to show for it; go north instead.
- Another split, with paths leading north and west. West leads to a southward, twisting path ending in a chest; inside the chest is a Hi-Potion. Grab it and return to the main path, heading north next.
- Further north? Another split. Sigh. Go west again and check the north of this broad platform to find a chest containing Phoenix Down. Return to the main path again and continue north.
- Past a right turn you'll find an east - southeast split. Both ultimately lead to the same thing: a set of stairs leading downward. Southeast is a teensy bit faster.
- Basement. Follow the path south until you hit an intersection. Go south a short ways to find a chest containing500 pg, then backtrack and carry on west.
- Another intersection ahead. To the north is a locked chest. Ignore this and carry on west. (Though, y'know, come back once you have a key.)
- Up ahead? You guessed it, another split in the path, this one carrying you either west or south. Start by going west - it will carry you to another split. Go north to find a treasure chest containing a Remedy, while go south to find stairs leading to another chest, this containing a Mage Shell.
- Return to the previous room and go aaaaaall the way south. You'll eventually find some stairs.
- Second basement. Meander west until the path splits; to the south isEcho Herbs in a chest. Wander back north and continue onward in that direction.
- To the north is a pool. Skirt around the edge of it and check the northwest corner for a chest. Inside is an Ether. Grab it and run east.
- At another intersection is a small waterfall. Run to the right past the waterfall and, after a fair jaunt, you'll find a chest at a dead end. Inside is a Teleport Stone. Nab it, return to the intersection, and run south.
- Inverted Y-split ahead. To the left is a chest containing 1000 pg; to the right, a set of stairs. Down you go.
- Bottom floor, and to your left - a robed dude. That's a sure sign of what waits ahead. Save up, restore yourself, and carry on north.
- Cut scene... Rainbow Thread potentially... aaaaaaand...

This fight is brutal but straightforward. The Dragon has two attacks, which it will typically use one after the other. The first, Mow Down, will hit everyone in your party for close to 300 HP, depending on your defense. The second, Bully, targets a single character for even greater damage. Quite predictable, really, but this combo is more than enough to wipe out the weaker members of your party in a single round.
You have two different ways to slog through this fight. Either assign three combat characters (Knights and Monks are good) to beat on the Dragon constantly while a White Mage heals, or bring in one or two Black Mages to use Blizzard on the Dragon while a White Mage heals and a Knight protects the Mages from excessive harm. The Protect spell is invaluable either way, as the Dragon's hits are all physical. A tough battle either way, but easy enough to manage so long as you have a fair stock of Phoenix Downs - or a very good healer.
- Trouncing the Dragon will earn you the Rainbow Thread. Woo! You can now make the long trek out... or perhaps use the Teleport Stone you found on the previous floor. Either way, you're done here. Back to the Sage to get some most excellent garments woven!

Part Eight: Return to the Temple of Wind

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